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  1. Hey Doogie, I am in this category. Seriously I had no interest before or the time with raising a big family about the full history of Canada. I am learning now! Reading on this forum, I find myself looking up many things on the internet! It can be at times overwhelming.
  2. I know. Crazy. What about "World Crucifix Day" or "World Kippah Day" or "World Turban Day" lol They hold World Hijab Day at one of our hospitals in the lobby? And don't forget the women sit at the very back of the Mosque. It's just sickening.
  3. Just thinking Goddess....Not too long ago when I asked my 5 year old grand daughter about one of her teachers....she said she wears the "hood" ... it did make me chuckle. So yes, your 100% correct - it will confuse boys and girls. She is too young now but next she will want to know why they cover up? I will tell her the truth and she won't like it!
  4. It is a complicated one. We have freedom. I would not want my freedom taken away. I am a Catholic so I don't need to wear a crucifix for work. I feel fine with this. I can still attend church, etc and practice my faith anytime and the bonus....no one knows my religion. The problem is, I think, these other religions have too many rules and it also separates us. I am not sure Abies if you are Muslim or associate with Muslim's but I have not had great experiences. It really divides us. Believe me, I don't like feeling this way but my own personal contacts have not been pleasurable. It worries p
  5. Michael, I joined this forum to learn more about politics and to have discussions to gain more understanding. None of your questions are relevant. Also you can Google Toronto's Most Wanted
  6. I am not ready to say [email protected] Canada yet! But as I look around, I'm sure that is coming soon.
  7. Zero chance? I don't understand that. So many people I speak too are in agreement. But your probably correct!
  8. Also Argus, the PPC wanted to defund the CBC. Lots of dollars saved here
  9. *A new law in Quebec (formerly known as Bill 21) bans wearing religious symbols such as hijabs, turbans, kippas and crucifixes for many public service employees. Those affected include teachers, judges, police officers, certain lawyers as well as students, children and youth who aspire towards those careers. The law took effect in June, 2019. CCLA and the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) are fighting this law in court. They strongly oppose the religious symbols ban and plan to fight it by every means possible.* (posted from the following link: https://ccla.org/featured/bill-21-updat
  10. Hi Marcus, I think it is possible the PPC failed because of the media. Rarely seen him displayed on the news - CTV, CBC, etc. Not much on the internet either unless you went to the PPC website to learn more. I was very disappointed about that. Even had to fight to get into one debate. Pretty much the only time I heard about him was when his party was being called racist, or the rally with Antifa, etc. Trump was really out of the box, ran for President with big bucks and received overwhelming media coverage. Some of course, Fake News! I attended one of Bernier's rallies and there were proteste
  11. Every Canadian , even if they have little faith, must pray for Max. We need to stop this evil. thank you
  12. Well I know that but it is still odd ? I am thinking this will backfire. It seems desperate.
  13. Why is a former US president getting involved in Canadian politics? As if I needed another reason not to vote for Trudeau. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/barack-obama-endorses-justin-trudeau-180249311.html
  14. LOL ... Never would have dreamed of this in the past. Look at me now! Thanks
  15. Are you psychic Dougie? I just signed up to take a gun course. Amazing that you mention this
  16. Hi Michael, yes just coincidence I guess. No I am not from Europe. I live not to far from the Toronto, Ontario area. I am as real as they get! Love God and my Country. Over the last several years I am watching Canada change so quickly and our Government. I am in the 50+ years club and I have always been proud of our Country but now I worry about immigration numbers, unprotected borders, where people are coming from - 3rd world, crime has increased, we have more shootings and stabbings then ever before etc. Check out Toronto's Most Wanted. Our country is changing and I am not sure it is for t
  17. I am a Christian as well and I do trust in the Lord and pray about this often. But I still worry for future generations. If it were to go where I fear it will go, it could have been prevented had we stayed stronger, kept strong with our Canadian Values? Also as a man, I don't think my fear would be as great. Women have fought for equal rights and to look at this, it does not line up with our values and it takes away freedom from women. We don't want to go backwards!
  18. It would be nice to have your thinking in this matter. But there are so many articles, videos and proof out there that can really make you think it's possible. Plus my own personal experiences. And Trump putting a Muslim ban, etc.
  19. Hi Goddess, nice to chat again! Like your post. It really focuses on the reality of Islam. Well I am not holding back. I will not fight for Islam for one minute. Free speech is exactly what it is. I can speak for now? So be it - I am a Islamophobe and for very good reasons - just read your post I don't want my freedom taken away as a woman in Canada and I will die fighting. Some people say to me that will never happen here but honestly, I'm not so sure. If people like Islam so much, immigrate back. Oh, but there is too much fighting and war there. Why? Religion. It's a religious cult
  20. LOL ... sorry I forgot to ask do you want to pay me? I don't want no money! All I want is for Bill 21 to be law all across Canada - separate Religion from State. But instead, M103 will be law all across Canada in the future! Hope not
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