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  1. Thanks Argus. It seems the real culprit is the media via Intranet. What a curse. I was 11 years old when a black boy tied me to a piece of gym equipment in a school yard and put his genitals in my face! The horror! Being racist works both ways! He could have been any color. I certainly don't focus on that aspect of it. He was a sick bully. That's it.
  2. I agree. I don't believe what the polls say. It is not accurate. If Trudeau gets back in, I will be shocked! Or maybe I'm just praying he does not!
  3. Well your male so you would have a different experience then my own personal experiences or that of my daughters.
  4. If it is a person of color it is considered racist. I see similar articles like this on the internet every day. Well I was bullied BIG TIME as a kid. My kids were bullied even with the new school policy of "hands off". We are white. Can they just simply call it bullying at times!!!! Many kids in school are bullies no matter their race! This is getting annoying. Call it what it is and really it's not news! It happens every day in schools. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/boys-accused-of-pinning-down-black-girl-and-cutting-dreadlocks/ar-AAHWf5T?li=AAggFp4
  5. Americans : Cuba is a terrible dictatorship that was nearly responsible for a nuclear war Canadians : Cuba is a warm place with no Americans! lol ?
  6. Hi Benz, yes your right Quebec will not. In fact, they just passed another Bill (I forget what it is called) that while on trucking job sites, Sikhs are required to remove their turban and wear a hard hat. Gotta love Quebec for this! Canada should not be changing rules for certain religions. One rule for all. It would also be wonderful if Bill 21 was passed across Canada.
  7. I started talking about this 15 years ago. I even made a "Muslim" scrapbook back then. I was so hurt from some of my own personal experiences that I wanted to share my findings. People care and agree but again, no one does nothing. So I shut down. I am very worried about what is to come. I want to see someone in office like Trump. I don't even like him but I admire some of the things he is doing. Not sure if you are familiar with Toronto, Ontario but it has changed so much. It is a sanctuary city. Check out Toronto's Most Wanted.
  8. The protest was in Alberta. I have family there. The Canadian news only shows what they want.
  9. Hi Dougie93 - Your right. Canadians don't want to fight Seems our elections are more about recent strains of immigrants than real Canadians, you know the people that built this dying country.
  10. Turbaned Sikhs are already exempt from wearing motorcycle helmets in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia. The United Kingdom implemented a motorcycle helmet exemption for Sikhs in 1976, the Ontario government noted. Ford said the move to allow the helmet exemption came after listening to the Sikh community.Oct 11, 2018
  11. I've never seen a President give so many speeches and be so involved in the Country - amazing! I say that's a real American! Now we need Max to fill the stadiums....but that probably wont happen. Canada needs a strong leader like Trump.
  12. Well we can fight still? Most people I know feel helpless and they have tuned out. They are not willing to take a stand because they know that their employment status may be in jeopardy if they express their true feeling. I want to fight. Did you see the motorcycle group that rode with no helmuts to protest the exception made for Sikh's? Some Canadians are trying but we need more before it's too late. Is our best course of action to hope for the best while preparing for the worst?
  13. Interesting.... https://nationalpost.com/opinion/matt-gurney-the-green-party-is-so-tolerant-and-inclusive-elizabeth-may-cant-even-talk-about-her-christian-faith While May’s Christian faith would never make me more or less likely to vote for her, the fact she felt moved to apologize for discussing it sends up red flags
  14. Not a stupid comment from Argus. About 12 years ago I had the pleasure of socializing and interacting with Muslims. Not a good experience. It did not bother me at the time. My thoughts were, it's their religion and I did not judge. Until my children were playing with other Muslim children and mothers rudely separated their children from mine. And then in another instance my eight year old daughter was being pressured into wearing a Hijab from a Muslim neighbor. I was judged and comments were made on my clothing. I was very hurt. In the public parks they bring their carpets and pray, sometimes
  15. I could not agree with you more. Well said. Why do we keep changing the rules for others? Bill 21 NEEDS to be in effect for all of Canada.
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