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  1. There are two opinions in the world about the recent scandal at the ASEAN summit. The first point of view is that the scandal was trumped up without any reasons. Other blame Trump for disrespect for the ASEAN leaders. Thus, the US made it clear to its allies that it does not care about East Asian affairs. Meanwhile, China claims to be a vast territory in the South China Sea, which is historically belonged to it for centuries. Should the gesture of the president of America be regarded as the long-awaited recognition of the Islands being owned by China?
  2. This is really awesome stuff. Wanna get one https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/dead-hand-russias-nuclear-weapon-system-1-terrifying-feature-90186 It would automatically launch missiles—without the need for a human to push the button—during a nuclear attack.
  3. This issue worries the entire world community, judging by the belligerent actions of the United States, which undermine stability not only in the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East, but also everywhere. I think it’s not worth mentioning that America always and everywhere pokes its nose into others` affairs. Everything would have been more or less calm, if not for the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty in 2018 and the subsequent development of prohibited cruise missiles. Then the sale of colossal arms to Saudi Arabia, countless sanctions and unfounded accusations against a number of countries. Analysts believe that America’s disrespect and history distortion, its arrogance towards all other nations and endless hypocrisy can ultimately force the world to respond. Where there is controversy, a lack of compromise and instability, there definitely begins a war. Or not?
  4. Yes, this is really so. Actually as I know, that archipelago is not for normal life and it is too small. I even can call it the war for the stupid piece of stone
  5. hey yo guys. found this forum and I like it

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      Argus is actually the bitch of the forum, I run things.

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  6. As we know, nowadays Japan really wants to get the Kuril islands which belong to Russia. They always tried to say that these territories are historically their ones. And seeing that these methods don't work for them the Japanese government decided to lead their policy being based on aggression and strong statements. And this led to worsening relations between two states and their dreams about these islands have gone far away. Now they chose another way. They want to lead a common Russia-Japan policy on the islands by economic means. But we all know that these steps are another hidden way to affect the situation among the islands. They don't realize that this is adventurous idea which leads nowhere. It's time to admit that Japan won't get the Kuril island whatever they speak. Their policy is quite unconstructive.
  7. Democracy really dies in the darkness. Speaking about us armed forces which act in the Pacific Rim I want to say as a man living there that after september military drills these 'democracy' little men worsened environment completely. Their vehicles polluted water and now we have no fresh water to drink and due to exhausted gases we have no fresh air to breathe. Thanks a lot, pigs
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