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  1. I gave you a hypothetical example. I don't want you in jail. I'm not seeking retaliation. I'm not offended. You can go your serperate way. I'm peacefully leaving.
  2. Fine i'm leaveing mapleleaf web because you seem sketchy, and you can have fun inimidating other members on this forum. Give me a minute... i'll fine the delete button. I ain't gonna argue with you... I'm leaving.
  3. That's fine.... but you spraypainted "I hate Canada" on one of our public momuments, I would like to see you thrown in jail for 90 days. As soon as you vandalize public property, it's no longer freedom of speech.
  4. You can't be a hyrpicrite, and say it's ok when conservatives do it. We have to apply the rule of law equily. If their under 18, they can do 100 hours of community service. If their over 18, 3 months incarceration.
  5. Anyone who spraypaints public property should get a minimum 90 day incarceration. Agree or disagree?
  6. Anyone over 30 should know better. Are you in you over 70? You're can't fire someone for giving a politically-incorrect opinon. Maybe I think you have a big mouth. I still wouldn't ask for a person like you to get fired. Your work, is your personhood.
  7. Some parents are naming thier kids after Psyfi heros. Let's say if the movied has a strong female character named "Peeladin". When the girl turns 7, and said I no longer want "Peeladin" on my birth cirtificate, but the parents reject, should society show solidarity towards the kid? I just made up the name, but let's say an uncle want's to help have their kid change their name. Would that be interfearance? Help
  8. I think everyone is born to be Asexual, with a tendency to become hetrosexual over time. Because hetrosexuality is nurture. When I was 12, I never knew what the big deal was about women on baywatch. I asked a guy at a bonfire... Why everyone watches baywatch... And he was like trust me, when you get a little older. You'll understand. Guys would start sharing their stories about dating women, and I came to understand the love for women. Now if you take a 13 year old kid, and he has a bad experiences with a few girls, he might look to guys for confort. When you have the schools saying, you should feel proud to be gay... They might start making out with their best friend.... and think what's the big deal. If we got 12 year kids going on non-sexual dates. Just hanging around girls... Maybe their first kiss or whatever... maybe the guy would become the awkward kid in the closet. So I think homosexuality is programed into people at a young age. I've talked to a few homosexuality guys I met at parties... and they will admit they check girls out. They just have to keep themselves pure. In the old days if your kid was learning homosexual.... you would correct that immediately, but now parents are brainwashed.... into believeing that's bigotry. Parents have to be careful.If they encouage hetrosexuality... for their underage kid... they can be charged.
  9. I might sound as far-right on this forum, but i'm more left than the liberals on gun control. Talk radio hosts will tell Americans to buy the most powerful weapons they can get their hands on, in case the government goes Tyranical, and they need to have a civil war. This is why common sense gun leglisation can't pass. I won't show my solidary with any idiot who thinks all citizens bare the right to own firearms. I don't believe in the second admendment eithar. I think owning a firearm is a privelege and it should be earned. If you can't be trusted to own a firearm, you shouldn't have one period. I think people who have serve in the arm forces should get more leeway, but even with them, it's a responsibility to own a firearm, and shouldn't be a right. There is no reason for high capacity magazines eithar. No gun should hold more than 6 bullets. That should be sophicant for huting and self-defence.
  10. I guess i'm wrong. No one should be forced to applogise. They should be forced to clarify. "What do you say to the people who think you should've been fired?" Don Cherry "[email protected] Em"
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