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  1. It's 2019 and clothing has become disposable rather than something to be cherished. Are we living in a culture where mass manufacturers are marketing more than clothing? Is fast fashion killing the planet, and our ethics, without us even realizing it?
  2. In India and no doubt some parts of the Far East, girls are getting married off at the age of 14. I am with you though in that a young innocent girl who doesn't even know who she is at that age being married off to a grown man.
  3. These are solely my views only... I want to be able to pass on inheritance. assets, savings, investments onto my children so I can start building firm foundations for generations to come. This to me is perfect logic and I don't understand how you think otherwise. Why would I work hard for it but then not to leave anything behind for my kids so they suffer through hard times? Is that not masochistic too? Also, hopefully they will continue my family name too. The chaotic environment is maybe your view and it's perception really. I agree there is lots of bad going on in the world, but equall
  4. Are you personally asking me or are these rhetorical questions you're thinking out load??
  5. I've been to Toronto many times and I love every single time I visit!
  6. I am somewhat amazed how much CEO's are paid and how much they pass through as expenses i.e flying business class etc...
  7. I have come from nothing with nothing to my name and 1st generation living in the UK. I work hard to save, buy a house, car assets etc. so I can pass it down to future generations. It will build firm foundations for generations to come and will give my kids a head start in life.
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