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  1. Definitely true, we love to golf. Now most of us have had a couple concussions before we start golfing. Coincidence? Who knows?
  2. If there isn't a puck/ball that needs to go in a net, it's beyond my comprehension. Heck, shot three rounds of golf before I figured out I was looking for a hole in the ground.
  3. How could it not, when it's expressed in a syllogistic form that would put Aristotle to shame
  4. Cricket confuses me , you want to score runs, but runs don't matter if you hit wickets?. I have seen some amazing highlight catches on TSN though
  5. You've picked a great time to get into the game, the NHL has, and is making a concerted effort to evolve the game to highlight the skill and speed that only hockey can provide (I admittedly may have some bias as I played hockey at a pretty high level) For those of us that grew up as hockey fans, rivalries and history most definitely influence our "fandom" but are not necessary to enjoy the game. I was taught to hate the leafs, but if im being honest, they're a young exciting team that are a lot of fun to watch. I've never heard of rounders, is there a professional league i could check out?
  6. Atmosphere, an alternative hip hop duo from Minnesota, will be in Montreal this weekend. Melodic mc, intelligent thought provoking lyrics and imaginative musical beats. Definitely worth checking out
  7. Born in Toronto, but luckily one of my foster parents (thanks to Harold Ballard) taught me the evils of the maple leafs, hahaha Roy's first year was also my first year playing goalie, we both one a championship (atom house league is almost the same as a Stanley cup, no?). Funny part since I've lived in Montreal, not so much a habs fan anymore. Montreal is not a hockey city but a team city( people know cousins +/- , but still don't know they took out the red line) Petty rivalries aside,that Matthews kid can play, i was surprised to see it was only his second hat trick
  8. So wise! Though if I'm being honest the idea of "cold in winter" is so foreign to me as a Canadian, not sure I'll be able to wrap my head around his undoubtedly rigorous scientific methodology
  9. Ok, I'll give you that one. As much as i may hate to admit it, I too await with bated breath
  10. Of course, you do you That being said, if I may make an analogy. I'm 6'3 and would derive no pleasure from beating a little person at basketball
  11. As I've said before in earlier discussions with you. Learn to argue without resorting exclusively to logical fallacies, and i may deem your incoherent rants worthy of retort.
  12. Of course you don't take him seriously, you can at least form cohesive sentences ( which is impressive in it's own right for a leafs fan, hahaha) What i don't understand, is the entertainment value of one upping someone who's epistemology is that of a primary schooler. By engaging with such people are we not just feeding the beast? Should we not just let them wallow in their own ignorance?
  13. Why do you bother with this fool? His writing style alone shows his extreme ignorance. Why engage with someone that is clearly incapable of rational dialogue?
  14. I find it funny that the more I learn, the more "I don't know" is often the most intelligent answer to hard questions. And ghosts are scary, hahaha
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