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  1. Not close enough? I was responding to someone who's whole shtick is the supremacy of the British Empire, who then envoked Nova Scotia ( you might not be aware, but the Acadian people were deported by the British from Nova Scotia) How is that not germain to the topic? The crux of my point (that you didn't touch on) was the use of them term "récit". Again either you speak french and deliberately chose a dismissive word to undercut a founding nation of Canada, or you don't speak french and couldn't be bothered to do anything more than a Google search, indirectly dismissing an entire peoples. If you feel the need to direct conversations into threads that only conform to your political and historical view point maybe you shouldn't be moderating a "political forum" Though I appreciate the sentiment, it does not seem to comport to reality. Or maybe we just have different definitions of the word "Welcome"
  2. First off, I must thank you, it's always satisfying when my assumptions are confirmed by the relevant parties themselves, and by using your attempt to appease those whom you support ( i.e. Argus or Dougie) when their ridiculous, ignorant rantings are challenged by "creating" a completely new thread indirectly(at best) accusing (me in this case) of "thread high-jacking" Ridiculous, and here's why. First, in a thread call somthing like "was canada better before" ( im paraphrasing, but thats close enough) the statement was made that Nova Scotia or Nova scotianers was or were great pre confederation, i asked which people or people's he was referring to. How is that in anyway off topic? Now you obviously how no understanding or knowledge of the Acadian people, which in turn implies you have little knowledge of Canadian history as a whole, for if you did you wouldn't A; fail to understand that by evoking nova Scotia you are necessarily envoking the Acadians, as they were the original europeans to settle there and B; would never use a word as insignificant as "récit" to resume the history of the oldest nation to have existed and still exist on Canadian territory, two choices as to word selection 1; you don't have a working knowledge of French, you simply did a Google translate and are ignorant to the nuance of the language and can't be bothered, or 2; you do have a working knowledge of French and purposefully and deliberately chose to use flippant terminology to try to somehow discredit or insult me. Which is it? Either way, it confirms everything I've said to you or Greg. I came here in good faith, to have fruitful and productive exchanges with people that may or may not agree with me, and to improve my ability to communicate through the written medium. What i found was a select few people dominating a forum that have no interest in fruitful productive conversation, make no attempt at good faith arguments, and an "administration" the not only condones it but actively encourages it. My best guess is that you(the administration) want no, crave partisan hackery, and that from both side of the political spectrum, you want those that are simply here to bloaviate incoherent personal opinions, maybe im to nuanced for your simple minds. I see no other way to explain why you continuously allowed numerous interlocutors to impute my values, intelligence, morals etc.... Yet I ask someone to clarify a comment im a thread high jacker? Seriously? Im sure the fact that the very next comment i made after calling you out on you bullshit was flagged is a coincidence, or maybe just maybe it further proof your a bias hack I stopped posting here because A: intelligent, honest, epistemologicaly sound interlocutors are few and far between, and B the obvious bias in moderating by you. Though I would come on time by time simply to laugh at the growing ignorance you all call a "political forum", to make an analogy the intellectual equivalent to "man gets hit in nuts by a football". Low and behold, i come on today to see you've chose to use your attempt to protect your people, by branding me a thread high jacker, for responding directly to one of your aforementioned buddies post, as an example of your preferred way of handling such situations, again this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU are just another bad faith actor among the plethorain in this forum. Based on past history you'll most likely simply ignore this and go about your life practicing the same willful ignorance, but im honestly willing to discuss this in mature manner, if you so choose. I am aware this message was fueled with much frustration but from my perspective that frustration is completely justified, from my point of view the new thread you created was a personal attack, and i believe both the time line of events(this happened right after i questioned your ability to be impartial) and the substance of my posts in the original thread support this. Thoughts?????
  3. Im sure I'll get "reprimanded" for speaking out of turn again, and im sure you won't even acknowledge this response, but i grow more and more tired of the lack of productive discourse of this forum anyway. So here goes How is asking what he means by "Nova Scotia traditions" by inquiring about the deportation of the first "nation" to settle in Canada. Particularly when he is defending a British interpretation of said history that the Queen herself apologized for? Or is the truth you now have a personal bias against me and will interject when you feel im one upping someone you agree with?
  4. Much like you'd need to already be a sociopath for violence in music or video games to trigger something, seeing two dudes kiss has never caused me to question my love of boobs
  5. Ive spoken at the ceremonies in Grand-pré, I know the history of your morally bankrupt coward ancestors
  6. As always your selective memory and ability to cherry pick history would almost be commendable if it were not so intellectually and morally dishonest. Read a bit about acadians will you. Here's a couple quick facts to start you out. They tried to get the Acadians to sign somthing pledging to take up arms for the English knowing a war was coming and only after the Acadians refused( because they just wanted to farm, hardly presenting as an "enemy") did they start planning the deportation They literally had to put the women and children on boats and threaten them if that doesn't show fear i don't kniw what does
  7. So your people were the ones so afraid of the Acadians, they put the women and children on boats in secret and threatened to burn them if the men didn't get on board? Ya definitely sounds like a heritage to be proud of and want to conserve
  8. Well that's the thing, they didn't. Or maybe their developed immune systems allowed them to drink the water. It's us "Europeans" that need such heavily treated water. My girls half sister from Mexico can drink tap water here, we drink bottled water there
  9. You mean the Acadian traditions developed by being the first that settled there, or the scared British tradition that threatened the women and children to deport them?
  10. If you think seeing a same sex couple kissing on a poster or tv wiil turn people gay, maybe you should take some time to reflect on your own sexuality. You sound confused
  11. Apologies, I thought the lobbyist comment was directed at me.
  12. I spoke specifically to Trumps lack of political experience and low communication skills, both objective and demonstrable facts. You answered by bringing up things including but not limited to: separation, sponsorship scandal, trudeau, Clinton, Rwanda, clothing sales, black face, the CBC, trudeau again, news conferences, trudeau again, foreign hacks and my "misguided ideology"(whatever that means) None of which are relevant to the "topic" I raised. If you equate pointing out the fallacies in your arguments with personal attacks, that's on you not me Let me be clear "intelligence" is independent of epistemology and the ability(or lack thereof) to form sound and valid syllogistic arguments. I believe you to be an intelligent person, though i may question your grasp of Aristotelian logic.
  13. Bulletin board traps? This is the only forum ive ever participated in Is bulletin board traps, what those who can't argue with reason or logic use when they can't admit defeat?
  14. When you're forced to resort to typos, you essentially concede defeat
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