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  1. The intelligent ones at least. Hahahaha
  2. Brother, where you lead I will definitely not follow
  3. Really? You consider this a reason That's opinion, any evidence to back that claim up? Again potential loop holes have nothing to do with the validity of law. Either you agree with campaign finance laws( which disproves your original post) or you think we should be like the states and adopt our own version of citizens United. Which is it?
  4. The problem with our immigration system is not how many we let in, it's the point system we have in place, that attracts those with higher education to get here and have their credentials (education, work experience) not recognized. If all the doctors, engineers, etc... weren't driving taxis but using their skills, ( most likely meaning higher wages therefore paying more into the system) we'd have more money making our capacity to welcome those that didn't grow up with the same opportunities as us much easier
  5. I have zero interest in participating in a bad faith, partisan conversation. If you want to have a rational, honest discussion though, I'd be glad to engage
  6. Essentially I agree with everything you said. If you follow the thread I think you'll understand why I brought up acid rain. I do think that we should stop relying on others to find solutions. Small anecdotal example, i owned an event production company, an industry that often has high emissions. Sensitive to that and unsatisfied with what the gov't offered, i took it apon myself to reduce that foot print with the hope of at least coming out "carbon neutral" . I found an NGO in south america where we could track where the money went.
  7. Ignorant? Algebra teaches you order of operations, again a necessary tool in almost every aspect of life, calculus is simply to introduce your mind to the scientific method of analysis. Without these basic skills it is much more difficult to be a productive member of society. Got to say though, if you think giving teenagers the ability to use their minds with efficiency will turn them away from whatever your concept of conservatism is, it doesn't bode well for your ideology
  8. Well you just did, though it wasn't a good faith argument, simply an attempt to divert the conversation. Changes are happening, I grew up in Toronto with the acid rain, no more of that anymore, most pesticides are not permitted for residential use, and have been heavily regulated for commercial use. You're either looking for solutions to problems or looking for reasons not to act, you seem to be the latter
  9. One must crawl before they walk, if you can't master basic algebra, you lack the necessary tools to " come up with proposals to save failing companies" If you read my original post you would see I completely agreed that we should be teaching real world situations in school. You have yet to justify your statement that teaching math is anti conservative
  10. I don't disagree that we should be concerned about levels of toxicity in our lakes etc...(again i see a direct link with that and climate change) Where i do disagree is the idea that we need to put one aside to focus on the other. Pardon my use of a military analogy, but an army can attack on two fronts, its often the best strategy
  11. Again the purpose of algebra is to teach the mind how to process complicated problems, a tool used in most aspects of life independent of "Mathematics" i.e. anytime one employs logic or reason. That being said, still not clear on your contention that the study of mathematics is somehow inherently bias towards conservatives, please explain
  12. Seems to me the two are interconnected (pesticides used in agriculture for example), but even if they were completely separate issues, why would you ignore one to fix the other? Most of us can walk and chew gum at the same time
  13. Algebra and Calculus are most definitely important, though most won't use them directly in professional life. The point of such studies is to train our brains to analyze, interpret and resolve complex problems. Though I don't subscribe to your slanted, bias, partisan take on the situation, nor can i wrap my mind around how one could consider teaching math to be anti conservative. I firmly agree that courses on things like, civics, and how to balance a household budget should be part of the secondary curriculum
  14. With a defeatist attitude like that ,(anything and everything is negative) not sure how you manage to get out of bed in the morning. Here is an anecdotal example of what I mean. I owned a small event production company. It's an industry that often leaves a large carbon footprint, being sensitive to that fact, and being unsatisfied with what the gov't offers, I tasked an employee to find a better way to offset our emissions. She found an NGO in south america whos work is geared towards diminishing carbon emissions from third world countries. The technology exists, we have the money (
  15. For me at least, like in most most cases, I'm not really concerned with how much I'm taxed (with a certain variance according to priority/impact etc..) Where my concern lies, is in how said taxes are spent, if I knew that a few thousand of my dollars per year would have a direct effect, I'm more then ok with that
  16. No idea what this incoherent rant has to do with my post (or reality for that matter), but if you say something intelligible or at least comprehensible, I'd be happy to respond
  17. Unlike you I will not resort to adhomenims. When did i even suggest that laws can't be manipulated? You asked for an example of something that came from Quebec that benefited the ROC (terrible expression by the way), and I gave you campaign finance. Being unable to debate the actual policy ,you resorted to finding potential loopholes, and that is a passive admission that you agree with the law but chose to continue with your bad faith demagoguery
  18. No corporate donations, individuals capped at 100$, these are laws brought about by a Quebec( separatist) provincial gov't . If you're reduced to arguing potential loop holes, it means you fundamentally agree with the policy. Therefore disproving your contention that nothing that benefited Canada as a whole
  19. Don't recall advocating in any way for the PRC. If you agree that the comparison is not a good faith argument, not sure why you felt the necessity to debate semantics, being that neither( communism or fascism) in any way correspond to Canada's political system
  20. So you don't like campaign finance restrictions?
  21. First off, he never made that distinction. Second it's most certainly classified as a communist regime. Thirdly and most important, nothing to do with the crux of my argument that equating the two is intellectually dishonest
  22. By equating the people's Republic of China to our system demonstrates one of a few things. 1) you don't know the meaning of the word communism 2) you're oblivious to the concepts of epistemology and logic 3) you have no actual political philosophy and simply enjoy trying to get under people's skin Whichever one it is , this is obviously not an attempt at a good faith argument
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