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  1. Apologies, I thought the lobbyist comment was directed at me.
  2. I spoke specifically to Trumps lack of political experience and low communication skills, both objective and demonstrable facts. You answered by bringing up things including but not limited to: separation, sponsorship scandal, trudeau, Clinton, Rwanda, clothing sales, black face, the CBC, trudeau again, news conferences, trudeau again, foreign hacks and my "misguided ideology"(whatever that means) None of which are relevant to the "topic" I raised. If you equate pointing out the fallacies in your arguments with personal attacks, that's on you not me Let me be clear
  3. Bulletin board traps? This is the only forum ive ever participated in Is bulletin board traps, what those who can't argue with reason or logic use when they can't admit defeat?
  4. When you're forced to resort to typos, you essentially concede defeat
  5. Not looking for a fight at all, im actually trying to strengthen the premises your using to support your correct conclusions. Dude, how many times must one say you're right? it must not happen often, hahaha
  6. Again, I agree with you The point im trying to get across is when you use percapita incidents of something(a great way to compare) and are rebutted with percentage of population, then rebut that with total pop stats, your first point is irrelevant because in total numbers the US has more cases, Therfore when you envoke total population you negate the validity of your previously correct conclusion
  7. As can be read in my other comments, I agree with you Im simply trying to point out you used both percapita and total population, these are very different metrics. Conclusions even if correct that are based on faulty premises, can not be considered valid or sound
  8. You're argument is either based on percapita or total population, using both in the same argument is fallacious
  9. Lets hope! Sars did let me bring my girl to my native Toronto for her first vist cheap though, the year after they had crazy deals to promote tourism. I do feel bad for T.O. about the stones, I know someone (not well, but i see no reason to not trust them) that was at one of their surprise warm up shows they did before many of their world tours
  10. Like i said i can only base my opinion on what I've seen, I don't know the man. He can, of course, express any political opinion he chooses, and overall I think this forum is well run (never participated in another one, but perused a few before deciding which to sign up for) but again, based solely on my limited experience, he does seem to interject in favor of those expressing one particular ideology over another
  11. Didn't they do a big study last year at a Mayo clinic, or john Hopkins, that coincidentally used a version of the corona virus, that concluded the states were the best equipped to handle an outbreak? Kind of similar to the thinest kid at fat camp, but still
  12. Silly little man, read the name written in the comment i quoted Insult? You can play the victim all you want, but I simply point out your ignorance, you're the one that likes throwing around insults. You're the one who continuously crys anti conservative bias whenever your faulty logic is put on display Suggesting someone has a political bias is not an insult to those who rely on reason and not emotion, you of course are the latter
  13. Son, learn to read, wasn't talking about you, was referring to the moderator
  14. Feelings??? What do feelings have to do with definitions? One of the most basic tenants of rational conversation is establishing that both parties need to agree on a working definition of the concept being discussed to avoid taking past each other. That you think feelings are involved just further indicates you have no understanding of logic and offer nothing but emotional drivel. No one cares about your feelings, son
  15. Granted, I've only been on this forum a few months, but based on the interjections I've seen him make, seems pretty obvious to me He agrees with such opinions
  16. I hope so, I was in microeconomics 101 in the JMSB, when a postgraduate student came in a wrote PPP on the board before class, she briefly explained the concept (it was a great break from learning things like "super normal profits" and i sought her out after to learn more, it wasn't being formerly taught back then (about 10 years) Of course, always with the caveat "easier said then done" Even putting aside things like how much water (another natural resource we should be doing a better job of protecting) is being used to extract the bitumen, or the impact on the ecosystem,
  17. Are you offering to run my campaign for federal party leader
  18. Repeating the exact same thing brings no clarity or elucidation to this non sequitur
  19. My "roots" were mentioned for ONE reason only, to illustrate that French Canadians exist outside of Quebec, nothing more. No idea what your objection could be with that
  20. Thank you, it is hard, but like the old adage says " if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life" even if they're 18 hour days. It went very well,I sold the business a couple years ago, and consult now waiting for inspiration for my next adventure, unfortunately a little bit of money isn't great for the motivation. Why people left of center? Does everything need to be viewed from a left right axis, do you not see how interpreting every situation through a partisan bubble makes you blind to all possibilities? I do agree that if the average person had a better idea of
  21. Well, since you seem to not understand the difference between assets and liabilities, im afraid you're not Did I say i didn't? All i did was ask a couple people to give me their definition of a specific term they were using Honestly, that's great. Too many hard working people don't have that opportunity. I for example have never worked somewhere(at least long enough) that provided one, and have spent most of my professional life running my own business.
  22. The curse of intelligence I guess, good thing you're not infilcted Oh my god!!!! Canada covering a news conference by the leader of our biggest trading partner, almost unbelievable. Still does nothing to address how well he will present any message he gives or if its even coherent. Hmmm? Named bush_cheney, supports trump, never makes an argument not in support of right wing ideals, my mistake you don't sound like a Republican at all. Im sure you voted Obama in 08 and 12 and Clinton in 16, or wait was it jill Stein? Come on now, you're not trying to claim you
  23. Your complete and utter ignorance to all topics is so absolute it's almost impressive. Honest question, are the views you express on this forum your genuine beliefs, or is this a character you play for amusement?
  24. Your welcome? Still beyond me how you wear stupidity as a badge of honor, but to each their own i guess That everytime you need to deflect by bringing up people, or issues, which have nothing to do with Trumps inability to express himself above a 6th grade level, just shows you know he's an idiot but can't or won't admit it, as that would burst the hyper partisan bubble you've based your entire world view around. You don't need to support everyone with an R beside their name to keep your conservative strips, and in fact by praising trump you just show you don't actually bel
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