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  1. When you've actually said things like " of course he's rich look at all the things he owns" you're not really well placed to comment on the economy. In fact i would think you would support things like old age pension. Based on how your average comment on here is void of comprehension, valid/sound reasoning, or wit, I'd bet money you'll need to avail yourself of that very program to not starve.
  2. Vue que la qualité de votre anglais est si pitoyables, je peux avec tout confiance, dire que je suis sûr que ton français n'est pas a un niveau suffisant d'avoir une opinion valide par rapport au Québec
  3. Again you speak to solvency, which I not only didn't mention, I in fact share your concerns that handled as they are now will not continue to be sustainable, regardless of if you're for or against. What i did do, is ask two very direct and simple questions 1. How do you define social welfare program? Agreement over at least a working definition of a possibly politically contentious or subjective word is always the first step to any discussion when both parties want good faith, ernest dialogue 2. Are you against such things as EI and pensions? This one you at least answered, an
  4. If that's your definition i would tend to agree Unfortunately that's not the widely accepted definition which most certainly includes such things as EI and pensions
  5. I did not inquire about the long term financial feasibility of these programs, but if they had merit. I did though inquire about your statement that we should "end ALL the social welfare programs our economy pays for"". So are you willing to walk that back, or is this just a partisan hyperbolic rant?
  6. Again, please define "social welfare programs" as you understand it Again, are you against things like EI and old age pensions?
  7. My lord you're daft. I asked a question, no "point" was even attempted
  8. Im curious to how you would both define "social welfare program" Are you against, public education, old age security, EI etc.. ?
  9. Only a trump supporter braggs about an obvious idiot getting through to the masses, probably why you rank lower in education than most of the free world. Maybe he is a good representation of the intelligence level of the average American. Silly me i gave y'all more credit than that
  10. Your continuous attempts to divert the conversation from YOU, offering up Chrétiens communication style to offset Trumps inability to speak above a 6 grade level, is in essence a taside agreement/acceptance that the man displays an obvious cognitive decline, objectively demonstrable by simply listening to(or reading) , anything that comes out his mouth not crafted by a speach writer(were we could also infer limited reading abilities based on cadence, enunciation and comprehension) It's widely accepted that the measure of ones understanding of a particular subject, is reflected in their a
  11. You made the comparison in regards to ability to communicate. Like i said nothing to do with how you feel about his politics, Chrétiens wit is undeniable None of what you just wrote addresses the fact Trump can't form cohesive, coherent sentences, while only being able to use the vocabulary of a primary schooler
  12. Ive personally met Chrétien. The "little guy from Shawinigan" is and was a character he played(to great success I may add) and used it to make him more relatable to the common person. Agree or disagree with his politics there's no denying he's a brilliant man. Chrétien worked for or headed numerous ministries before becoming leader, and demonstrated an understanding of the complexity gov't. Now juxtaposed to trump a man with no political experience, and at best moderate success in business, who displays an almost nonexistent understanding of the complexity of government, the compari
  13. This "declaration" seems like a rehash of the Quebec separatists handbook, just without the linguistic, cultural, or historical factors that justified their perception of being second class citizens. (saying Alberta has its own culture is kinda funny to me) I don't see this doing anything other than rile up the extremists
  14. With all due respect, i honestly have no idea what you're trying to get across or how it pertains to what ive said. I look forward to some clarification, as I am genuinely intrigued a would like to understand your point
  15. 1. Grammar is hard, mon français est même pire 3.Then some 2. Now that's a substantive criticism, and is most likely true. Probably the biggest reason i came on this forum was to improve my ability to communicate on paper. Both personally and professionally ive avoided writting like the plague, and because of that i have a clear deficiency to properly portray my personality and intellect if I can't communicate in person. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated
  16. There was a "Well" I will (and have on this very forum), openly admitted to not having the best command of the written language. That being said as you seem to be more concerned with style than substance, I'll leave you to argue semantics with anyone but me
  17. Oh Dude, if you think "easy as redefining Confederation" was intended as a literal expression of the simplicity involved in a complete overhaul of our government, including splitting up Quebec and joining half of it with their mortal enemy Toronto, and not a tongue and cheak comment made to express the obvious utopic sentiment behind the possibility. Well there's words for that as well, granted they're almost exclusively former clinical terms used to describe the mentally challenged, but if the shoe fits I do appreciate how you've identified yourself as someone not worth engaging wit
  18. I think it's as easy a redefining Confederation which is essentially a loose assembly of states which excepts some form of centralization to achieve common goals The lines we've drawn(provinces) don't properly represented the geographical differences and issues faced in Canada, here's how i would split it up. Maritimes plus northern Quebec Quebec city to Toronto Western Ontario and Manitoba Alberta and Saskatchewan B.C These of course are general guidelines, but i feel these separations correspond to the regional reality in Canada Separated in this ma
  19. If you're not even going to read what I've written don't bother responding I have given multiple examples of professions i think should be in some sort of union (in our direct conversation), as well as a generalized statement that those professions that contribute to society that most people can't or wont do need to be represented by a unionized body i.e. peace officers, firefighters etc... So if all you have are strawman arguments i see no reason to continue this conversation You're playing semantics, that was money received by and exclusively dedicated to those in the Ontario t
  20. Are you saying that if the liquor store employees can't trade shifts(we had an SAQ strike for this very reason recently) provincial labour boards will cease to exist? Of course your not but this is a great example of the "work" unions do now a days. The Ontario teachers union(I do think there should be a union for teachers) have the money to be majority share holders of the maple leafs, but EAs(educational assistant) people employed in the same buildings with the same goals, take pay cuts, diminishing hours and benifits, while the teachers union says nothing, again helping me myself and
  21. You need to take a little time to read what I've already written, because you're arguing against a point i not only agree with but have conceded to on this very thread. I clearly stated that at their origins not only were unions necessary, but are responsible for many of the advances in workers rights. Today the situation is quite different, we have established workers rights, and in my opinion unions today (again if you read what ive written, I still think some professions require some sort of collective association to represent them, ie; doctors, social workers, engineers, etc...)
  22. Thats the just the Marxist theory, of socialism not the accepted definition in political science, you also omitted(purposely or not) the operative word in the Marxist definition of socialism which is "overthrow" So the Marxist theory of socialism is; the transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of communism. Who's "overthrowing" ? And who do you know advocating for the realization of communism? Again the accepted definition is that socialism is that all means of production are controlled by the state, something no body is advocating for
  23. This is a silly topic Socialism is defined as; a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. As I can presently purchase things produced, distributed, and exchanged through private companies, Canada is demonstrably not a socialist country. Social programs in a capitalist economy don't make it socialist, even the states(closest thing the world has seen to true free market economy) has a strong history of socialized programs. So again the q
  24. My point here was simply a response to a previous claim that unions were necessary in the protection of workers rights. My argument more specifically is, the effort spent by many, even assuming they're acting with good faith to fortify the working conditions of just those in their organization, would be better spent solidifying the working conditions for everyone by focusing on the laws that govern every citizen and not exclusively the ones that justify their salaries. You said it best with "most are settled" , where actual laws exist, employers respect them, or will at least submit
  25. You're right, "Some" is an important word and if i gave the impression that all unions are inherently corrupt i apologize. I would even take your point farther, i personally know people much farther left than me who do incredible things in and around organized labour and I have work for some unscrupulous owners.
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