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  1. The experience of minorities in Quebec is most definitely full of nuance. The contributions of minorities ie Jewish, Greek, Portuguese etc..are undeniable yet often ignored especially from those advocating for separation, in fact I feel one of the major stumbling blocks to Quebec fully integrating into the "Canadian ideal" is that they're(politicians, media, etc..) quick to bring up concerns that revolve around, perceived or valid afronts to their linguistic minority, but at the same time refuse to acknowledge the influence and treatment of minorities in the province. Here I made a poi
  2. May i assume you speak french fluently? That you understand the difference between the words, souveraineté association, souverainiste, nationalistes, and indépendantiste? Because if you don't, your in no place to comment on Quebec politics Don't get me wrong, I in NO way, shape or form support the separation of Quebec, but having now lived in Montreal for almost 20 and speaking fluent french i can now appreciate the nuances of the movement, and the fact that many of their reasonable "demands"( not all their demands are reasonable) for more autonomy whould be supported by other
  3. Did you ever see the tv series "Hunting Hitler" ? It offers no actual solid evidence, and was obviously dramatized for TV, but it did raise some interesting questions about if he really died in that bunker
  4. Seriously, read a little Canada takes in more migrants percapita than the US and has for a long time Wait! Do you not understand percapita either? 10-15 million? You realize that's almost half our population, right?
  5. Any evidence to contradict the link i provided or are you just talking out your ass again? If its the latter, i just won't bother to respond, no point in discussion with someone that doesn't even follow the basic laws of logic
  6. How long we live or how many babies die, objective Math and reading skills, objective Ability to change jobs and move within your own borders while still maintaining the same standard of living, objective Crime rates and murders percapita, objective Income median or average, even adjusted to purchasing power, objective I could go on but I'll stick with the objective examples i already gave Abstract concepts like freedom of speech, or even the concept of "freedom" in general, completely subjective.
  7. Apparently I was wrong we have a higher average and median income. Seriously brother, try doing at least a small amount of study before just shooting off your mouth, it just makes you look silly and any valid point you may make is easily disregarded csls2019-01.pdf
  8. Agreed pressure must be applied to resolve this, but again bringing it back to vocabulary used, non confidence vote applies to budget matters exclusively and arguing it as a potential solution only wastes time going down a dead end road.
  9. Here's a small grade 7(?) Math lesson If there a 3 people person 1 makes one dollar, person two makes one hundred dollars, and person three makes ten thousand dollars, that's and average income of around 3500$, but a median income of 100$ Hope this helps you out of that veil of ignorance you live under
  10. Yes like freedom of mobility. So you don't understand the difference between median and average
  11. As per the banks, I don't think we're that far apart. So we can put that aside As for the current issue( the blockade) the idea of a non confidence motion to deal with it doesn't really make sense(Though I do agree it's a problem) because non confidence motions are generally reserved for thigs pertaining to budgets
  12. Subjective? Learn how to do some independent research, lets just take health, life expectancy and infant mortality rates are the internationally accepted matrix, and we score better than the states that's objective. You seem to have a problem with some pretty basic vocabulary, you already showed in another discussion you don't understand the difference between assets and liabilities, now you seem to be confusing median and average. If you don't even understand the words you write, there seems no point in me continuing to engage in discussion with the willfully ignorant
  13. Don't have a higher standard of living? What are you on about? We're better educated, healthier, safer, happier, have a higher median incomeand more economic mobility. How do you define standard of living?
  14. This is again a far cry from the US bailed us out, though in this conversation i realize you haven't made that direct claim others here have. Please do not confuse me with the average partisan hack on this website, I design my debate style(or at least try) on the Socratic method, meaning if im provided evidence contrary to what i think I not only welcome it but consider it a win much more than "scoring points" for the peanut gallery, I'd muxh rather make myself smarter than make others look stupid. Though often the former is much more difficult than the latter in most cases
  15. I'm not sure who you're arguing with, but it's not me Again, I essentially agree with what your saying My point was, is and has consistently in almost every interjection I've made on this forum, revolve around the choice of vocabulary employed by many here. If the comment was phrased as, Canada is over dependant on the states, not only would I tend to agree, this is a valid claim and certainly warrants discussion, but the statement " Canada is propped up by the US, is not a valid(or even sound) claim and warrants nothing but refutation
  16. I'll need to read it a little more, but it seems that its talking about Canada buying loans from the bank to have liquidity, and nothing to do with US intervention. I am aware that the CMHC did intervene, what that has to do with the states im not sure, but will definitely look into it. My goal is always to know what is true, and not win an argument.
  17. Perceived being the operative word, we have one of the best trained ground forces in the world, and examples like the D.A.R.T unit are recognized around the world for the work they do. Honestly, propped up seems a little strong, we self identify as peace keepers, have no real enemies as we don't try and police the world and geographically are not easy to attack, how much military do we need. Costa Rica has no army, in a higher conflict area and does fine. Again the size of our economy has nothing to do with its independence, also the WTO and other trade bodies tend to find in ou
  18. really? Citation please We didn't invest in subprime mortgages(or more specifically those that insured the bad loans) so why would we need to be bailed out? And why would the states give money to our banks when ours were fine and theirs were flailing?
  19. Actually, you responded directly to " Propped up? Please explain" Propped up is defined as to stop somthing from falling by placing something under it. Interdependent is defined as two or more things dependant on each other, a clear difference. Of course we're a little more dependent on the US they're the biggest consumers on the planet with a population and economy 10x our size, and yes it is a potential problem that we are so reliant on the strength of a foreign states economy, but that is a far cry from being "propped up" Never did I "hold Canada up as the best for anything"
  20. I don't necessarily disagree with anything you said, i would add some nuance though. I feel you're diverting from my original objection to the statement that "Canada is propped up by the US" Of course we are interdependent with the US, and Canada is undoubtedly more dependent on the US for our economic strength, there are other factors that contribute to this also, including the fact that we sell raw materials to then rebuy those same materials but processed when we should invest in processing those things here, the bce(mad cow) issue we had a while ago prove that when forced we can
  21. The question is not how Canada can or should compete in a global market, but if the US is some how propping up Canada, and the success of our banks during the subprime mortgage crisis exemplifies how our system is independent of the states. The fact that the US invest in our banks and the reverse is not true supports my argument, and the idea that the states willfully decided to prop up Canadian banks at the expense of their own is just silly
  22. So explain, are you saying that the US owns our banking system? A small market compared to other G7 nations yes, but big enough to be part of the G7
  23. You like to make this claim alot, do you even know what a confederation is? Seriously! Propped up? Please explain how we can have a higher standard of living than the foreign state that props us up, or even easier how this failed country can manage to have a better credit rating internationally than those who prop us up? Maybe you can do it without resorting to threats of gun violence like the last time i asked you to provide any evidence for your ridiculous assertions.
  24. I think I may have missed the mark with my original post, based on the responses. Let me try again, I in no way blame America, in fact appreciate many of the aspects of American culture. My point was(and is) that political differences in Canada are based on regional disputes mostly due to a centralized gov't(unlike the US where each state has a much broader autonomy) and not on a right /left dichotomy that is omnipresent south of the border. Again as an example of this the right/left axis in northern Alberta is much different then that in Montreal on the plateau and regardless where
  25. I feel your pain. NB has a generally poor selection. Pump house isn't bad. Distillerie Fils du roy makes amazing gin, ive never tried the beer but i know they brew some, have you tried that? Can't get it here
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