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  1. Are you offering to finance and run my campaign for PM? There is a party leader position open. That could work for some but obviously not for all. No idea who these "natives" you hang around with are, but the people I was around, both indigenous and white were elders and community leaders, and they most assuredly neither played victim nor are they on any train. Again, this just illustrates your ignorance on the subject, no body is "giving them money for snowmobiles", in some cases no money changes hands, to simplify it essentially vouchers are given
  2. Agreed, I wouldn't take any option off the table. In fact I don't even think that bringing employment opportunities to some of the smallest most remote communities would even be feasible. To go a step further, in many case asking them to adapt to the reality of the 21st century, in my opinion in no way is an affront to their culture or values. What is important is whatever solution we do find is done "with" them and not "to" them
  3. Fire may be a little strong, but to disband the unions of non-essential workers and bring in a independent consultant, to evaluate what is needed, and to rearrange the public sector to be more merit based would definitely save us some money. Now this statement just shows an ignorance to the reality. I was fortunate enough to spend some time in the far north for work, My responsibilities involved participating in band councils and other meetings between different levels of government. Putting aside those that are corrupt or those simply of bad faith( on both sides) I can promise y
  4. Thank you. I agree this thread has been much more informative than most ive seen in my short time here. When it comes to somthing as important as education, we should, and must be able to evaluate it without resorting to partisanship, the three R's don't belong to any party.
  5. Agreed, that was just an example. On the other side of the spectrum there are gifted students falling through the cracks for the same underlying issues. I just thought your post was well said, and important enough to deserve to be expanded on.
  6. My first posts were all a simple requests for any actual passages from the 1982 constitution, that supported your assertion that it took away parliamentary supremacy, or how it differed from previous constitutions or any other act that mentioned the judiciary, you have yet to do so, we'll get back to that soon After refusing to provide evidence i did direct a post specifically to you and the word "outlandish" may have been a little exaggerated and was admittedly intended to elicit a response but was in no way a personal attack. The rest of the post was a factual statement, you are someone
  7. I think you hit the nail right on the head with this, the balance between making sure every child is equipped with the core priorities, while at the same time recognizing each childs potential difficulty, (whether they be academic or behavioral) in attaining the aforementioned goals. I have a "sister" (we spent time in a foster home together) who is currently an EA (education assistant) in Ontario and because they don't have as strong of a union as teachers are often the first to suffer, when in fact having someone in the classroom that can deal specifically with problem children elevates
  8. First thing i found See specifically the third "Myth" their word not mine Common Myths About Abortion | Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
  9. Though no limits are set as to when abortions are still legal, Canada doesn't have the equipment to carry out late term abortions, and all such cases must go south of the border. Therefore this is a mute point
  10. Putting a specific percentage number is difficult, as few people have the time or knowledge to go though each line item of a 300 some odd billion dollar budget. Though I most certainly agree we could get the equivalent( if not better) services at less cost, i feel that the amount of tax we pay is the wrong way to look at the problem. How the money is spent is. When i was younger and still lived paycheck to paycheck and was forced to budget i evaluated what i needed to spend to assure my basic needs were met and went from there, not immediately say where can i cut. This allowed me to figure out
  11. Though i was amused by the projection employed in your adhomenim, as adhomenims are widely regarded as the most "intellectually lazy" form of argument, and by your contention that an objective analysis of the law is somehow a leftist ideological bias, but honestly I expected no less. Now to the crux of the argument I will forgo any comment on the author's opinion as they themself concede that "these are issues of discussion that have not yet be resolved", and focus on the facts. You contended that the constitution of 1982 stripped parliament of their supremacy, yet the link you
  12. Still waiting on why legitimate grievances can't be handled through provincial labour boards.
  13. I find it telling that when asked to give specific examples of an outlandish claim you made, you instead chose to continue in partisan conversations where no actual proof is needed to support your erroneous assertions. You seem to be able to provide numerous examples to support your obvious conformation bias over many issues, yet a simple question asking for a fact that should be easily demonstrable, nothing. Granted you do seem to fit the archetype of the majority of the people on this site, more concerned about doubling down on your presuppositions (this being true on both sides of
  14. Legitimate grievances can be adjudicated by means of provincial labour boards, why not strengthen those instead of paying dues to union management, who live high off the hog of your labour and rarely if ever provide suposed "shareholders" with dividends? I worked in event production and can tell you the excess in union gatherings was unparalleled by most
  15. Please explain, as the 1982 constitution does not change the role of the judiciary, in fact does not even mention the Supreme Court. The BNA speaks to the different branches of government, but in fact it's the Supreme Court act of 1875 thats the closest thing to enshrining the "constitutionality" of the courts power. But please show me the 1982 amendment that redefines the role of the courts
  16. Though at their origins unions were a necessity due to the lack of codified laws protecting workers(child labour, safety conditions etc.) today is a different story. Certain professions that are necessary to society, that most citzens can't, or won't do ( nurses, firefighters, social workers, peace officers etc....) will always need some sort of unifying body, to assure they are compensated justly for their efforts, and a guarantee that services will be maintained at high standards for every citizen from coast to coast to coast. Now for the rest, many union leaders live lavish lifest
  17. Other than slight changes made to judicial advisory committee's, how does it differ from the rules established in 1867?
  18. Other than assuming full responsibility for our own parliament, how does the 1982 constitution differ from the path set forward from the paris treaty through to the Quebec act?
  19. Definitely true, we love to golf. Now most of us have had a couple concussions before we start golfing. Coincidence? Who knows?
  20. If there isn't a puck/ball that needs to go in a net, it's beyond my comprehension. Heck, shot three rounds of golf before I figured out I was looking for a hole in the ground.
  21. How could it not, when it's expressed in a syllogistic form that would put Aristotle to shame
  22. Cricket confuses me , you want to score runs, but runs don't matter if you hit wickets?. I have seen some amazing highlight catches on TSN though
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