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  1. The same Amazon that ran a deceitful and apparently illegal campaign against union organizers in Alabama a week ago? And I never said I'm against controlling immigration! Just against setting two or three or more groups of working class people against each other. That was the strategy applied by the coal industry across the US, but they got fooled at the turn of the century and later, at the end of WWI when miners walked off the job a number of times in several states, demanding better wages for all miners. And trying to use minimum wage workers against immigrants (with or without
  2. Except I am part of a minority who realizes that economic theories don't work if the real world cannot support them! So, capitalism...based on the assumptions of continued long-term infinite growth, cannot function in a finite world! Unless of course, you decide to kill off large portions of the population every so often and rebuild. Otherwise, depleted levels of almost all of the non-renewable resources needed by industry and atmospheric CO2 levels closing in on 420 ppm (expected to top 500 ppm by 2050's) poisoned oceans etc. etc. etc.....so where is capitalism going to get fu
  3. Now that this topic has been beaten to death.....literally, maybe it's time to move on to satire: Depressed Police Officer Reminds Self That Chauvin Verdict Not Representative Of System At Large MINNEAPOLIS—Shaken by the guilty verdict delivered in the trial of Derek Chauvin, local police officer Edward Margolin took comfort Tuesday by remembering that this outcome wasn’t representative of the system at large. “Moments like this can be tough, but it helps to take a step back and remember that this is the exception that proves the rule,” said Margolin, confirming that despite th
  4. Over recent decades, the Dems have tended to be more in favor of applying war as part of diplomacy than Republicans have. But then there's George W Bush! If he was trying to end the wars he started in Afghanistan and Iraq, he failed. Good thing Barack came along to expand Bush's wars from two to seven! But Obama knew how to do fist bumps and mic drops at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner: So, all CNN and MSNBC could do was gush and swoon about how wonderful he was.......drone killer or not! It sure proved we live in an age of style over substance! Anyway, Donald was
  5. Ah yes, I almost forgot about Nortel...they became such a big player, they almost took the TSE down with them! And that other get rich quick scam Bre-X Gold...that was finally undone when they finally got caught "salting" their core samples from a dig in Indonesia with gold dust. Gold is such a lucrative and profitable mineral that even the smallest deposits are profitable, and sprinkling on a little gold dust makes all the difference between a profitable discovery and a costly loss for investors. For years afterwards, nobody would trust gold mining stocks of any company. And being in suc
  6. The free money is for the friends of the Federal Reserve and other central bankers around the world. These "job creators" get money at low or no interest because they are assumed to be using the money to generate economic activity that will help everybody........I'm glad this is working out so far! And what really happens is that the bankers loan out money at extortionist rates to any prospective borrowers they think may be desperate and have to pay it back at high interest rates( they own the payday lenders, so they don't have to smear their own names). If this is any different than th
  7. No, you missed my point again! Sure, African Americans who have been doing the crappy jobs for low money everyone hates have been further undercut when "illegal" migrants move in and take low money under even worse conditions, BUT the solution is not attacking them! It's going to the top and going after the people who are doing the hiring. If the "illegals" had the option to earn equal wages and had union representation and the right to collective bargaining, every worker, regardless of color or origins would be happy! Of course the cigar chomping capitalists wouldn't be so happy, but F*** the
  8. I think we notice whenever some real estate knob cold-calling for listings in a what we're told is a hot real estate market tells us that our old wood-framed bungalows are worth over $800,000! How the f*** does that happen, and who's buying? Most young people can't afford to buy, while us "rich on paper" homeowners live in fear of Market Value Assessment and if we'll get slapped with a big property tax increase the next time the city needs more money to build a new arena or stadium or some other "worthy" cause!
  9. In the past....before vaccines were considered lucrative big money investments, it was believed that the worst diseases would eventually be eradicated entirely. I'm not sure if it's over or not, but lethal bacterias like one causing small pox were only being found in a few isolated communities in Pakistan and West Africa, and assumed would soon be eliminated by the vaccine. It is different with viruses...since they are capable of mutating and changing rapidly.....as we are already finding out with Covid-19, where yesterday's latest horror story was about a new "double mutant" varia
  10. I was listening to the liberal "Current Affairs" podcast this morning, and a little taken back by how a panel discussing MMT theory were having unusually heated arguments about theory and practice because of the ramifications of separating tax collection from government spending for both domestic and military programs. Unlike Keynsianism, so called "modern monetary theory" doesn't believe there are limits to how much new money can be created and spent...declaring that it's not inflationary as long as the central government is in control of its own money supply. So, with all of the centra
  11. Like I said, Pfizer and Moderna can be carrying out a large global scale experiment with their designed vaccines and that doesn't mean Covid 19 isn't real or that real people aren't dying right now! You have to be pretty deep in denial to believe everything's a conspiracy and the only threat is having to take a vaccine in your arm!
  12. You just answered your own question! This is how LA was ripped apart by black vs latino violence three decades ago, and the same thing happened in many other cities, because too many people just look for a scapegoat when they want vengeance. If they were thinking, they would understand that the reason for their loss of bottom level low wage jobs wasn't under the control of desperate migrants looking for a way out of even worse violence, deprivation and misery in the countries where they come from....the US/CIA backed despotic regimes in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in particular!
  13. The problem here is you rightwingers see everything from the personal/ never society at large. People respond in different ways to social advantages and stresses around them. Some.... a few, excel and become the heroes of rightwing myth-making stories, while the majority end up in the gutter! Just as some from wealth and privilege live up to their families' expectations, while dimwits like Hunter Biden and Donnie Junior are a step down from the already diminished intellects and abilities of their fathers! So, you see your 'son's best friend's success or failure in life as being somethin
  14. In a "ramped up" decaying and declining economy, where the growing underclass are staring at long term unemployment, sickness, increasing debts that can't be escaped through bankruptcy court, and looming evictions, you never know what will the trigger to put unruly mobs out in the streets! The same pattern has gone on throughout history. Only difference was that in the past, most ruling elites tried to be a little more careful at extracting wealth from the poor and adding to their miseries. But, nowadays, elite liberals and conservatives hire expert statisticians and pollsters who think
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