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  1. It's easy to portray people as animals after they have been subjected to invasions and occupations for 30 years, BUT would there have been a Taleban takeover or non-stop fighting between greedy, ruthless warlord if Afghanistan hadn't been used as a proxy war between the US and the Soviet Union? Afghanistan 1970s And Now | Afghanistan Before Taliban: this 5 minute video of life in Afghanistan...focusing primarily on the major cities like Kabul, in the 60's and 70's blows all of the war porn propaganda that these people are innately savages or the "we have to liberate their women crapolla etc." out of the water! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7TDSUqdN2c Under the comments section I found this one from some dirty hippie who travelled through Afghanistan with a few friends in1971 on their way to "enlightenment" in Katmandu or some bullshit, BUT the story is a match for stories one of my older brothers' friends described when he did something similar in the early 70's: spellbound 1 year ago In early 1971, during the Hippie era, I travelled with three friends and my sister overland to Kathmandu in Nepal. Travelling from Herat and Kandahar we reached Kabul. Then we travelled to Mazar e-Sharif and Balkh. It was an amazing liberal land of modern and ancient. We were made welcome everywhere we went, the people of Afghanistan were wonderful to us in both the cities and the small villages. I wish things could be as it was before those horrible wars and let the people of Afghanistan have peace, freedom and happiness once again. Aside from all that, what I do know of Operation Medusa was that it was an ATTACK led by Canadian Forces. What else do you expect when you go on the attack in a country where you don't know the language, the culture or the history of what's already happened there...as one psychology professional described, people who live in these long term war zones exhibit all the effects of ptsd and are trying to live in a dysfunctional country because of all the guns and constant fighting....or they're trying to escape!
  2. Yes, especially when you're country has played a part in causing mass migrations, it takes a pretty thick head or some level of sociopathic thinking to just write them off as disposable!
  3. I'm old enough to recall that Remembrance Day used to be about remembering past wars and the sacrifices of soldiers who served in past wars. And I got to tell you that the old First World War veterans I recall when I was younger never got the respect the WWII and later veterans received...even from the WWII vets themselves! When I was young and not sure what to do with my life at a time when Canada was in the middle of a prolonged recession, I signed up to join the Canadian Armed Forces, and my father...who was a vet who was held back in the leadup to Normandy and sent over for the Occupation and the unexpected last gasp of the Nazis: the Battle of the Bulge..thought it was a stupid idea to want to join the Army, but he never liked talking about the War and didn't really feel like trying to explain why he had such a negative attitude about the War, the Army, and just about everyone in positions of authority. He was a radical way ahead of his time I suppose! His thinking was always that the guys who had the best and the most war stories to tell others who would listen, were the ones who did nothing but listen to war stories they were told and made them their own. So, he was one vet who ignored Remembrance Day and any parades and accolades that came with it
  4. I already started blocking him mainly because he has no wisdom or maturity to understand the term - Blowback! A lot of people need to learn this in an era where waging war has become easy and lucrative for the aggressors. And it's easier for other conservatives in Europe and over here, to blame the refugees who have been forced to flee for their lives from countries layed waste by US & Allied use of military force for political and economic objectives! Every conservative about to do a rant about immigrants should be obliged to sit down and listen to war refugees and even economic refugees, who despite the childish chest-thumping beliefs about Canada and the US, Don Cherry and likeminded have, did not abandon family and everything they had to travel half way around the world because they decided on a whim they wanted to try something different!
  5. Race and ethnicity are identities that should not be used as a broad brush to condemn or excuse people for whatever they do. I'm noticing from following what's going on in the US since the Occupy demonstrations started in 2011, is that it has taken a long time, but especially with Bernie Sanders' run for the White House four years ago, younger Americans are getting the point that the main division and most important division in any capitalist-governed society is where you are in economic class/not what your race, gender, ethnicity or even sexual orientation is! If you're rich, doors open for you, you don't have to follow the same laws and rules as the rest of the plebes, and the only times when members of the ruling class are punished (like will happen to Trump eventually) is if you violate the club rules of the ruling class. The most prominent billionaires and powerful government bureaucrats, are expected to fight their battles under the rules that they are all supposed to agree to and not out in public. Trump violates all of their rules and protocols by being a boorish idiot to start with and using accepted methods of government like bribing and threatening foreign leaders to go beyond that level and out a member of the club - Joe Biden in public. But, when it comes to the rest of us, it doesn't matter a crap what color we are or where we're from, but these are just convenient categories for the ruling classes to use and apply to divide us. So, long story short again, any self-proclaimed activists who are focusing on racism in places like Appalachia or the closed factory towns, are helping to rub salt in those divisions and keep people divided and unable to challenge the privileged minority who govern and manipulate us.
  6. Yeah, Chretien wasn't exactly a profile in courage, but most of us who weren't fans understood that there were a lot of threats dished out by the Bush Admin for refusing to go along with the Iraq Invasion, so he had to do at least the bare minimum in Afghanistan. If that changed in 05 as you say, then it's a good thing Chretien was out, or it would have been no better with Paul Martin in charge! But my point about chicken hawks, which are all over the media and political spectrum.for the past 20 years, is that they need to show something more than a superficial understanding of the war plans our government and the US are up to before troops are sent in, and also before the bombing starts! If you're active duty, you have to go, whether you think it's a worthwhile operation or not! But looking at the US example, which the chicken hawks want Canada to follow, the majority of citizens in both countries see war as someone else's problem, since there's no draft or even conscription, as there was at the outset of WWII when my father and his brothers (except one who couldn't pass a physical) joined the Army and were later sent off to fight. In the US, the volunteers are sometimes called "The Other One Percent" because they are volunteering out of economic necessity, and have no chances for jobs or education unless they join one of the services. But tell me one thing: what I've heard from actual Afghanis who have managed to emigrate to Canada and even a young vet who was in Kandahar during that time, but was out before Harper took over and wanted the Canadian Forces to be as aggressive (and hated by the locals) kicking in doors and grabbing everyone accused of being Taleban, was that during his tour, the locals did not look upon Canadian and other Euro allies in the same way as the Americans, who were hated by everyone- Taleban and tribal chieftains they were fighting against. There were rumors that the Taleban were deliberately avoiding engaging Canadians and concentrating their efforts on the Americans. But this is not something some one dimensional clown like Don Cherry would ever be listening or paying attention to, since it doesn't fit on a bumper sticker!
  7. It is a clear violation of the UN Charter regarding laws and rules of war signed by every nation that became a member of the UN after it was established for the primary purpose of preventing the next world war! The rules governing when it is legal and acceptable to invade and occupy another sovereign nation are extremely restricted, and have been violated more and more frequently since 9-11, when the US was unable to strongarm allies and adversaries into approving the Iraq Invasion.So, a "Coalition Of The Willing" translated into English as a "Coalition of The Bribed and Bought Off" was used by George Bush and friends as a figleaf to claim some sort of international legitimacy. The problem since then is If The Empire can just make up fake reasons to justify invasion and occupation (Weapons of Mass Destruction) what's stopping other nations, especially US allies like Turkey and Israel from turning the UN Charter into toilet paper? Nothing! So, now we live in a brave new world under Trump, where the US doesn't even have any concern for international law or good will, and will even allow its allies and surrogates to invade and cause destruction as long as it doesn't cross US interests. Up till now, this has been the only red line in US foreign policy; some sort of backroom deal had to be arranged before the US would allow Turkey to just go barnstorming through eastern Syria. But, many nations that are neither US allies or may see themselves as future targets of invasion and exploitation, are forming their own rival alliances, and to make a long story short, the world has never been closer to the precipice of total war since the end of WWII. So, I don't care if the demonized Hafez Assad is a good guy or a bad guy, the unmanipulated evidence shows claimed poison gas attacks have all been fake false flag events, but are ignored by mainstream media which won't comment on the reports from whistleblowers right inside the OPCW. And for their part, Turkey is no better than the other vultures who converged on Syria for nefarious reasons during a time when persistent drought was damaging agriculture and causing unrest as thousands of farmers gave up and moved to the cities, leading to homeless and tent cities that were easy targets for enemies to take advantage of to cause unrest. What Turkey did, early on in the civil war they helped create, was to destroy the chance for an agreement between the Syrian Government and the Kurds and other minorities in the East who wanted more independence! So, Operation Peace Spring is crap all the way around!
  8. We'll do that after the Empire falls......providing we're not so tightly connected after 30 years of NAFTA that we also collapse into a bunch of feuding ethno-states. For my part, I'll avoid the Kingdom of Quebec and the kingdoms out west!
  9. Yes, we're also assisting the Empire in Venezuela and Bolivia because Justin cares so deeply about human rights or our mining companies who are planning operations there.....so,what's your point? Canada is now firmly in the pocket of US foreign policy, whether it's Trump or another centrist Democrat standard-bearer!
  10. Yes, Ray Dalio says the system is broken, but I'm glad that I first saw the story at the Naked Capitalism blog, where they linked directly to the article Dalio wrote on his Linked In page, rather than go through the muddled and manipulative translation at Huffpo! The point he is trying to make is that globalized financial capitalism has pushed its way to a peak where the entire system is about to collapse under its own weight and erase book values of stocks, real estate, currencies....pretty much everything you can think of is about to get wiped out because central banks all over the world (not just the Federal Reserve members) have been busy on their computer terminals in recent times trying to quantitatively ease their way out of each and every financial jam they see coming their way with the lack of real economic growth. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/world-has-gone-mad-system-broken-ray-dalio/ The capitalist system that has been used by the ruling classes to run this world is about to collapse under its own weight- so if there is a world left after the fall of capitalist empires, what kind of economic system will it use so that human activity is finally able to work within the limits that nature allows and will not make exceptions for!
  11. It's not lost on me that Turkey's "Operation Peace Spring" is an illegal invasion of a sovereign country....same with the setup in the Syrian province of Idlib, where the Turks have been harboring their Al Qaeda/ISIS terrorists that is also on the to do list of the Syrian Government as it tries to reclaim territory taken by foreign terrorists and the nations like Turkey, US, Qatar, Israel, who have been supporting them. In Eastern Syria, the Kurds have made a deal with the Syrian Government that fell apart when the Kurds saw their chance to establish an independent Kurdish territory....problem was that the Eastern Syrian territories they were claiming all had large non-Kurdish populations! That's the problem with sectarian nations and movements. The US also has an illegal (by the international standards they force on everyone else) land grab in Eastern Syria, over a small oil reserve that only puts the 1000 or so US troops sent to protect it, in danger. Like it or not, the only nations that have forces in Syria legally, by the standards of international law are Russia and Iran, because they....unlike all the others, were invited in by the still legitimate government of Syria! But now the US is playing the same games of imposing dictatorships and overthrowing legitimate governments in South America...a little closer to home!
  12. I haven't looked up anything on this subject, but last I saw and heard, the old nature vs nurture arguments on any subject are bogus and relics of the past as scientists understand now that both nature and nurture are required to determine how genes will code and determine protein formation. And if it is nature, nobody is going to find a "gay gene" or some specific genetic trigger that would determine sexual orientation later in life. It's just going to turn out to be too complicated.
  13. Like Mexico, we unfortunately live next to a country that has gone gun crazy and makes it easy and highly lucrative now (since marijuana legalization) for criminals to smuggle large amounts of guns and ammo into Canada.
  14. Don't forget to add that the 2nd Amendment was intended to go with that "well regulated militia," and every man of sound mind was supposed to have his gun ready to go off with his fellow militia members when they had to run out and kill some more Indians, or put down a slave revolt. And fwiw, New York City shouldn't have any crime at all now cause the place is crawling with cops- uniformed and plain clothes who are watching everybody on security cameras in the City. But rich New Yorkers' security needs outweigh freedoms that average New Yorkers might expect. So that's why a multi-billion dollar police force is needed to run the city! Toronto could have lower murder and crime rates if they are willing to invest in more policing and surveillance. That's the only way to accommodate high and growing gaps in income and wealth, where extremely rich live close to people struggling to get by and often ending up on the street.......which I sure am seeing a lot of now in Toronto!
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