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  1. I want to get back to this later, but for now, when I say fake leftists, I'm talking about those who have been co-opted by the CIA and other agencies, which began directly in the 50's and 60's, as believe it or not, Gloria Steinem admitted in her confessional biography a few years ago that YES she had been a CIA informant back in the 60's when she and a few other grifters transformed the original 'Women's Liberation Movement' into a bland 'Feminist Movement' of wealthier professional women who no longer had any message on classism! Everything would be about sex and gender and why men are bad w
  2. The point is They Are! DeSantis and that crippled feeb who runs Texas are both paying for vaccines with their own state funding. If they bought into the bullshit vaccine passports that Dems have bought on to, they know they would be politically dead! But, making them free and telling their public health officials to get vaccination centers set up with certain friendly businesses, they can have it both ways. Now if they were spouting the crap the anti-vaxxers are about vaccines, then they would be screwed! Because infection, hospitalization and death rates would all be rising again.
  3. Once again, you post up another comment that's all scatter shot and goes all over the place! If I can reign it in a bit, the reason why inequality and hatred of the extreme rich has broken through as an MSM story after some 30 odd years of 'TINA' or perhaps liberals falling back to a fudging around the boundaries position (which is what $15 per hour is!) is because most people in the middle and closer to the bottom still believed that if they work hard enough, they will be able to buy that house and a few luxuries to show off to friends (and virtual friends in the Facebook era), so if MS
  4. Well, since Doug Ford is on your shitlist now, that explains all of the gnashing and flailing! Who is on your side? Even the Republican governors in the US, who want to keep everything open, are trying to push everyone in line for state-subsidized vaccines.
  5. 1. never mind raising taxes! Why not roll back the rights of corporate personhood to where they were when America became a nation: Corporate charters had to be renewed every five to 10 years, and demonstrate that they have been acting in the public interest (that would be a high hurdle for most of them today); until 1886, corporations did not have rights under the "equal protection clause" of the 14th Amendment...which was originally intended for freed slaves..not artificial persons! 2. Besides, raise corporate and investment taxes, not income taxes on earnings....that's what hammers mos
  6. Still trying to peddle the same BS! We've been over this before many times...our Conservative Prime Minister - Brian Mulroney..the one who did the most to push through NAFTA and hitch us directly to the US economy, was the one who ordered the sell-off of the only advanced labs up here who could have done the research and development for new vaccine technologies. After that, it was just order them from the US and Euro suppliers....which up till now, has been sufficient, BUT we didn't have a global pandemic before! Or at least not for more than 100 years. But, now we do! The deep state co
  7. So, what's your judgement of the Republican governors of Texas and Florida, who say that because more than 50% of the people in their states have been vaccinated, it is safe to reopen everything with no restrictions? Are they part of the great reset plot too?
  8. This response makes no sense! Who realized income inequality was a bullshit response? Income inequality is at the root of every social crisis going on in America today, including increased violence and gun crimes, suicide, increased cancer and heart disease and mortality, mental stress and mental illness, rising drug dependence....everything bad increases the more economically unequal a society becomes! And that site is focused on the US specifically, but the same trends show nations with rising levels of neoliberal-caused inequality are making Canada, Europe and various third world na
  9. And what of the rightwingers who want to gut government completely of services for the people, while keeping that 'system for civility' you describe! How civil is it to allow a system of government that freely allows itself to be coopted and used by rich and powerful forces, while allowing those who are unemployed or unemployable (them too) to live short lives and die on the streets? Recall that all forms of leftist movements from the start of the Levelers and Diggers during 1640's England that had been divided by a civil war between Cromwell's Republicans and the Monarchists who we
  10. You will likely keep repeating all this as you descend through hell's flames, and collect the just rewards for all of those who choose to serve evil !
  11. You do understand what "TODAY" means, right? Is what you described anything near today's Republicans? And, fwiw - Nixon was an embattled president in his 2nd term, dealing with the Watergate Investigation when he signed on to creating the EPA. Would he have done it otherwise? And when it comes to carbon credit trading, don't make me laugh! That scheme is even worse and more full of holes than carbon taxation schemes! It may be extreme, and like pulling teeth from the people who rule this world today, but there is no way of solving a climate crisis caused by capitalism wit
  12. If it was, this Yahoo News piece gives the impression that people living in other countries don't see the big difference between Trump and Biden that Americans seem to believe! Too bad so much of what qualifies as 'journalism' today is stuck behind paywalls. And open sources like Yahoo and MSN only report the briefest takes on the original story, so I can't say you got it wrong here. But, the few comments included in the original show many who answered the polling questions are looking back 20 years or more at the entire "War On Terror" episode, and not just brief snippets about wh
  13. I still haven't been able to get vaccinate yet, but was intending to, because the risks and complications from Covid-19 infections are far worse and more prevalent than from the vaccines. I'm sure the 'experts' are still downplaying the possible harms and complications from the vaccines as much as possible, but what do you suggest as an alternative? Most of the rightwing, radical individualist anti-vaxxers are also anti-maskers and want everything opened up so that millions can die! The rightwing approach to Covid-19 is just one more sign that conservatives and libertarians ha
  14. I can't say I'm surprised that the original horror story of Canada becoming a communist state, would carry on page after page for a good while before lack of any coherence or evidence would lead it to run out of gas, like all the other anti-left themes. How many times do paranoid rightwingers conflate every conceivable adversary who doesn't buy their bullshit, as all being enemies of FREEDUMB and part of the same plot against democracy and FREE enterprize? Too numerous to count, I'm sure! But on that theme you seem to be heading towards: "I don't think there has been a Communistic
  15. Exactly how long ago was that? Cause I can think of several times in history when the US overthrew democratically elected governments to install a puppet dictator because of political/business interests: Arbens in Guatemala, Mossadegh replaced with the Shah of Iran, the elected communist government of Salvador Allende in Chile - replaced by the genocidal fascist - Pinochet, which Chileans are still trying to get out from under today....and so many more. They realized it was a good investment to buy up politicians of both parties along with MSM as they worked towards solidifying their
  16. And you're showing the huge holes in conservative thinking today! You don't accept vaccination as a goal, yet you are against all of the social strategies for reducing and limiting the spread of a highly contagious disease also! It would be interesting to see how many of the people gasping for breath, desperate to enter a hospital emergency room were out there a week or two earlier marching with the anti-maskers and complaining about the restrictions on their freedom of choice and movement! This is why conservativism, libertarianism and other hybrid rightwing ideologies look like death cu
  17. Isn't that the same song and dance voters hear every four years from politicians and aspiring candidates? Why are most politicians corrupt? Could it have something to do with having rich businessmen dropping by or sending others on their behalf looking to make deals...telling them how they can take a little on the side for all of the hard work they are doing on behalf of the people? So, why have government at all then? We've been moving in this direction ever since the Reagan/Mulroney 80's, and all this political philosophy has accomplished so far, is to poison the attitude a maj
  18. How is a 'threat to democracy' NOT a perception of a security threat by others living outside of the American bubble? Even a lot of Canadians who, in spite of our controlled corporate media and next to useless CBC, are aware that we are also exploited by US finance and business! Every time a Canadian-based business or industry gains a competitive advantage, the US Chamber of Commerce orders their hounds to go out on the attack, threatening Canadian industries with countervailing sanctions! Then it takes months or years before the sanctions are removed...usually after businesses close down
  19. Right. And I don't blame those people for wanting to socialize, and spending too much time and getting too close to neighbors living in their buildings. But, I noticed that the front lobby of my in-laws apartment building has removed the chairs and all of the furniture besides posting signs advising residents not to loiter and be on their way quickly...either to their apartments or outside where aerosolized viruses won't build up in the air and pose a danger of spreading. That may not be a perfect solution, but at least it's a start!
  20. Click on the hyperlink "Alliance of Democracies Foundation" in the Yahoo News artiicle and take a look at the chart they posted titled "Threats to Democracy" and look at the ratings of "US influence" and compare with Russian and Chinese influence. The data is available at the download tab that offers a closer look at how they made up their Democracy Perceptions chart. So, whether you agree or disagree, it's all there!
  21. btw I didn't copy the whole article! Just the parts that are relevant to the topic. "truth bombs" sure, call them that if you want to! You think everyone in the world all of a sudden shifted focus from Trump to Biden in Feb. of this year? Your truth bombs are just another sign that the cocoon you've constructed is almost sealed tight with you inside!
  22. Marxists aren't liberals! And I suspect that like most people on the right, you are slashing and flailing, not knowing who you are attacking or who is attacking you! Because although some on the right have figured out that bankers, hedge fund managers and international capital are not their friends, they still won't do anything to stop them from further building up their monopolies or increasing their wealth! So, there are no solutions for our present predicament coming from the right!
  23. No No No No! You and so many other rightwingers are like kids holding automatic weapons and shooting at everything in sight! For the record, the Lincoln Project is a Republican grift, intended to make the Republican Party 'respectable' again' get rid of Trump....and get back all the billionaire donor money that started going to the Democrats in recent years. And seriously, do you think 100 billionaires are going to identify as marxists or even leftists? Liberal.....that's another matter, because liberalism has become just an identity politics grift in recent times, that has nothin
  24. Well, I shouldn't be the one to get your hopes up, but along with the 22 $Trillion debt bubble Joe is riding and will have to hope interest rates flatline on for the coming years, there is the other problem of Democrat members of the House (including the 'Squad'), is that the self-proclaimed "progressives" have accomplished absolutely nothing on the issues that led a multitude of poor and lower middle class people to fund their grassroots campaigns to get into Congress. A warning bell for the Democrat 'progressives' should be seen in the collapse in donations for the friendly media who h
  25. America got off lightly for a war crime that killed at least 3 million Vietnamese, and is still killing people today with the residues of Agent Orange and landmines in the interior border areas, including Laos and Cambodia. All for nothing! Since it was LBJ who really ramped up the Vietnam War under false pretenses - (The Gulf of Tonkin Incident) a claimed series of attacks on American ships, was a fraud revealed as far back as the release of the Pentagon Papers, revealed by whistleblower - Daniel Ellsberg.
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