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  1. Another Trudeau basher! Why does this website mainly seem to attract the kind of people I love! Liberals have a sense of entitlement. They think they're entilted to other peoples money.
  2. She's way out of my league too, but I still hate Justin, and she needs to know it The strange thing is, I think she's becoming a conservative now, and won't admit it. Now with Trudeau's ugly beard, finally a conservative might have a chance to win the next election.
  3. I love getting laid, but I love destroying Trudeau even more. I think I get off more, bashing Liberals.Is there something wrong with me?
  4. My current girlfriend is a liberal, and I'm a hardcore conservative. How do I stay in a relationship with this hottie without taking her over the edge, with my anti Trudeau rhedoric? Normally I wouldn't date a Trudeau appologist, but shes like a 9/10 georgious Brunette thats easy to please.
  5. I just have a problem with the government going $300 billion a debt, and thousands of Canadians blowing our tax dollars on drugs and alcohol. In order to get Covid relief, people should have to account for everything they spend our money on. If they are sitting around, not trying to get a job, than it's welfare. If they're using it to put food on the table, than I can be sympathetic. I havn't taken a dime from our government, and I'm currently unemployeed. I'll eat rice if I have too. I'm not a parasite. I despise socialism. People need a license to buy alcohol. I think anyone who's getti
  6. As I've come to realized living up north during a pandemic kind of sucks. People are getting laid off, left, right, and center, and many of them resort to one thing. Alcohol! In the last week, I've seen a friend drink himself unconscious to the point where his breathing almost stopped. There is very little desire to work, since everyone wants to party and go boating... instead of asking for extra work. People only work, when they've run out of booze money, and as soon as they get the money... They blow up on dumb shit... Just like out government. They have very little desire to save for the fu
  7. "Lianhua (China) Mountains + President Trump =" You're title makes absolutely no sense. I agree with those who say... Stop posting "Garbage" Threads. Also you should have a few introductary sentences before posting videos, in a new thread? Try again prehaps?
  8. This is looking more and more like a plandemic everyday. In January, We have the Crisis in Wuhan... Trudeau says... The risk to Canadians is low... So go eat at those Chinese resturants, and "Don't be Racist"... While allowing thousands of Chinese to fly into Canada with no tempurature checks.... No self-issolation. In Febuary we have a 3 week railroad blockaid (race baiting in Canada), Trudeau did nothing to stop the proffesional agitators... While the virus spreads to Iran and Europe. In March... Government Panics... Nobody go to school. Nobody can have there business open...
  9. It's these Ghetto ass fools who are making every black person a target.
  10. Honestly.... Teach these blacks to strap up... You got the second amendment. If you see a cop strangling a black man, you shoot him dead. If you got someone recording, that's self defense. You were saving the guys life. I think cops would think twice, if the bullets started flying back at them. The bottom line, is if you use excessive force, you loose your job. If you use excessive force to purposely kill someone, you should be hung.
  11. Actually a lot of the anti-immigration crowed, want to give black people a fair chance... Since they have been around for centuries. We don't see black people as invaders, because they were brought in as slaves. If some white guy guts killed by a black cop, we don't go apeshit burning down entire neighborhoods. They get the thug label, because they act like thugs. I want them to rise above their stereotype, but they don't seam to get the fact a country with 331 million, is occasionally going to had a bad cop. Don't blame society... Blame the cop When you burn down innocent businesses in
  12. Unlike the propaganda you read on the CBC... This is science. The path to herd immunity is controlling the infectious dose. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't take 18 months for some toxic vaccine, with a bunch of shit like Mercury... that gives babies Autism, and Alzheimer's for the seniors. https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/14/how-much-of-the-coronavirus-does-it-take-to-make-you-sick/ The cure is sunshine... So make sure to take your shirt off on warm days in the winter, and go tanning in your backyard. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/vitamin-d-deficiency-may-be
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