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  1. The way I see it, it's better for our national security to have as many products made in Canada or the US, as possible. So $5 an hour, is as liberal as i'm going to go... considering the relentless competition, due to globalism. We use to make speakers like these in the 80's before Nafta. Got to miss the good old days.
  2. That's interesting, so no one agrees with $14 an hour. Ontario's current minimum wage.
  3. Chinese wages have gone up. Most them of them won't work for less than $3 an hour. Our wages can be slightly higher since we don't have to ship products overseas. The difference between $5 an hour and $7.50 could be the difference between 1% of our electronics made it Canada and 25% made in Canada.
  4. I picked $5 an hour, because it's high enough for four or five people to split rent, and low enough to bring a massive amount of jobs back in Canada. $9 an hour is too high, if we want to have a thiving manufacturing sector that produces computers and televisions. Manufactures would look to the small towns, because the land is cheap, and northern communities are desperate for employment.
  5. Should the minimum wage be increased or decreased?
  6. So it's the classical-liberal, vs the liberal-light. Make your pick.
  7. If we can all agree on one thing, Trudeau sucks! Even the lefties hate him. Can we please bring this guy back?
  8. Homosexuality is a manufactured illness, just like Transgenderism. One is more severe than the other, but they are both bad for the military.
  9. There should be. We should get rid of the LGB in the military and not just the LGBT. Guys don't want to be hit on by other guys, who don't have a girl around.
  10. But our major says we need to support our LGBT community in this interview.
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