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  1. "Lianhua (China) Mountains + President Trump =" You're title makes absolutely no sense. I agree with those who say... Stop posting "Garbage" Threads. Also you should have a few introductary sentences before posting videos, in a new thread? Try again prehaps?
  2. This is looking more and more like a plandemic everyday. In January, We have the Crisis in Wuhan... Trudeau says... The risk to Canadians is low... So go eat at those Chinese resturants, and "Don't be Racist"... While allowing thousands of Chinese to fly into Canada with no tempurature checks.... No self-issolation. In Febuary we have a 3 week railroad blockaid (race baiting in Canada), Trudeau did nothing to stop the proffesional agitators... While the virus spreads to Iran and Europe. In March... Government Panics... Nobody go to school. Nobody can have there business open... In April... Take the lockdowns harder... Fine everyone for walking their dogs. In May, Ok we might open a few stores... but lets not get ahead of outselves... Will do it slowwwwly In June.... Lets have a Racial Civil War in the US... and watch Cities burn. Barack Obama tells people that they're oppresed... so they need to rise up and encourages people to protests, but says absolutely nothing to condem the violence, the vandalism, and the billions of dollars of destuction to private propety. This all seems to me like a divide and conquore strategy to bankrupt western civilizations. The rioting gets people to beg for martial law, protestors tracked, and their civil liberties taken away... all in the name of security. So what happens in December? Manditory vaccinations, unless you see this Plandemic for what it is... I'm more scared of the vaccine than the virus... So i'm taking a full multivitamen and 50MG of Zinc a day... Trump said take Zinc... You should listen to him. The only thing I need to get is more vitamen C pills... My grandpa use to take 16 Grams a day... had prostate Cancer for 25 years... That never metastasized. He died of old before the cancer killed him, so im sure 5grams a day... won't harm you... if you can afford to get that much vitamen C. 15 minutes a day outside with my shirt off to get vitamen D Take my mask off outdoors, and walk by hundreds of people a day at a safe distance....While growcery shopping mask loosly fit, so I can get oxygen. I want to gradually build up my immunity to this virus at a safe distance, so when the second wave hits... I have a better chance at not getting seriously sick. I don't want to take a vaccine, because they add heavy metals to them, that give you alzheimer's. Vaccines are known to lower your overall immunity, so why damage your immune system, just to get protection against one virus?
  3. It's these Ghetto ass fools who are making every black person a target.
  4. Honestly.... Teach these blacks to strap up... You got the second amendment. If you see a cop strangling a black man, you shoot him dead. If you got someone recording, that's self defense. You were saving the guys life. I think cops would think twice, if the bullets started flying back at them. The bottom line, is if you use excessive force, you loose your job. If you use excessive force to purposely kill someone, you should be hung.
  5. Actually a lot of the anti-immigration crowed, want to give black people a fair chance... Since they have been around for centuries. We don't see black people as invaders, because they were brought in as slaves. If some white guy guts killed by a black cop, we don't go apeshit burning down entire neighborhoods. They get the thug label, because they act like thugs. I want them to rise above their stereotype, but they don't seam to get the fact a country with 331 million, is occasionally going to had a bad cop. Don't blame society... Blame the cop When you burn down innocent businesses in the middle of a pandemic, no one has sympathy for your cause.
  6. Unlike the propaganda you read on the CBC... This is science. The path to herd immunity is controlling the infectious dose. It's not rocket science, and it doesn't take 18 months for some toxic vaccine, with a bunch of shit like Mercury... that gives babies Autism, and Alzheimer's for the seniors. https://www.statnews.com/2020/04/14/how-much-of-the-coronavirus-does-it-take-to-make-you-sick/ The cure is sunshine... So make sure to take your shirt off on warm days in the winter, and go tanning in your backyard. https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/vitamin-d-deficiency-may-be-linked-to-more-severe-cases-of-covid-19-studies-suggest-1.4937535
  7. One asshole cop killed a black guy... Thousands of Wanksta's decide to burn down shopping centers. Why Are black people walking into the stereotypical label they need to escape? How does it improve race relations, when you go burn down businesses that have had nothing to do with Floyd's death. Some of them owned by black people? With 1000 people dying a day from Covid, we don't have time for this silly distraction.
  8. I got news for you Michael. Fox News could care less about Bill Gates. Fox news is controlled opposition, just like Donald Trump. The establishment control both parties. If if you want to who's started these attacks on Bill Gates, the source is obvious. Here's Melissa Melton from 2013 telling Bill Gates that he's Eugenicist.
  9. It wouldn't matter if I didn't wear a mask... as long as I don't go in public for 2 weeks before I go out... When I get infected, I'm not going to spread it to someone else within hours of my first infection, but I will get some antibodies a week later. Anyways, why hasn't every Canadian been given the Antibody kit yet? Plandemic prehaps?
  10. Please define infected, because if you have 1 covid viron in your body, than technically you're infected. Also if you have 1 covid antibody, than technically you have some immunity. The viral tests, can't pickup low viral loads in the bloodstreem. I believe you need billions of them, before they even show up in a test.
  11. I wont be taking a vaccine... So i'm consider walking around outside without a mask, hoping someone infects me from a distance. At this point, i'm more scared of what the globalist with put in the vaccine, than getting the tail-end exposure from people, so I can build up some immunity. Why do you think it will take 18 months for the Vaccine to come out? Because they can't allow a newly discoverer vaccine, to come before the chosen vaccine. It's a Plandemic, because when all is said and done, and millions of lives are lost, and trillions of dollars in economic damage... Those who refuse vaccines, will be labeled as enemies of mankind. If you want to see censorship, at it's finest here you go. Bigtech is not apart of this plandemic. If you make a video called "Don't Take the Covid Vaccine". It won't show up on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=don't+take+covid+vaccine And nothing related pops up, if you search "Don't Take the Coronavirus Vaccine" https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=don't+take+coronavirus+vaccine And nothing related pops up, if you search "Don't Take Vaccines" https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=don't+take+vaccines
  12. Well it could be that scaring seniors half to death, so they shelter in their homes 24/7 is putting them more at risk in the long run. If we had them out and about every day, and wearing a mask to block higher concentrations of covid, they would gradually be building up immunity to tail-end exposure. Now that it's summer, it could be smarter to get more people out, and exposed in a sensible way though social distancing... to build up some herd immunity before the winter returns. The problem with a vaccine, is it injects you with a one time... super concentrated dose, whereas casual exposure could be a lot safer... because your body gets smaller doses over a long period of time, to build up immunity. Also why are so many seniors from nursing homes dying from covid... I bet they never take them outside to get sunlight, so they have almost no vitamin D in their body. Now with hyper sanitation... You never get the chance to build up immunity. You might dodge covid 19, hundreds of times... but if you randomly walk by someone directly coughing into your face, it could kill you.
  13. Ok, first off... A little legal Disclaimer here... I'm not a Dr. I don't know everything on epidemiology. So for the sake of discussion, this is just my opinion. I believe that the white elephent in the room... Is the "Viral Load" theory. If you were to take people of the same age, in the same health, and one person gets 100 million virions, and another gets a 100 billion virions? Who's more likely to die? If infectivity were black and white, it wouldn't matter how many virons you breath in.... It would matter if you were standing 1 foot a way from a person coughing or 10 feet... You're risk of getting seriously sick, would all be the same. Well the good news, is that sciences say otherwise Some research papers say that, the person who breaths in more virions, is more likely to seriulsy get ill. this could explain why healthy Dr's have been dying of covid, whereas you would find a bunch of protesters asymptomatic? So why can't we do controlled infections, to bring on herd immunity? If you told me to stand 10 feet away from someone who had covid... and that person was to breath normally... maybe I could get just enough Covid to build up some immunity, while not putting myself at risk for serious lung damage. Maybe that's what this 6 feet social distancing is all about... They want us to gradually become infected, so we build up immunity. Well if this is the cure to covid, why on earth do we have to wait for a vaccine? There is actual science to backup this theory. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/getting-healthy-now/202004/coronavirus-the-importance-viral-load
  14. I mean... No one wants to call them out on their bullshit. Everyone is too afraid to bite the hand that feeds them. We love Chinese slave labor. We love cheap imports. We're willing to turn a blind eye to a totalitarian dystopia, just for transnational convenience. We'll if you don't stand up to a bully, they will try and take everything. No one here takes you seriously, because your bias is obvious. China isn't a democracy. They throw people in prison for protesting, and have 2 million Muslims in concentration camps.
  15. China is like a spoiled rotten Child that gets no discipline. Maybe of my friends don't want to say anything bad about China. The elites want us infighting, while China is the real ones to blame. It's funny that the far-right use to call the Jews the secret ruelers of the world, but Israel has less people than Cuba... If you want to know who secretly rules the world, prehaps look at a country that's 150 times bigger?
  16. 6500 dead Canadians, 100 000 dead Americans, 350 000 dead around the world. So when do the nuremberg trials start, so we can bring these genocidalists to justice? In the old days we use to have public hangings, when the politicians did crimes against humanity. Just look at the CBC's involvement in this plandemic. Here they are signaling a response from an expert who says "The Russians are clearly engaged in an effort to prolong the pandemic, outside of Russia as long as possible". So CBC wants the average lemming is to believe that Russia want the entire world to be sick?
  17. Canada should try and keep its deficit-spending to under $75 billion. During the great depression, harper ran a $56 Billion deficit, and that was a bit too high. keynesian economics gives the green light for a moderate amount of stimulus when times are challenging, but then we must pay it off. It doesn't give a blanque check to government to do whatever the hell it wants. If Trudeau runs a $250 billion deficit, than we'll need 25 years of $10 billion surpluses just to come out even.
  18. We are definetly entering "The Desease is worse than the cure" territory. Doug is rich, and doesn't know what it's like for employees and businesses tinkering on the edge. Open the fucking economy already before we end up becoming the next Venezuela. Right now as it sits, for every dead Canadian, there is at least 500 Canadians who have lost their jobs. What precentage of those people will end up commiting suicide? What precentage of those people, will spend the next 10 to 15 years paying off their business debts? What precentage of those people will end up in divorce, because they can't pay their bills? How many decades will it take Municiple, Provincial, and Federal governments to pay off this debt? How on earth are we going to be able to afford health care, when we've decimated the tax base? https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/canada-jobs-april-1.5561001
  19. The virus kills people. The fatality rate is the hoax.
  20. It goes along with the plandemic. They fewer people testing positive... The higher the fatality rate.
  21. Don't put words in my mouth. He doesn't want an accidental nuclear war. Someone can make the wrong miscalculation, when there is this much finger pointing... and the whole shit escalates.
  22. There is a massive cold war with China right now, and you don't even know about it. China is under tremendous internal and external pressure. China is very edgy right now. Not everything goes to plan.
  23. I have a friend deep within the US military.... Who says this virus is a hoax, but very nervous about the new cold war with China. He said one mistake, and will have nuclear bombs go off. He want's Trump to tone it down with China. He says Australia is too close to China, and is being foolishly provocative.
  24. Then maybe you had Covid as well. Make sure to take Zinc.
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