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  1. I'm in favour of banning all flights permanently but for reasons other than Covid 19. It was too late and it didn't work. To find out if it was racist I'd have to get inside Trump's head but despite all the wide open space it's not somewhere I want to go.
  2. You can take the advice of Trump over that of medical experts like Fauci and the CDC if you want. TDS indeed.
  3. A potential treatment is worth investigating. What a fucking genius. Now all we have to do is find someone who thinks it isn't worth investigating possible treatments to make Trump's deflection valid. Of course, some might say that Trump is spending so much time hyping an unproven drug in order to calm the markets and increase his chances of reelection. Not me though, now you have shown what a genius he is for saying it is worth investigating potential treatments I shall be mounting a campaign to get him the Nobel prize for chemistry he so clearly deserves.
  4. To be fair, it's probably a small circle of friends.
  5. It's not accurate to portray opinions on the EU as left/right. Certainly in the UK the dividing line was as much regional as party political. Don't forget that all the major parties campaigned against Brexit in the run up to the referendum. Class also played a major part with the working class left more likely to be pro-Brexit than the middle class right. Corbyn himself had fought the EU for 40 years and went very quiet during the build up to the vote. Cameron was very much in the Remain camp as were the majority of his MPs.
  6. You're right, the shrinks will do well out of this too.
  7. So long as she doesn't find out that all you do all day is post on obscure internet forums.
  8. We've been told to expect restrictions to remain in place for 13 weeks. Divorce lawyers are licking their lips (which they're probably not meant to do).
  9. It's going to be a long time before people start going on frivolous weekend flights abroad again. Many airlines will fail. Gaia approves.
  10. Apart from being poorly provisioned I don't have a lot to complain about over Boris's handling of this.
  11. You're not often wrong. I thought H1N1 was a type of flu not a particular strain. I bow to your greater knowledge.
  12. Bird flu? Is that related to the original Spanish flu? I thought it was a new one.
  13. Hey, you be you. Don't let us old cynics spoil your fun.
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