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  1. If they are unatural then why have they always existed?
  2. First off, no she isn't. Secondly, do you not think the couple have the right to tell their side of the story?
  3. It was in the UK. The story was kept out of the British press. It wasn't a secret in the US and other countries but here it was not well known amongst the general public.
  4. Wow. When you have to go to Piers Morgan to defend your argument you really are in too deep.
  5. Plenty of evidence posted in this very thread. I never said there was no other explanation but that it was a factor.
  6. It's clearly a factor and you denying it is just a right wing knee-jerk reaction to accusations of racism.
  7. Harry has spoken out about the racist undertones in the press so enough of this it isn't racist crap. It is clearly one of the reasons behind them wanting to step down from royal duties. Not the sole reason but a contributing factor.
  8. Not true. Most of the public didn't even know about the relationship until a few weeks before the abdication.
  9. Wallis Simpson was a huge fan of the Nazis and led to the abdication of the King. Apples and oranges.
  10. What ever the truth of why the couple want to step down from royal duties and leave the UK you know it must be serious if they'd rather move to Canada in January.
  11. a) 40000 is still a big number. b) Going too far off topic now. c) It's hockey night tonight. d) Go Leafs.
  12. https://www.nhs.uk/news/heart-and-lungs/air-pollution-kills-40000-a-year-in-the-uk-says-report/
  13. Because they make nearly everything that's sold in UK shops.
  14. They have the same as everyone else, scared governments spending money on the wrong things against the wishes of their populations.
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