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  1. Your argument seems to be that we can't accurately predict the future and therefore we shouldn't do anything to mitigate rising temperatures. That's a great cop out. Not very intellectually honest but a great cop out.
  2. Shhh, there's 5 matches left to play and Leeds are only 6 points above 3rd place. Plenty of time yet to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  3. What medal count? Yorkshire won more medals than Canada.
  4. You could have been there. Plenty of spare seats...
  5. OK, I see you are incapable of civil debate. Rather than report you to the mods I think I'll just put you on ignore and it'll be just like you never existed. Bye y'all.
  6. That's twice you've called me a liar now. Is that your idea of civil debate? He clearly was running away and was shot in the back. Unless the police now have repeating tazers he was not a threat so there was no need to shoot him. More time needs to be spent training these officers and there needs to be a better recruitment process.
  7. Ah, I don't have access to that here. I have seen footage of him being shot in the back while running away though.
  8. It also depends on the quality of the training the police receive. At the point this man was running from two police officers he was not a lethal threat to either of them.
  9. We were talking about Brooks not the chief. A man shot in the back while running from the police. I'd call that an execution.
  10. Nor should there be a curbside execution.
  11. Not to mention innaccurate. Obviously never watched a single episode if he thinks it was the wife who was dying.
  12. A complete course of the drug costs around £5. Good news for some of the less developed countries which are now starting to see a rise in number of infections. Probably be hundreds of quid in the US though, got to keep those profit margins up for the insurance companies.
  13. Since the murder of MP Jo Cox the far right have been closly monitored here in the UK. If the authorities are saying that they are on the streets I think you can take them at their word. That's not to say all the statue protecting protesters are far right though. Those peacefully protecting Churchill's statue in Parliament Square were mostly army veterans but those throwing rocks, bottles and fireworks at the police in Westminister were not so peaceful. The 5 pm deadline to clear the streets passed an hour ago and so far most protesters on both sides appear to be complying.
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