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  1. I guess the biggest problem is that hard working Canadians want what they're selling at the price that they're selling it at.
  2. Agreed. But that's because they're enchanted.
  3. Like watching paint dry while getting screeched at by a lunch lady. She was to be the first woman president, riding on Obama's legacy, nothing more, only to be completely blindsided by Trump.
  4. He's Obama's VP, he'd never get the attention without that going for him. There's plenty of other old white democrats to choose from.
  5. Nah, he's not, he's just another Hillary Clinton.
  6. It's not that small. It's not like he's trouncing everyone.
  7. I didn't say charisma is the end all be all. As I said, Biden could very well win without it.
  8. If people going nuts for your antics doesn't qualify I don't know what does.
  9. You can't see it, because you're not under their spell. They have a real fan base, its evident and unmistakable.
  10. Money ain't all important, it's just really important when you got nothing else going for you. We're wittinessing this truth right before our very eyes.
  11. OK, so your first point supports mine, but in what world does Biden have charisma? Relative charisma? That's not even a thing. You got it or you don't. Warren and Sanders have passionate followers, but Biden is a mummy wrapped in coattails. It very well may be enough to get him to get a crack at Trump, but he's an uninspiring loser.
  12. Money is the best attribute a candidate can possess, followed by charisma. Biden doesn't have much of either, but he's tied to Obama and the news media can't help but publicize him. The spotlight will always be on him. Saying Biden can't win doesn't make sense, we're talking about the democrats putting forth unpopular candidates after all.
  13. OK, so maybe the kids aren't starving, but they aren't eating nutritious food. How do we make parents give them what they need for proper brain development?
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