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  1. Look at the below numbers (again) and all the sourced material here (including experts in epidemiology/virology, etc.), hundreds of hours of research to comb through. A rational/cognitive person cannot look at this evidence and conclude the lockdown of society was warranted. Annual deaths from seasonal flu - 650 000 (5 000 000 severe illnesses) Corona deaths - 170 455 (2 481 866 cases worldwide with most showing no or mild symptoms) There are none so blind, as those who refuse to see.
  2. It says right there under Info/History all the authors are from 'stanford.edu', come on, do I have to hand-hold you and your ilk for everything. Now I have to explain what 'peer review' is and how it is not the be all and end all to science, because apparently you have never looked into it yourself. (link to below quotes) And the final death knell for peer review, and the overwhelming great importance of having two studies that reached the same conclusion (observable, verifiable, repeatable, falsifiable):
  3. You don't honestly believe that do you? As to the 'rows' of refrigerator trucks, that may be a slight exaggeration, and a couple of trucks may not even be out of the ordinary during bad flu seasons. Don't forget this is a city used to over 10 000 deaths a month, and so far this corona has 10 000 over 4 months (and this is their massaged/made-up numbers). Did you also immediately believe the crying nurse who had no masks and feared for herself and her family? Did you socially share/like this video and did you socially recant when it was discov
  4. Annual deaths from seasonal flu - 650 000 (5 000 000 severe illnesses) Corona deaths - 170 455 (2 481 866 cases worldwide with most showing no or mild symptoms) There are the numbers, but I am the mad one. Can you at least show some semblance of intellectual honesty and admit you are not sure what is going on? Or simply look at those numbers above and change your position to match the data and fight for humanity. That should shock anyone into questioning why we are down a trail whose door is quickly closing behind us.
  5. You don't honestly believe that do you? That is preposterous. Do you understand that anyone who dies and may, or may not have, corona is counted as a corona death in the USA? Here is CDC's directive to doctors to just make-up the corona deaths to make the small numbers appear larger: The models have been wrong, the chosen 'experts' have been wrong, people are dying and many others are losing their livelihoods for this lie. What will it take for someone like you to actually read the data and listen to those that have been right from the very outset?
  6. When will we admit those that have said this is akin to a regular to bad flu-season were right all along. From the beginning numbers to today, the data (as massaged as it was, never, ever fulfilled their ridiculous models or hyperbole. We sacrificed our freedoms, destroyed lives and livelihoods for a flu, something that occurs every single year with little fanfare. Yet we still listen to the very people that have been wrong from the beginning, and the people that have been right from the beginning are still relegated to the hinterlands and called names to discredit their ab
  7. Just some humor and/or cabin fever. It does not matter to me which thread stays or goes.
  8. Me = 1 CBC = 0 and I don't even get $1 400 000 000 a year, definitely a win in my book Suck it, Sycophantic CBC (a little alliteration for another win)
  9. Just click where it says 'Oil' in my post. Any word, or string of words, that is blue and underlined is a hotlink and will automatically take you to the linked website.
  10. Please wake up people, the corona is but one ingredient in their cake. Cake = Planning + Gathering PS. You are not invited to the party.
  11. Buckle-up kiddies, it's going to be a rough ride. Oil
  12. One should never hinder the free movement of anyone (I even dislike when union picketers do this, it is a form of bullying, or worse it actively seeks out a physical confrontation). To me, the more information available and freely shared (on any topic) is good for society, I abhor the current state of 'I and my friends have decided the debate is over, now shut-up'.
  13. Very few pro-abortionists watch the 'procedure' from the womb perspective, there tune would change in an instant. There is a reason why they fight tooth and nail to have even pictures banned. You would think the very premise that this may be infanticide leads one to a very deep research. Instead we get them all chanting 'Hoes need abortions, Hoes need abortions.', or gross oversimplifications like 'my body, my choice'. Now we have gone to one of the last stops on this train, baby born but one little toe still inside and you can kill him/her and if it survives you let it die
  14. Here it is again for you: Debate is more successful if all the debaters have some grasp of logic. Religious people rarely do, as their entire goal is to protect God and that requires a great deal of illogical and sometimes even delusional thinking. Ok, I gotcha. Any debate about God/religion is an abject failure unless both parties are atheists. Now it makes perfect sense, thanks for the clarification.
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