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  1. Canada does allow abortion up until the 9th month. But the CMA will not and has not in over 36 years (unless the mother's life was in danger) performed an abortion in the third trimester. This is factual and undisputable.
  2. Homosexuals are unnatural creatures and have no place in normal society. Conversion therapy should be mandatory.
  3. Where in the KJ version of the Bible does it state abortion is a sin/murder? Where in the KJ version of the Bible does it state that a woman cannot control her own body?
  4. Israel is a racist Zionist state that must ge opposed. If Israel is destroyed there will be peace in the Middle East. The ZOG in the USA must also be destroyed.
  5. Trump will not be removed from office. Trump is a king and can legally do whatever he wants. Don't kid yourselves into believing the [email protected] the American preach about their vaunted Constitution. Trump can, is, and will do exactly what he pleases and no one repeat no one can stop him.
  6. The Roman Catholic Church is riddled with criminal, homosexual, pedophile Priests who pray on young boys. If a parent sends his/her young son to the RC Church are they in fact committing a child-abuse. They know about the homo Priests so it is child abuse. Isn't it?
  7. It's time we stood up to the zionists of Israel. ZOG cannot be allowed to exist.
  8. The law doesn't apply to a US President. He is a quasi king.
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