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  1. Yes. It is my fault. We evolved. I never doubted actually. Not so much as you like to think, in my opinion, but it is fact: we evolved.
  2. Nothing new, my dear . . . Fact is that doesn't happen. And that doesn't happen because the system is bad and broken. The model it is not adapted to the human nature. That's the fact. The fact that vast majority is insured it is not enough to avoid the shameful fact that 40 000 people die each year for not having medical coverage.
  3. Shady, where exactly have I ever argued that today we live worse lives than our ancestors did 500 yr ago ?
  4. You pick only the facts you like, and using them conclude preposterously. Did islam kill as many people like Western "world wars" or ideologies like liberalism (colonialism), nazism and marxism ? The 70 000 deaths in the opioid crisis of only the last year in USA, it is also the fault of the victims? Or maybe for that yearly massacre the pharmaceutical companies that advertised aggressively and put pressure on physicians in a broken and immoral system, have some responsibility ????
  5. I already gave the reference: The Black Book of Womenès Condition by Christine Ockrent. No, people choose not to get health insurance in USA because there lacks the system that already all the civilized Western (and Estern) countries have. Even though it’s widely available, and very inexpensive if you start when you’re young, the economic system put pressure on them to spend on gadgets by ads and pair pressure and conformity. The same people made to live in other country than US, would survive, despite their stupid buyer choices. Your apology is ridiculous.
  6. A stupid, fascist, racist and elitist guy like Trump would have never been elected if the system (liberal democracy and capitalism) would have not pushed the White people toward a future as a minority. Maybe there is people that can seriously think that the Whites are superior to other races, or that they deserve to be other races masters. I think that someone has to be very, very, very stupid to believe that. Such very, very, very stupid people unavoidably are very, very, very rare and far between. In contrast, there is White people that understand that they are condemned to be swamped by oth
  7. Chinese bolshevics kill people by fire squad. Thousands each year. Chinese budhists and Indian hindus killed in the half century hundreds of million women by selective abortion and neglect of baby girls after birth. Each one for RELIGIOUS reasons . . . The Americans condemn some 40 000 people to dye each year for not having medical insurance. And you dare to tell me that the world evolved. And that islam is the worse thing humankind has today. Are you serious ?
  8. Yes, you are right globally. If you admit that not all muslims, not all islamic countries are as bigoted as some or a majority of them are, that is pretty OK from my point of view. You seem to think that the fact that muslims grow fast in our population is dangerous. And from what you said above and what I admit it is true, that makes sense. Unfortunately only SUPERFICALLY. What it is the point to maintain our laws and customs, which condemned us to be replaced by africans or arabs ? If we, as people, we are not so precious to be preserved, WHY should the ideas we died and have got extinct fo
  9. Actually I dont like them shaved.
  10. Yes, english is my third (actually fourth) language. Please read The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering by Norman Finkelstein, in order to understand that criticising Jews is not always and automatically anti-semitism. You seem to suggest that all the people on earth can be criticised except jews. Useless to tell you that is stupid as idea. Please define islamophile before pasting this label on me. I know very well that some of the jewish ethics of the Old Testament seem to have been repelled by Jesus, but fact is that the same Jesus
  11. "Proud Conservative" you made me laugh a lot ! You read my comments a bit, have got furious and that darkened all your brain. Otherwise one would never conclude that I am muslim, or that I support the idea that covering girls in bags, especially when they are so beautiful as the oriental arab girls are (I actually support the idea that it is useful to cover in a burka the ugly young girls of North America, which in a good percentage are muzzle-faced (maxillary prognathism). I see as barbaric and heartless all the muslim traditions related to the prudishness or modesty. What I am though enough
  12. Well, then you admit that killing 10 000 or 15 000, or 100 000 or 1 000 000 is a bad thing to do, and was done by many, your ancestors too, and to quantify the horror is something that only the jews like to make, and for a (profitable albeit immoral) reason. You need to define what "backward" mean to you. And you have to notice that countries like Bosnia or Albania, Lebanon or Tunisia, grant women and men, muslims and non-muslims equal rights, or at least are not as socially conservatives (or backward, to cite you) as the other Islamic countries. Before asserting that I have littl
  13. I have no problem to admit that a substantial part of the victims in America died in epidemics, but you want to exonerate the mass killings perpetrated by spanish and english in America against the continents population, which is disgraceful. And hilarious in the same time. You are a muslim apologist, only with a cross hanging on his neck, and a big one on his brain.
  14. I am not an islamophil. I dont like islam, and I like not any other religion (although I am culturally an orthodox (eastern) christian. I simply dont like stupidity . . . Islamic countries are as many other cultures of the world still en retard when comparing them with the western world (and not with the christian world, because the blacks in christian africa are as bad as any muslim there). It is what one expect and can easily comprehend. Except you . . .
  15. Oh que oui ! The whole Leviticus is just that. You need a Bible and a lot of time to read it, it seems . . .
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