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  1. Wow- I have just come across this thread … I admit I have not read all of the 50 pages of serious comment interspersed with one-liner bs, but I have made a fair sampling of a random dozen postings. I find the majority opinion seems to be that the Queen herself is irrelevant, and a whole lost of posters thoughts are simply - get rid of the Queen and we become a 'free people' ( err.. no we don't) ! However the title of the thread is The Federal Republic of Canada, which deserves a lot more attention than just Queen bashing. Here's my take. The end of Canada as a constitutional monarchy is ok by me IF the replacement is a Republic in which all Canadians are equal citizens, with equal political representation. The discussion needs to be about creating a Republic in which there are 300 members of parliament each representing 123,000 citizens in equal ridings, regardless of province, and a elected senate of 80 each representing 460,000 citizens in equal ridings, regardless of province.. No longer will a resident of PEI have four times the voting power of a citizen of Victoria, No longer will New Brunswick, whose population is the same as Vancouver Island have three to four times the political weight of the Vancouver Island representatives. There are WAY too many opinion pieces swamping radio and newspapers pandering to simpletons who want no more than the change of title of the Governor General to President, and have the rest of the rotten iniquitous Ottawa closed shop remain as is. Let the discussion be about Canada being re-defined as a fair and equal Republic. If this re-definition does not occur then Elizabeth Windsor can remain in place. This is too important a chance to finally sweep the politically privileged out. We cannot waste this chance to just get a simple-simon renaming of the GG to President, after which a certain uninformed mass will prance around shouting 'we're a free people' , while in the background the elite puppetmasters, who benefit from things the way they are now, silently snigger. I believe the vote in Australia to change to a republic was lost, not because of a surfeit of royalty lovers, but because there were 35% for, 35% against, and 30% in the middle who would have voted for a republic IF the redefinition of Australia as an equal and fair republic was included. The vote there envisioned the GG changing title to president and everything remaining the same, so a majority of those in the middle voted NO, hoping that somewhere further down the road a vote on a defined republic will take place. We should learn from their example. Thoughts anyone?
  2. So the cat is out of the bag on Covid-19 at Canada's prisons. Finally the mainstream press has taken notice. In this article the first 2 positive tests at Mission prison are admitted. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/correctional-service-of-canada-says-2-inmates-in-mission-have-covid-19-1.5522366 the total is now 11. Since the start of March PM Trudeau and Safety Minister bill Blair have been pressed to release prisoners to avoid overcrowding and take the inmates out of danger. Many thousands could be out if the categories of non-violent offences, and those within a few months of the end of their sentence were let go. The answer from Trudeau in at least 4 press conferences since early March, when asked are prisoners to be released? has been to side step the question with "we are working with correction Canada to take all steps to stop the spread of covid-19" as of now, no prisoners have been let out. Even the gross human rights abuser Iran has let out 80,000+. Investigative journalists have received phone calls from prisoners and find that there is no hand sanitizer issued, that prisoners are making their own masks from rags, and that anyone suspected of being infected is thrown into the solitary confinement cell for 24 hrs a day. The virus has now taken hold across the system . evidence from Corrections Canada https://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/001/006/001006-1014-en.shtml As of 8th April Blair has ordered that critical corrections staff and contractors wear masks at all time...( Note 'critical' not 'all'). Why has it taken so long and why not 'all' ? What annoys me the most is Trudeau's 'don't worry be happy' responses. If he had just taken note of suggestions about the prisons at the start of March, many lives could have been saved. It is almost as if he has no comprehension of critical points like this and just spews out a 'we are working with' response as a knee-jerk reaction. Does he not care? Because he did nothing, now it is too late, there are cases spread over dozens of prisons, now they can't be let out because they will just spread it further. Trudeau and Blair have a lot to answer for on this issue. A very good podcast on the issue can be found on CANADALAND https://www.canadalandshow.com/podcast/320-coronavirus-is-in-our-prisons-and-trudeau-is-doing-nothing/ Actually I don't think it is lack of caring that is the problem with Trudeau and Blair, I think it is a mixture of incompetence and passive negligence.
  3. Lets steer this thread back to the title of the topic "pipeline protesters need to be jailed". I would say No - they need to be given a background on the issue at hand. The protesters claim that the Wetsuweten hereditary chiefs did not give permission for the natural gas pipeline. The truth is that a year ago, there were 5 hereditary chiefs, they voted 3 to 2 in favour of the pipeline (along with the wetsuweten elected chiefs). Then the 2 'against' hereditary chiefs gathered together some bully boys, and stripped the 3 'in favour' chiefs (all matriachs) of their credentials, on the basis of they cannot be hereditary chiefs, because they are women.!!. Here is my evidence - straight from the tribe members https://www.jlsreport.com/2019/02/22/wetsuweten-strong-the-symbol-of-male-dominance-over-women/ The 3 "replacement" chiefs have no validity, and therefore the refusal of permission to allow the pipeline is bogus - making the whole protest bogus. The complaints that I have heard - that the pipeline will pollute the water and the land, are also bogus - my evidence - for over 50 years there has been a natural gas pipeline through the Wetsuweten territory, it goes to Prince Rupert, and on the way it branches off to supply natural gas to the houses of the wetsuweten people!!. It has not 'polluted the water and the land', so why would the new one? The protesters are misinformed. I heard innumerable cries of 'they did not consult'. the truth is that 8 years of respectful consultation have taken place, and 20 separate bands on the pipeline route have signed their agreement. The agreements signed with these 20 bands agree to pay them $2.5 million each on completion of the first 10 km of line , $400,000 each on completion of the full line and $10 million dollars per year to share for every year gas flows ( divided by 20 = $500,000 a year to each of the 20 bands). evidence - search on BC government natural gas pipleline agreements and read the text yourself like I did. The majority of these 20 bands number 200 - to 300 persons, that money is badly needed to fund new business opportunities for them. and yet the 2 wetsuweten hereditary chiefs and their 3 'friends' who named themselves hereditary chiefs, want all that money stopped.! and they promise nothing to replace this opportunity for those 20 first nations.. I have witnessed two protests personally, one was up in Courtenay BC, about 25 first nations people in the 15 to 20 age group were standing outside the town on the side of the entry road to the main highway going south. They were not blocking the road, but the RCMP WERE !. a single RCMP vehicle was sideways across the access road., I had to drive 20 minutes through a bunch of side roads and rejoin the highway below Royston. As I rejoined the highway, I saw the access road going north, was blocked by a single BC Government highways contractor vehicle. ! Most of the signs carried were "RCMP leave Wetsuweten people alone". What I conclude is that the RCMP and BC Govt colluded with the protesters, they appeared to be letting them stay there for the day, I am guessing it was on condition that the detour route was left open. The second protest has been on the steps of the BC Legislature in Victoria, the protesters are indigenous youth of whom many are studying at UVIC, who were all well dressed, well fed and well educated, and they have Canada to thank for that. They too, are 15 - 25 year olds with their whole life in front of them, in the best country in the world!!. They have never had it so good!! They have opportunities that young people all over the world would kill to get!. Mother Canada has taken care of them , and yet the protesters have signs saying ' Shut down Canada' ?. Billions upon Billions of dollars are taken in taxes every year from the Canadian population and given to first nations, for this, I do not expect to see the flag of our beautiful country desecrated by signs saying "Reconciliation is Dead" superimposed on an upside-down Canadian flag. No non-indigenous Canadian would dream of desecrating indigenous symbols in such a fashion, there is something very wrong here.
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