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  1. The 'method' was much more that just a 'method' it was a non-partisan committee that "conducted extensive consultations with more than 200 people across the country,] including academics, provincial premiers, current and former political party leaders, former prime ministers, and others, in order to develop a short list of five candidates,] from which the prime minister would make the final selection." A decent fair and respectful process that allowed a full airing of views, and asking of questions about any prospective appointee. Source:- Advisory Committee on Vice-Regal Appoin
  2. Interesting that prior to the release of the report, Payette was saying no formal complaints had been filed during her tenure, and she welcomed the report to find out what was being said. Various talking heads(on the major canadian TV and Radio channels) are saying that when Trudeau toadie #2 , Dominic LeBlanc visited her with the report, she asked for the opportunity to answer the charges, and would not consider resignation until that happened. Trudeau himself visited her later in the day, resulting in her resignation. The talking heads speculate (and I agree with them) that Trudeau used a
  3. NEVER FEAR PLASTIC LOVERS - IT CAN STILL BE DUMPED ON 3rd WORLD.... After the huge fuss last year about Canadas plastic garbage going to the phillipines and other 3rd world dumping grounds, Justin yielded to the environmentalist lobby and got Canada to sign the “BASEL AGREEMENT” which states we wont dump our crap on the 3rd world. At the same time he was bleating about how Canada has now signed the “basel agreement” - he was quietly negotiating with the US, who is not a ‘basle agreement’ signatory. Now Canada will send it plastic garbage to the US – who will dump it in 3rd world co
  4. You are missing my point - A fair and equitable Republic where all citizens have equal political weight is what I am after. A republic with an equal elected and effective senate, a republic where there is one MP for every 125,000 citizens regardless of province. The current unfair system where maritime provinces are unfairly overrepresented must be swept away. If we could get reform of the Senate, and a fair redistribution of federal ridings under the current system **, then the Queen can stay. She is harmless and irrelevant. However the way things sit with the status quo benefiting from t
  5. This topic was opened up in July 2020 , in early september 2020 the Privy Council hired Quintet Consulting Corporation to conduct a 'review' into the allegations made by the CBC about Payette. They said the 'review' will be confidential. They have been diligently working away on this now for 8 solid weeks, has anyone heard anything? Does anyone expect to hear anything more on this?... other than perhaps 'the govt are considering the report produced by Quintet. It is almost as if they are delaying and delaying , until Payette's term runs out, then it won't be an issue any more, and the Gov
  6. The question on the Australian monarchy referendum 21 years ago was NOT 'do you want the queen yes or no?' It was 'Do you want Australia to become a Republic yes or no'. Autralians were about 35% Queen Lovers 'she does a good job etc', and 35% Queen Haters ' they are parasites', 'we don't need to pay for Kings and Queens in the 21st Century'. The remaining 30% were a bit more thoughtful. Their thought was 'What would this Republic look like?' When they discovered the proposed Australian Republic was merely a change of title of the GG to President, and the existing status quo would rem
  7. While you are caught up in the Covid-19 frenzy, Trudeau is quietly slipping through orders in council, free from any parliament oversight or questioning. On August 15, 2020, Cabinet issued an order that included its expectations that the CRTC amend the terms of a decision it issued in August, 2019, which found that the rates charged by the incumbent major telecom and cable companies (such as Bell Canada, Rogers and Videotron) for internet services for at least the past four years were not "just and reasonable". https://www.newswire.ca/news-releases/vmedia-federal-cabinet-condemns-canadian-fa
  8. Wow- I have just come across this thread … I admit I have not read all of the 50 pages of serious comment interspersed with one-liner bs, but I have made a fair sampling of a random dozen postings. I find the majority opinion seems to be that the Queen herself is irrelevant, and a whole lost of posters thoughts are simply - get rid of the Queen and we become a 'free people' ( err.. no we don't) ! However the title of the thread is The Federal Republic of Canada, which deserves a lot more attention than just Queen bashing. Here's my take. The end of Canada as a constitutional monarchy i
  9. So the cat is out of the bag on Covid-19 at Canada's prisons. Finally the mainstream press has taken notice. In this article the first 2 positive tests at Mission prison are admitted. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/correctional-service-of-canada-says-2-inmates-in-mission-have-covid-19-1.5522366 the total is now 11. Since the start of March PM Trudeau and Safety Minister bill Blair have been pressed to release prisoners to avoid overcrowding and take the inmates out of danger. Many thousands could be out if the categories of non-violent offences, and those within a few mont
  10. Lets steer this thread back to the title of the topic "pipeline protesters need to be jailed". I would say No - they need to be given a background on the issue at hand. The protesters claim that the Wetsuweten hereditary chiefs did not give permission for the natural gas pipeline. The truth is that a year ago, there were 5 hereditary chiefs, they voted 3 to 2 in favour of the pipeline (along with the wetsuweten elected chiefs). Then the 2 'against' hereditary chiefs gathered together some bully boys, and stripped the 3 'in favour' chiefs (all matriachs) of their credentials, on the ba
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