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  1. The Lord's Prayer was said each morning in the public elementary school I went to in Alberta. This changed in Jr High. . We stopped pledging allegiance to the Queen, to the Union Jack as we entered 100 years as a Confederacy, chose to have our own flag in 1965, then to bring out Constitution home in the 1980's. Our WW2 veterans I remember were still loyal to England and did not want to change the flag at all. It has been a process. There was another political stir when President De Gaulle came to our Expo '67, which was our celebration of 100 years of Confederacy and said "Vive le Quebec libre' and stirred up the French Canadian loyalty to France. The WW2 veterans remembered how Quebec did not want to enter the war and this caused a bit of a sore spot. De Gaulle had said, "French Canada is bound to become it s own state" to his aide" All in all it was best to have our own flag as the loyalties were split from the beginning.
  2. I went to elementary school in Alberta in the early sixties. We said a pledge of allegiance to the Union Jack. Sang Oh Canada and God Save the Queen each morning.
  3. I went to elementary school in Alberta through the early sixties and we said the pledge to the Union Jack. This all changed with Confederation.
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