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  1. Respectfully, I think Canada must gradually, over time, disengage from a number of state actors: China, Russia, the United Kingdom & the United States. Why? Because each of them have descended into political chaos - pre-COVID 19. Canada needs dependable and stable diplomatic and economic partners, not despots that refuse to play a rules-based system. I propose Canada elect a Canada First government and begin the process of dis-engagement from these soon-to-be somewhat failed states and forge ties with what will remain of the European Union after COVID 19 has run its course. Seriously, let's give Xi, Putin, Johnson and Trump what they want. They can stay over where they are and we can do our thing in a new arrangement that involves the creation of a trans-Atlantic society that values a rules-based system (applied equally) values objectivity and rationality and above all, science. Let's get ahead of the game in terms of the economic, political & social dislocation/disruption that's soon to emerge and essentially lay waste to the old order - and prepare for the post-carbon world that is about to dawn. We will not be vulnerable: we will possess nuclear weapons and large, land-based armies along with navies and a trans-Atlantic air force. Don't be afraid. With what we've come to in the last two weeks or so (and what is to come ... ) we have nothing to lose. It is time to call the old order's bluff and put an end to the dysfunction of the zeitgeist.
  2. Oi! Now that's something I hadn't considered before ...
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