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  1. I'm going to have to invoke Godwin's law pretty soon. You haven't addressed any of my arguments but you've proven my point: you're just looking for something to hate. You're not a logic or fact oriented person, that much is clear Firearms have nothing to do with the Kinder Morgan pipeline so I don't see the relation. We need a way to fill those government coffers you know. Also: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2574
  2. This is a pretty terrible argument. Things like RRSPs are investment vehicles. Firearms are a hobby in Canada. Unless it's a collector's item no one uses firearm as investment vehicles. Someone spending $15k on a firearm that brings them joy doesn't mean they have money to burn, it just means they choose to spend their money a certain way. Just how some people spend upwards of 30k on nice motorcycles or vehicles doesn't necessarily mean they have money to burn - all it means is that it is how they choose to spend their money. I find it disturbing that you're okay with people losing l
  3. A rifle round may over penetrate and end up in your neighbour's kid - where a pistol round may not. A hunting rifle is also difficult to maneuver in close quarters. In small, confined spaces, where there may be multiple assailants who are armed with CQC weapons (handguns, knives, etc)- not being able to properly utilize your self-defense-weapon(TM) of choice can prove deadly. Cut the demand? There isn't really a demand for many types of firearms because of the uncertainty of Canadian firearm legislation. South of the border is a different story but you'll never see that demand cut. T
  4. That's what the Centrist party is. We're about more freedom. All those things you mentioned, especially massive immigration, are things on our platform. The fact that those "chart and graphs" is something that you dismiss, shows how the PPC is the same as the liberals or conservatives. Even when presented with actual legitimate science and proof, the PPC's horde of koolaid drinkers refuse to acknowledge it. The PPC said they were common sense and fact based - but they aren't. Just like the other parties, they manipulate the data or throw rhetoric to justify their beliefs. That isn't any
  5. They are sure it has a very strong negative impact - how large of a negative impact is the question - but it is absolute certainty that humanity has a huge impact on climate change. As mentioned above, the energy in the atmosphere dictates the temperature. Our GHG are the main cause of the retention of this energy. For everything else you wrote, that's exactly what is said on our website. https://www.centrist.ca/environment
  6. They deny that climate change is man made. Of course the climate is always changing but humans have a huge impact on that. They've also provided 0 information on their "plan" or the direction they intend to take. Most of them have a very poor understanding of what climate change is. I'll break it down: The earth receives energy from the sun through the form of electromagnetic radiation Some of the radiation from the sun is blocked by the earth's magnetic field and composition of the atmosphere (ozone for UV rays, etc) A large portion of the energy that makes it t
  7. 1. Yes it does. 2. This is impossible to answer. 3. I'm beginning to think you're being deliberately obtuse. All you keep mentioning is refugees, despite the fact that you've been corrected multiple times about that. Here are two entire pages that exactly outline the plan: https://www.centrist.ca/environment https://www.centrist.ca/important-issues-climate-change The top of every policy page has bullet points that breakdown the information in to a tl;dr format. Agriculture would be one of the exceptions. When we mention TFW we're referring to things like t
  8. 1. There is a currently point system in places regarding immigration. No need to go in to the intricate details since you can easily find that information online. The bar for immigration in Canada is fairly low. While we generally accept higher quality immigrants than the US, a fair number of our immigrants end up in positions that is "beneath" their level of education or training. Some of these positions don't pay well and/or are unskilled. There is also the temporary foreign worker program. What we would do is increase the requirements for immigration and certain classes of jobs would b
  9. The response is in the very same pages those quotes are from. 1. "The immigration quota needs to be assessed on a yearly basis with an emphasis on economic migrants filling specific positions based on demand." https://www.centrist.ca/immigration 2. "Assess placing tariffs on external products from countries that pollute heavily." "While initiatives like the carbon tax may have merit, Canada is already a relatively green country. The carbon tax doesn't make sense if Canadians are going to keep buying products that originate in countries who seem to not be concerned with env
  10. 1.https://www.centrist.ca/important-issues-self-reliance "Opt out of non-binding United Nations resolutions that do not benefit Canadians". 2. https://www.centrist.ca/immigration "Improve the immigration process and integration so that immigrants are set up for success" "By controlling the type of immigrant that enters Canada, we can ensure that the maximum value is provided to the tax payer and the Canadian economy, while still allowing people to have a better quality of life." 3. https://www.centrist.ca/environment "The Centrist Party of Canada believes that cli
  11. All good points. Many of which we've already included in our platform. "To help transition the oil industry to being more-green, companies could begin to use electrical equipment and machinery. It seems wasteful to use fossil fuel powered machinery to extract fossil fuels. There is no logic in using 3 barrels of oil to extract 5. Of course, transitioning would take time and the right kind of technology needs to emerge. In addition, we still need coal to make products like steel and oil based lubricants are a necessary component for any machinery". Source: https://www.centrist.ca/envi
  12. The purpose of taxes is for the government to collect enough money so that it may function, and provide a number of goods and services to the general public. These goods and services take various forms such as maintenance, upgrades, social services (healthcare) and so forth. A high quality of life demands taxes. Simply stated, these goods and services are dependent on how much money the government can collect. Tax collection, in relation to the country’s population, is based on: 1) Number of working adults; 2) Earnings of these working adults; and 3) Tax rate. If the government
  13. If we gave those sort of answers: 1) Then we would basically be promising the same things as the NDP, Libs, or Tories - why vote for us when those parties already exist? 2) That's exactly what we're trying to change. The point was we recognize the necessity of a well funded military - we are not including *just* because we're "loyal". We think now is the right time to start talking about this. Canadians are getting a rude wake up call with China's encroaching dominion over Canada, the US (Trump at least) showing its true colors regarding our "friendship", and wha
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