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  1. The Canadian Government is planning to waste at least $235 million for a project, The Thirty Meter Telescope, which won't even be built on Canadian soil. The Thirty Meter Telescope most likely will employ few Canadians. To make matters worse, the telescope will be built in Hawaii, USA on land which is both environmentally and religiously sensitive to the indigenous Hawaiians. I hope everybody will protest against the waste of tax money and human rights abuses. Please sign the petition to stop the injustice happening within the USA at the expense of Canadian taxpayers. I am posting a link
  2. I wish more research could be done about using CBD, herbal supplements, homeopathic remedies, and Medical Marijuana as options for treatment of all current and future illnesses. I wish there would be a still larger budget to improve healthcare and medical research. Regardless of who said what or comparing politicians to each other...
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