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  1. Who exactly decides when 2 individuals are equally qualified ? Is it Harvard that has a system with different averages for different groups ? Which genius from the sociology department developed an algorithm to ensure a transparent process is in place ? In the few instances that Artificial Intelligence was used for hiring, Amazon had one, it was shut down quickly when the results were not politically correct. Here is an idea, sensitivity classes for the Artificial Intelligence. Martin Luther said that humanity is like a man mounting a horse who always tends to fall off on the other
  2. The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities. - Ayn Rand. Affirmative action requires discrimation against the individual just because he/she is part of a certain group (not by choice). It is also an insult to minorities and women that worked hard to succeed. It is too much currency in circulation, in this case too many "universities". How can you call yourself a math student when majorities of schools allow you in with a 60% functions/calculus mark ? I am not trying to put people down but everyone is u
  3. Actually they don't some of them, as you can see in this case you made a conclusion based on your view. If you read carefully you will realize I said I don't struggle with this idea of racism. I do recognize tribal tendencies but for this individual they are irrelevant. The brief couple of seconds of automatic pre-judging other individuals go away quite quickly when the other person is doing the right thing and are a productive member of society. See ? Cites don't really explain things.
  4. Where did I say that I am free of racism ? I said that I don't struggle with this idea of "racism" meaning that I am fully aware we have ingrained in us tribalism. I don't go around and lecture everyone else about this, what I do, I challenge my energy to focus on my interactions at the individual basis based on someone's character and moral compass. Funny thing happens when I do that, whatever pre-judgment I had goes away. I have experienced what you call racism and discrimination as well because of my English when I first came into Canada, landed straight to Grade 7. Is so poetic becau
  5. No conspiracy, just my observations as I go through life, one by one, when it comes to work productivity and merit being replaced by other variables. Different standards for different groups. Stepping on individual rights is something that I am vehemently against. Mediocrity subscribers hate the idea of a strong individual, that's why words like privilege are thrown around to paint everyone with the same brush. I worked hard for every penny that I have made and I did not take it from anyone. So play that tune somewhere else. I understand some of you do struggle with racism and your maki
  6. Yes, I am sure everyone wakes up one day and wants to be an extremist. It is a process that starts when masses feel afraid and they gravitate to whichever criminal group promises them safety. Study the case of Germany before WW2 and after WW1, you think the average German citizen woke up one day and said: I will become an extremist to fight the terrible economics that the country is in ? Of course not, but when that starts impacting your family and your basic needs EVERYONE (including you Michael) has it in them to become what you call an extremist. Unfortunately, as a result of this
  7. A huge void of a thoughtful alternative is what is needed for the average tax payer. The hypocrisy of conservatives and the identity politics of the liberals is off the rails. A strong libertarian movement is needed in this country to tell people like yourself that you only speak for yourself and you have no legitimacy to advise people what is right and wrong. Harper & Scheer, first one in my opinion damaged the idea of a neutral Canada in the world and the second one forgot he had a dual citenzship. This is who your party is and you are surprised why both the left and the
  8. The last conservative PM hid in a cupboard: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/oct/24/canadian-pm-stephen-harper-ottawa-shooting The last conservative candidate had dual american citizen: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/scheer-has-american-citizenship-1.5307986 A patriot, in my opinion is someone that respects the place that he is in. It does not matter if you are a conservative or not. Lots of classical liberals or libertarians have more decency than the two above and their followers in my view. Less hypocrtical I might add.
  9. Fascism, communism all fall into this definition. Group thinking that leads to hysteria and extremism from both sides. Once the individual right of people are put second for "a greater good" the road in my opinion leads to hell.
  10. Who knows, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz or Isaac Newton's material might be soon declared unfit to be taught. Is their privilige that made then invent calculus and derivates amongst other things. Maybe we can start a debate about that and analyze it how we can make people comfortable ? Is shocking what some of these communists have done in one generation. The level of suspicion between the masses, turning family against family, going after traditions and customs, it is a game that has been played for hundreds and hundreds of years and one big sign of it is the attack on people with
  11. CNN's way of saying Happy Independence Day:
  12. On my end it shows like the image can not display properly, most likely a corrupt source, it does now show a plain circle like the other users that have no picture.
  13. Mr. Moonbox sir, this is my first time joining a political forum of this type, I find it extremely useful to come here a few minutes every hour to distract my mind from the stress of work, so yes I agree it has no substance. But big things have small beginnings, you have people here being on this forum for years, is like showing up to the gym and everyone else has a head start. I tried taking an elective class in university one time, some low grade politics/sociology class I don't even remember what it was. I quit after 2 classes, do you think I have time coming back from a calculus class
  14. That's fine, every individual can make their own case. I am not into changing people to see the world the way I see it, that's arrogance. Do you think is normal for someone in the first sentence to mention "alt right" ? What does the alt right have to do with my perception about this topic ? Every time someone disagrees with these enlightened individuals take a look at how fast the accusations fly. So don't accuse me to use silly rhetoric, some people deserve it and as a citizen/tax payer I can say whatever I want to say. You can use all the big words you want, talk non-endless polic
  15. My thesis is that there are individuals that even when Rome was burning they were still emerged in non-ending hypocrisy and they could not understand how come the world was crumbling around them ? These individuals consider themselves morally superior, well educated, sometimes by privilege, you always tend to find them talking about policy & objective evidence that is as long as the financial stability in their bank account is safe. Furthermore, due to these individuals naivety masses of not so intelligent people of all races are threatening law and order in North America. My pr
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