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  1. Topic of discussion: where did the government failed its citizens in regards to housing in the big cities ? I work and live downtown in one of the big cities in Canada, very lucky to work from home and to not have my financial situation affected that much but started thinking why the rents are so high and so many people will not be able to pay if they don't have savings. I was talking to a friend and he was telling me the one of the reasons the rents are high everywhere is because foreign investors (mostly from China) buy condo buildings and then leave them empty as an investment and
  2. I am not sure which cult is more dangerous, the Trump cult or the Never Trump cult ?. How can a man be wrong 100 % of the time ? He does some terrible things and some good things, you people are fanatics no matter what Trump says he is wrong, your no different than the Trump sheep with the MAGA hat. Politicians and the intelligence community are like a symbiotic relationship, they both need each other to survive, is very unlikely a politician will go against national security warnings from his or her intelligence community. The initial reaction from Macron, Trump, Trudeau, Boris Johnson a
  3. @Moonlight Graham Oh Ok ? You have sources inside CSIS or the CIA ? Why do people react always to defend the CIA and these intelligence companies ? they are humans and they make mistakes and this is a big one.
  4. This topic is to discuss where did the western intelligence agencies failed in regards to the coronavirus pandemic ? Nancy Pelosi said "Come to China Town" and Donald Trump said "It is a democrat hoax". In 1 week both of them were talking about how to shut down the country. Do you blame the coronavirus spread on the western intelligence services ?
  5. The biggest failure I think of this coronavirus thing is the failure of the western intelligence service. All the puppets (politicians) came out and they said is nothing, is just a flu because that's the information they had. When they realize what this virus really is they changed course. I really would not blame Trudeau, I would look at the leadership of CSIS.
  6. So ? there is no proof ? where is the proof ? In my humble opinion there should be mandatory prison sentences for people that make up stuff or spread it. 10 years minimum prison sentence for spreading false information.
  7. It is the first time I actually spent some time on the rebel media website. I have to tell you, the media truly is becoming a threat to the society. I mean if you go to a movie theatre and you scream fire and a bunch of people start running and it turns out it is no fire ? a brainwashing and division tool, just take a look at who owns Rebel Media, I am sure his parents and grandparents are first generation Canadians that fought in WW1 and WW2 (irony for people with low IQ that don't get it). Instead of the country coming together and heal people still use fears and hate to make some money
  8. I agree with you, the rebel media is a reaction to this garbage but does that make them moral and right ? no, they are doing propaganda on the other side of the coin, at least the left says who they are, on the right I find bigger hypocrites. Politics is a game of the mind, who can brainwash better, I think the key to be truly free is to not be part of the sheep (left or right). There are good and bad things in both spectrums.
  9. Politics is like physics. The left became so crazy, just look at the students in the universities, Karl Marx would be proud and now the reaction from the right: Alex Jones, Rebel Media, Breitbart. If you want to see if you are normal, as long as you are not in those 2 camps you are good
  10. I am very curious to find out who he will pick as a VP. That person will be the actual president if he wins. I think the establishment democrats are so far gone that they will not realize that politically the smart thing to do is to place someone progressive to attract the Bernie voters. Regardless, these Bernie voters remind me of the stories of the communist mobs my father used to tell me stories about in Eastern Europe, they are so radical they will not vote with someone like Joe. So 4 more years of the Donald :)
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