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  1. Chaz summer of love is over: Police say two people have died since activists first took control of the zone in early June, and multiple overdoses, assaults, and instances of vandalism have been reported.
  2. Is that the individuals that run around toppling WW1 & WW2 statues and burn police cars ? Btw here is evidence of propaganda in the left wing media. They did not say 1 word about social distancing when the protests were happening, but when Trump had that freak show rally with him talking about bending over, every single media outlet was pointing the finger = SOCIAL DISTANCING, MSNBC had even experts to debate the risk of this event. But sure, you want concrete evidence, you want to hear the head of the media outlets conspiring in a back room somewhere. You keep waiting for that e
  3. George Soros did it, now Bill Gates will come with the vaccine that has a cip to control human kind. Alex Jones is still streaming ?
  4. Happy Canada day to everyone including communists!!
  5. That's propaganda that the right wing media is using to give people like yourself a reason to blame outsiders. That's how they make their money. Same as the left makes its money on illegal immigrants. I know a direct contact that works closely with asylum seekers, he is a left wing fanatic and he laughs every time he hears that the liberals are for immigration. That is what people like yourself are saying hipped up by ultra nationalistic sentiments. The immigration in Canada is strict, some might argue even stricter than the USA. Sure, they show you pictures from the border, we ar
  6. It's not strange at all, as an old Jewish saying states from the Talmud: "To each his own path", it might be for you because the way you are lecturing everyone about transfobia & racism it smells more and more that yourself are struggling with this. Do you feel uncomfortable with these kind of issues and by you pretending to be intellectual superior and going into a deep debate for these crucial existential issues is a way to make up for those feelings ? What a world we live in man the Russians do have a point when they say our western culture is going into the toilet. Do you imagine
  7. Yes, but who determines what is blatant misinformation ? I mean blatant misinformation was the story that went around about Jussie Smollet for days and days, is it ok when CNN does it right ? but when others on the other aisle do it, is not ok. My argument is that is the same coin, but different side. Limited exposure of the mind to people that want to control it is the key to freedom.
  8. You have to give it to @Argus, I don't agree with half of what he is saying but makes you think with arguments about his position. As Marcus Aurelius said it: "Stand straight, don't be held straight". Your excessive tribalism though makes you loose opportunities to co-operate with individuals that have different backgrounds but respect and contribute through hard work to this great country. I know people from the Middle East that pay more taxes than the white students defacing statues in the streets. As a conclusion after reading people defending the status quo in the media and twi
  9. And who decides what "stupid, ignorant crap" is ? You ? The government ? Mark Zuckerberg ? Fox News is the mirror image of CNN and MSNBC. Lately with the identity politics propaganda on MSNBC and CNN went off the rails. Is funny to watch the true privileged people in these organizations dividing poor whites and minorities so they can hold on to their power. And you are buying it. So are the Rebel Media supporters so let us not pretend that one side is more superior than the other.
  10. Yes there was but then the media learned that they can make more money on separating the masses and telling each side with selective reporting what they want to hear. From my point of view the media should be a calling, not profit but I understand that is being naive. As a result of this you have friends and families not speaking to each other. The environment created has little tolerance even for neutrality. Each side wants you ! Majority of the media is state in state, is proof again that human beings, no matter how good intended they are once they get power abuse happens, but sure
  11. We have to analyze how come this individual reached this certain point of anger and unwilling to reason. It goes back to the responsibility of the media , the horrible video of the criminal cop was playing non stop at every TV station. I walked into a pizza shop to get some wings, there it was and everyone watching, the subway messages and videos, there it was. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Combine that with unemployment and the lock down, it is a recipe of disaster. It all goes back to simple economics. It is a huge demand to find racists however the supply it is not coming throu
  12. These are the kind of fanatics that Trotsky brainwashed to send them to churches, synagogues and places of worship to tell them: Priest, Rabbi time to close down, we are living in a new enlightenment world.
  13. I think you are most likely using a personal experience and are generalizing. For me I found listening, but really listening and asking questions even if part of me just wanted to move on was the key and it happens that I met someone great for sometime now. In order to survive you need to adapt to the times, is not like in the old days when someone used to look at loud men. A couple of months ago I offered a woman a seat on the TTC, she gave me a look and said "What is wrong with me standing?". I did not get upset 1 bit because yes, she is an individual that can do whatever she
  14. Yes, I know, don't confuse me with some individuals that always say is about the investors and corporations. As far as I am concerned the media should have a moral duty to society and to benefit the individual. The media follows the same pattern as the universities, in their pursuit for some good causes they allowed mediocrity to creep in, if the brain does not have the capacity to learn let's say physics or maybe you are not good hands on in the trades ... What do you do ? You go to university on your parents money taking statues down in the name of diversity after which you get a job as
  15. Yes, I agree but please don't tell me the alternative sources are were the truth is. Rebel Media and Breitbart have the truth ? Please. Mediocrity and propaganda attracts mediocrity and propaganda. The division is out of control, family vs family. To use an analogy: There has to be legal consequences for screaming fire in a crowded movie theatre. I would not be surprised if some of these alternatives are lead by the same figures from the mainstream. Kind of playing the roulette: you put on red and black chances is you will win both ways. Their problem is that there is a green 0 number o
  16. Immigration is not an issue here. The immigration system in Canada is just good marketing as a friend of mine put it. This concept that Canada is open to all is a myth, sure there are pictures from the border welcoming people but behind the scenes it is harder sometimes to come and stay in Canada than the US. Trump uses his marketing for his base as well to say the opposite. Instead of focusing on poor immigrants working minimum wage in the big cities the question should be how come the government allows priority to foreign investors to own property than a tax payer individual and on
  17. How about mutual respect & listening skills?
  18. Websites like Rebel Media & Breitbart are using a microscope and focusing only on issues that plays well with the far right narrative. It uses a microscope to amplify issues x 100 in the minority/immigrant community. It is no different than what CNN & MSNBC are doing on the other side putting a microscope on the white middle american. Both sides take away the rational thinking of the human being by repetition. If you study cults you will realize one of the first things that they do is repeat, repeat, repeat a message until eventually you become that message. People always need to
  19. What do you mean the scale is tipped to the women's side ?
  20. This is in every sector, last year there was a democratic senator all the time she was talking about racism there racism here, how the US is racist, and she got caught with a picture with the SS symbol: https://californiaglobe.com/section-2/photos-revealed-of-rep-katie-hill-naked-with-nazi-era-tattoo-smoking-a-bong/
  21. You go to every neighborhood in this country, and you start knocking on doors, you will always find good people and a-holes. The left's/social activists conservatives obsession to focus on one group's a-holes (white racists) is what is causing this problem. In your pursuit for justice you turn a lot of good people into a-holes. Everywhere you go these people just keep talking and talking, work, public places even your own family. After millions of years of evolution and the progress that we have made instead of focusing our energy on productivity and advancement. When you set a goal
  22. Life is like a mathematical equation that always, in the end balances itself out. Sometimes the numbers might be different on the right side or left side but always we reach a restart point, point 0 (2+2)*3 = (1 + 2)*4 This has helped me a lot to maintain my neutrality, no need for my input. The criminal racist treatment of minorities in Israel always attracts other criminals to criticize like this Rebel Media reporter, both sides creating a ripple effect and conflict arises. And this goes back in history for all human kind. Same with engaging in criminal activities,
  23. A lot are just kept vacant with no renters. Is not only foreigners, lots of older generations buy it and they leave it empty. Not to mention the airbnb units. We need to look into issues like this because this is gasoline for socialists and they have a point to an extent. Someone that paid taxes all their life in this country should have priority to housing if they work full time and are productive members of society. In 5-10 years I will be selling mine and will move to the suburbs. Maybe downtown was never intended for full time housing.
  24. Who tells the truth, Rebel Media ? That's the same answer someone will give you on the other side for MSNBC. They are laughing at how easy it is to make money on division. You think the investors or whoever is running Rebel Media cares about the average Canadian ? This is not the same media from 80, 90's. Is called a propaganda machine that steps on individual rights by caving to group mobs. For me if I ever talk like I found the truth somewhere, in one place, I am in trouble, it is a sign that I have to keep searching as the truth is in the journey not in the destination.
  25. Ceausescu used to say when he was going to the work sites: Work comrades, we are in socialism our goal is to reach communism !
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