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  1. When I hear people talking about socialism is like someone that is an alcoholic talking about drinking moderately but we all know where it ends up at the end because is never enough. How can you be a fiscal conservative and agree with this ? 4 days work week you hear this, which lazy professor came up with this idea ? I guess the new generation needs more free time to go out and take statues down.
  2. The mob rule/group thinking always leads to a dictator because each individual is unique and is hard to maintain the structure of it unless force is used. Democracy and capitalism allows for the individual to focus on himself and that's why is a success for millions of people.
  3. Oh please, two different sides of the same coin. A propaganda machine to brainwash a different sector of the population and making money on division We are just markets to 99% in the press, they don't care one bit about the individual out there, they want people to be angry at each other so they can sell their paper because people in fear will always run to where is comfortable. Not sure when and what happened with the media but try watching some news reports from 90's and 80's and then turn on CNN and MSNBC or Fox on the other side. You will see the contrast.
  4. You are the kind of person always looking for the alternative however as Old Churchill says it: ‘Many forms of Government have been tried, and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.". There is no alternative, only communism and fascism under the rule of a group mob. We have to learn to be content with what we have and better ourselves first.
  5. and people call me paranoid when I talk about marxists and communists. @eyeball Hopefully that picture is not some fake news from the right, what is the source ?
  6. I think the chart is real, I know people that never watched politics, intelligent people that you would think they know what critical thinking is that jumped on the revolution trend. We have a saying back home "You change the people with the TV". When you have 24/7 a video running of the criminal cop, repetition is the key to brainwash and make the sheep think one way. The details became irrelevant that the two knew each other and they had run-ins before. Emotion is the tool to divide individuals so you can maintain power but it only works as long as the finances are somewhat stable
  7. Yes, I agree to the unwilling part, instead of engaging in a conversation with older people and letting them know "Is ok, the world is changing, but it will be ok, here is my position" and you have to say it with an understanding that they come from a different time. I do this with my father all the time and I have noticed during the years by listening and putting seeds in his head he became more open minded and accepting to different issues. That's how you approach a human being, if you step on all his life because you recieve enlightenment in the social study class what do you think they are
  8. You think China created the virus to get back at Trump or he was referring at someone else ? Don't you realize that is the same as the left saying that there are armies of white supremacists at the gates. Sometimes, It is so easy to point at someone's flaws according to us, I just did it with MH, I am flawed :D, but it is very hard to look in the mirror.
  9. Hey listen, with respect, don't tell me what I think and I don't think, I understand in this society you are not allowed to make a harmless joke anymore if it is not approved by the PC police. Did I say that all pink hair people are dumb ? Of course there are exceptions of pink hair individuals that end up as good as Enstein, I was just using a personal example that I know. I told you, I am not a hypocrite I admit I am flawed. Second of all, it does not make you smart or enlightened for joining your revolutionary friends to suppress thought, as soon as your finances will take a harder hit
  10. The more I look at this issue it always goes back to the universities. When I received my degree, things were not that bad back then, the social sciences classes were not that big as they are now, the activism was not as blatant. You could walk around campus and exchange ideas with people. Because the universities learnt that they can make good money on stupidity they started advertising to everyone the dream of going for higher learning. As a result of this you had individuals that scored 50-60 % in high school making it to university. Masses to be brainwashed by professors that never pr
  11. Is too late for that, once you give the extremists on both sides one finger they take the whole hand. As a matter of fact traditional conservatives like yourself along with traditional liberals are mostly to blame for what is happening. You are a conservative committed to social justice ? You better keep the first part quiet when you are in public, this is the environment that all you do gooders created. It might not affect you that much actually, you run in your circles however is people like yourself that have a part in taking away the average individual's ability to speak his mind
  12. Try watching the speeches of JFK, LBJ and even Nixon. Right away after turn on a segment of Trump's last night speech. I am trying to understand what happened to society ? Don't get me wrong, I rather him than to listen to the hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi and Schumer however the level of discussion, him talking on the stage about bending over and demonstrating it, sometimes I don't know what is it that made us to watch such stupidity ? or when you have individuals like the Kardashians being the role models in society. This is the world we live in
  13. Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь! Workers of the world, unite! Is this the new ideology you are talking about ? Let's not beat around the bush, in capitalism there are winners and losers, that's how the game is being played and I am well aware of it, who knows, maybe tomorrow it will be me losing or not. The key is to always stay focused on producing and having a purpose. The anarchists are individuals that are not willing to adapt to society's demands, society moves fast if you are not quick to adapt you will be left behind. So how do you deal with that ? You go in the streets espec
  14. In revolutionary times is common for the members to turn on each other. Just look at the French Revolution. All they needed is: J'Accuse J'Accuse.
  15. Once we erase the past we have no way to measure progress since there is no initial point. What is happening today is not about justice, is about an attempt to change the status quo which a lot in the middle class will not stand for, in my opinion
  16. In my opinion, It is very sad to see individuals that are struggling economically, addicts and idealists having their emotions used by these no roots marxists. These individuals time and time again divide the masses thinking that this will bring the collapse of the system in order to achieve an utopia. Chasing this insanity time and time in history this philosophy made more victims than religion ever came close to. Then, also time and time as physics teaches us an equal reaction abomination arises. We can see it through fascism and ultra nationalism. I am debating in my head who is it, th
  17. I listen to everyone especially to the people engarge of the masses on the communist side and fear mongering right. As an individual I have to listen to what the sheep are up to. Is a self defensive mechanism. Someone in my position does not have the ability to join one side and be comfortable, I always have to watch the political spectrum to see where it stands. I do not underestimate the power of groups and irrational thinking, just look at their track history, from communist atheists to religious fanatics, this is where it ends up.
  18. No, is a right, earned by MERIT for some of us, you are generalizing based on what Limbaugh tells you. He shows you a few pictures of some caravans and your reaction is all immigrants are coming to get my job. They make the millions and you stay angry.
  19. I understand Michael Savage and Limbaugh in between his cigar breaks tells you daily that all immigrants are coming to Canada and USA for economic reasons and to milk the system but you will be surprised when you move aside the propaganda curtain what you will find. As an individual I have the right to go wherever I want as long as I go through a process, and yes I agree with strict visa requirements, it should be based on MERIT not on lottery immigration. If tomorrow I decide to move to the USA, I will have the same attitude as I am having now, which is respect the place that I am livin
  20. What are you talking about ? A patriot and a good citizen is someone that contribues and respect the house that he currently lives in. Just take a look at the natural born citizens on this forum that are saluting Trump. What this have to do with Canada ? I can start debating regarding the circumstances of someone moving houses, it is so complex but I find it irrelevant. Who cares how someone got somewhere as long as he is part of society and makes a contribution ? I don't even know why I waste my time responding to someone that just assumes all natural born citizens are patriot
  21. Your point? The country is like a house, individuals can move houses all the time if proper steps are done by both sides and is mutual understanding. I think a patriot is someone that respects the place that he lives currently in. Individuals can be born in a nice house and their contribution can be ZERO. That or they vote for the dream team Bush & Cheney
  22. I think every individual should go through a visa and vetting process before coming to Canada, yes but this is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the cycle of action and reaction based on "other cultures". I have an uncle back home that talks exactly the same as you, "everything romanian is good, no more immigrants, bla bla" . Every country has people like this. However, Look around Canada today, either you have communists that hate the country or you have right wingers that are more loyal to Trump than to their own country. Immigration sometimes is an investment. Lo
  23. I am so sick of my tribalism and I am not a white liberal, if you say the word romanian in Western Europe everyone says thieves and robbers. Do I blame people that say that in anger ? Not really because I know a lot of Romanians go there and they do that but why should I be responsible because the majority of my community that go there are thieves ? You are stepping on my individual right. Collective punishment/judgement does not work unless you are a communist or a fascist.
  24. On behalf of all of us that see "things through their own moral lens" , is there anything we can do to make you feel comfortable ? We are sorry that we are trying to pass our experiences and views about life that helped many individuals to have a decent life. I have seen it all, as an immigrant, and I can smell a propagandist when I see him, and it stinks in here, in my estimation. Let me leave you with this poem too, in my estimation this applies to all of you that achieved success with not that much struggle that sit there on their high horse looking down at the little people thinking
  25. @Rue Charles was not referring to your responses content he was referring to the quote's lengths. I got a warning too about that, he just wants us to trim the quote before responding so is easier to read.
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