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  1. @Argus Your frame of thinking is no different than these leftists that put people in groups. Once you jump on the road of group thinking you are stepping on individuals that have nothing to do with your analysis about "other cultures". Those individuals in turn will start resenting and might turn to their tribalism to respond. It is a never ending cycle that gets us nowhere.
  2. The funniest videos on you tube are of Anarchists arguing with BLM protesters in the "Free Republic". At one point one BLM leader turned to them and said they were boozing all the time :))))) I think we should follow the money, is not expensive to hire anti fa it seems, a case of whiskey would do.
  3. I think a lot of police officers will stop caring and the crime rate will go up. These police officers have families too, their job is stressful enough, do you think the average cop will risk enforcing the law to the full extent knowing that some member of the stasi might be around the corner with a camera ? This is what happens when unions are allowed to run things, like the police union, that rotten cop in the States should have been fired a long time ago if it wasn't for incompetence and stupidity. Because of that now society is affected with stupidity from the other side, low intelle
  4. I don't even need coffee this morning, I just read the below: Something tells me the police and the intelligence community are staying back and gathering information. When the protests calm down, in my estimation some raids and arrests will happen based on that information, the system is well designed, the USA won't go down because of some communist agitators.
  5. I already said to you I agree with this. Now I want to know exactly what do you propose to fight against systemic racism however at the same time ensuring not going all the way to the affirmative action sphere. Although the more I think about it, there should be affirmative action for some jobs, policing for example. I will love to hear this from someone affected by systemic racism, a real life scenario so I can understand where the other person is coming from. Where exactly is the issue ? Hiring ? Training ? The attitude of the people around ? What exactly needs to be done so everyone
  6. So who exactly decides what learning is ? Who has the absolute truth ?
  7. The only difference is, I am 1 step ahead, I recognize my BIAS and my self defense mechanism, is based on family trauma and if you get offended because of that comparison, I will like to add that those communist mass murders in history, all of them, got their power from idealists like yourself. Lots of sharks in the world that can't wait to feed on your views to get power and commit atrocities.
  8. Sometimes it matters at what speed the train of progress goes by. Too much speed and the disregard of your fellow passengers might cause the train to derail. There has to be a balance to every movement of change in a society. To deny that, is called arrogance.
  9. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Both sides think they are right in what they believe, before it was: I am right you are wrong, now is I am good you are evil. You have families not talking to each other over politics, I am dealing with something similar right now. Different sides are using the agitation that is happening in the world to push their political point and combine that with the COVID lock down it is a perfect recipe for chaos. We will all be okay as long as we don't choose a side, history is full of fanatics fighting each other. Sometimes is better to grab
  10. So what is the solution ? Maybe you should start by not allowing your anger and BIAS cloud your rational thinking. Are you saying that every conservative and right winger is an asshole ? Let's skip over the non sense talk, what exactly you, eyeball will like society to do to address this problem, except "assholes conservatives" ?
  11. Let me bring up another person's origins, one wise Jewish person once told me: Politics is like we are blind in a room and there is a statue there, some people touch the top, some the middle and the rest the bottom. The key is to talk to each other to get that full picture of the statue. We often make the mistake, I do too, we only touch one section and think we have the full picture. That is incorrect and is fanaticism. Is nothing wrong, in my opinion, to change your mind as you go in life, is the process of learning.
  12. No, I am just open minded, I know people from different backgrounds, you should try it too, it might change your mind about a lot of topics.
  13. Here is the game: Either you are an idealist or a propagandist. I tend to believe you are an idealist which makes you a perfect propagandist. That video posted is no different than the pictures posted above. It has a better marketing that is true, the "racism" racket can afford it. How does all this help the individual in society to get up in the morning and be successful ? What exactly are you proposing to fix this issue of "systemic racism", because pointing at a problem does not fix the actual problem.
  14. What can I say, I accept my humanity, I am flawed, nothing wrong to set up goals like Non-partisan however I do have my moments when I see communists or people that love the USA more than this beautiful place that is Canada. This country with its flaws, is a dream come true, some of you don't realize it because you take it for granted. You need a trip to some places in the world and then when you will come back you will start kissing the ground.
  15. When I was younger the soccer fans in Europe used to post a banner for the local team when they were not doing well: "Players come and go, management comes and goes, our love for the team stays the same". I don't find it patriotic to start bashing the country itself because of the management which according to you. is bad. The management will change, what if at the next elections your favorite wins the PM, let's say Maxime Bernier, you probably like him, will you come after and say Canada is great now ?
  16. When you love a foreign leader more than you love your own country, that is not patriotism, in my opinion :). Trump is the leader of the USA and is looking for the interests of the USA, I might even agree with some things he is doing if I was in the States. But I am in Canada, do you honestly think Trump cares about the average Canadian ?
  17. I posted this in a different topic, but I think it belongs here better. Just describing my individual experiences, does not make it right or wrong: 2 days ago, at 6 am in the morning (Eastern Time) I got a text from my sister that lives and works in a western capital city in Europe. The text was not to say hello, it was just to let me know that her company is taking serious steps to fight against racism and just wanted to remind me how lucky and privileged "we" are and "we should evaluate ourselves". This is from a person that rarely talks politics but started watching the news daily i
  18. Well I live in Toronto for several years now, could have easily drove or train for 5 hours to Montreal, I think it will be great to catch up on national tourism. I think Newfoundland might be an excellent choice, a quiet place to stay away from the city life.
  19. Is it true that in some areas of Quebec if you speak English you might not get serviced for food or that is just anti-Quebecois propaganda ? I am ashamed to say I have never been to Quebec.
  20. I was not talking about here, I don't care what people say here, nobody's reputation gets tarnished. On the contrary I think is great through an anonymous board people can say what is on their mind. I am talking about a real life scenario where just an accusation can affect your reputation that you worked hard for.
  21. We need to change ourselves first, to stop being manipulated from left and right. Every single group is trying to use different material in regards to this tragedy to get followers. The police unions in the USA are borderline criminal. If they were transparent and fair the cop should have been put in civilian life a long time ago. Majority of cops are great and fair, you have bad apples in every profession however because the unions were not doing their jobs look what happened from incompetence and corruption. Here is a radical idea in a joking way, abolish every union and let people mak
  22. How can you say that ? And you served in the armed forces ? In other words you hate your own country ? The good and the bad, it is still your country. Does not look good, when someone like me, an immigrant and then citizen has more loyalty towards Canada than yourself.
  23. Just imagine the Leafs winning the Cup this year with no fans :)
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