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  1. Biden pledged to pick a woman as his running mate for the democratic ticket. Amy Klobuchar - could help Biden with support in the MidWest. Kamala Harris - aggressive in her debates however she does have a bad record with criminal convictions while she was a prosecutor which a lot of progressives disagree with. Elizabeth Warren - could help Biden with progressive support. Stacey Abrams - lack of executive experience however Abrams managed to get 40 % more african american voters to the polls for the Georgia election. Other - Any surprises ? Hillary Clinton ?
  2. You think the rebel media has the truth ? or Breitbart ? Let me give you a hint the moment you say I believe 100 % this is the truth you are no longer free, you gave your mind to be brainwashed by something or someone as the truth is a little bit in everything. Freedom is in the search not in the perceived destination. I believe people like yourself should be allowed to say their opinion because extremism is born when people are shut down and isolated because of the kind of stuff that you wrote. If it makes you feel good to blame Soros, globalists, aliens, the kabala, The Pope so be it as
  3. Hell is a place with no reason and you just took me to hell with what I read. We are all brainwashed one way or another, some of us realize it, some of us don't and become arrogant thinking we have the whole truth.
  4. The man was in handcuffs, 3 other big cops around him and the cop was being filmed on his every movie. That did not stop the cop from acting the way he did. It gets to show you the level of intellect of some in the police force. Is pure incompetence and stupidity. You have one person dead for a 20$ fake bill, the cop not only that he ruined his life, now cops around the country, their job got twice as hard as before and you have a society in chaos. When you put that uniform on, is not about you and your challenges, is something bigger than yourself, if you can't control your anger maybe i
  5. It does not matter if he was resisting, no human being should be treated the way he was, for a 20$ fake bill. Why is there a discussion over this ? It is criminal and the cop should be punished to the full extent of the law. Is not Floyd's fault that his memory is being tarnished by people to loot and anarchist communists to throw Molotov cocktails at the police.
  6. She will be fighting for "justice" in the next 10 years from a cold place in a dark room in New York State Prison:
  7. Now is all group thinking, the media provides the trigger and the groups act on emotion. When people have no purpose and no goal in life when a social event like this happens they feel useful,. I mean just take a look at the people committing the looting, is all races, anarchists, communists, people that don't have a good social status and they want to change the system upside down instead of going to work and providing a service to their fellow man. RACISM in Toronto ? Toronto ? Are you kidding me ? The chief is not even allowed to speak because the SIU does not allow him. I feel fo
  8. I sometimes sit and think and ask myself how did this angertainment came about to be. Is it the media companies that are forgetting their moral purpose of non-bias information providers or is it us, the people that became angrier and the media simply adapted to our needs ? Who started all this ? Because I can tell you there are some days when regardless how much I read and how open minded I am, there are some days when emotion takes over and I want to join a sheep movement as well. It is easier and softer to be part of a mob but that is precisely what causes division. At the end is
  9. Where do you get your information from ? I thought Alex Jones is off the air.
  10. It does not look like a documentary, just individuals that are considered role models in their own community. They make millions of dollars talking about violence, shootings, drug deals on the back of poor people and young kids that have no direction in life. The kids go to prison or end up in the ground and they get rich. Take a look at what is trending on you tube in the rap music section and rarely you notice a video talking about something positive or constructive. It is very uncomfortable and takes critical thinking skills to talk about this aspect. Is easier to say "white supr
  11. Coming to a protest and screaming at United States service members while wearing a British flag (see picture). I am just curious to hear this please, maybe I am not too enlightened to understand. Explain this logic, why is it when a criminal cop does a heinous act we are told there is a problem with the whole police force however when criminal looters burn cities down we are told is racist to point that out and we should shut our mouth ? Or when civilians throw Molotov cocktails at police: https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2020/05/31/molotov-cocktail-brooklyn-ny/ . All you intellectuals
  12. There are a lot of opportunists in these agitated times. There was a protest today in Toronto: https://globalnews.ca/news/7006524/regis-korchinski-paquet-justiceforregis-march-toronto/ The amount of misinformation regarding this case is out of control. Twitter needs to be held accountable for what they are allowing to be posted. There has to be consequences for people that scream fire in a crowded theater and is determined to be a false alarm. You have thousand of people marching towards the police station and the chief is not even allowed to speak regarding this case due to an inve
  13. Breaking: Military puts police units on alert for possible deployment to Minnesota for protests.
  14. Why are you blaming Trudeau ? Blame CSIS. Every politician sits down with his intelligence agencies, gets the information and then sings like a parrot. A lot of people are blaming the political class, but how about the intelligence agencies, who holds them responsible ?
  15. Politicians come and go, your hatred for one individual should not blind your love for your country. This is the house that we live in all together, Canada. Is easy to sit in a chair and criticize Trudeau. History will judge him if he made the right calls or not, is too early to tell.
  16. Why do you show such disrespect towards the medical students that are just frustrated with the status quo.
  17. PATRIOTISM: the quality of being patriotic; devotion to and vigorous support for one's country. I thought that is regardless of who is leading. It looks to me your dislike of Trudeau outweighs the love for your/our country. In some circles they might call you a traitor for loving the USA more than your nation.
  18. 1. My apologies, I thought you were referring to my original post, regarding your response to InfidelDog. 2. My main point was how the media used the tragedy in Minneapolis to amplify the park case for a political agenda. They tone it down now that the full story is out and it was not what it seemed. I see nothing wrong to point out propaganda when you see it, to use a human being's death to push your identity politics. What benefit does that bring to the individual in the minority community ? To repeat 24/7 non stop that the reason that he/she can not succeed is because of "a racist soci
  19. That number 6 point really showed how easy you can fall victim to emotion based thinking as well. You read what you wanted to read and turned it for your agenda. I was talking about the woman in the park, not the murder which is heartbreaking and criminal. This is exactly what I am talking about, you never know who might twist your words and destroy your reputation, only takes 1 post, 1 click and 1 out of context text. No different than the french revolutionaries J'accuse!!!!
  20. 2. What are you talking about ? Who agrees with the cop ? So you are basically assuming that by me making that statement i am saying that poor people should accept what happened. First of all I was talking about the media dividing people, not the specific first story, I stated 3 times here that the cop is a murderer. 3. Again you are trying to tie me in with the first story, it does not affect me because people get upset only if the fact is true, I was talking about the system/media that is dividing people and giving excuses for failures. The alternative ? Work hard, start from the bottom
  21. Please elaborate, some of us work 12-15 hours/day and come here to distract our minds for a few minutes at a time and don't have time to dissect your one-two liners. If you were one of my clients I would make an effort to understand what you meant. I have an idea but I rather not speculate. In 2020 any individual regardless of color if he or she is willing to work hard and be a responsible member of society opportunities always arise. Blaming something or someone for an individual failures is just a defense mechanism to explain them. If there is a privileged system, CNN, MSNBC, FOX N
  22. I would love to know her political leanings, because lots of people on the left, I hate to generalize and put people in groups but I will say it: white elitists females, that created this system for collective punishment (racist this, racist that, political correctness) and once in a while they get bitten by the same system that they created. This is the people that lecture you for being a racist meanwhile they inside have racist feelings and probably never have any minority friends. I remember vividly I was walking down the street one time and I was approached to join some social group t
  23. I guess CNN, MSNBC and all these communist agitators that love to see groups divided forgot to include that since it does not serve their narrative. Anyone is an activist these days, remember Jussie Smollett, how come that story went away ? I don't like when I see propaganda in either way, like for example crazy right wingers defending the cop murderer. Also for the first story however, the situation tends to degenerate there if the cop will not be charged for the murder. The militias which are mostly white started showing up with weapons to stand guard in front of some stores but when th
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