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  1. That's what I mean. These Antifa assholes are setting angry people up. OH look here is a nice pile of bricks with no construction goin on around. Hmmm. Get a couple instigators in there and you can light a city on fire. I am encouraged there is some vids out there where people are confronting , stopping and well.. attacking these instigators. I am honored you consider me a troll. ok. These are not even protestors.. Bait and switch.... sure no real beating seen here.. but you damn well know it's coming. Those Antifa fucks are not part of any of these protests. These are jackasses wanting to cause mayhem any way they can. They are in the minority. Some gas here, some rubber bullets to the face there.... Why is the media not reporting things like this?? Oh would that mean they have an agenda? Ya don't say!?
  2. I guess racism can only be against blacks but not indigenous people? Keeping track of who hates who is getting confusing.
  3. Most of the protests we see online are peaceful. It's been the police that have actually been very aggressive. I have no problem with going after looters and stuff. But the cops are NOT going after those people. Check it out. In every case WHERE are the cops? Getting the looters or beating down peaceful protestors? The beatings shall continue until moral improves. The looting will continue until officials start to listen.
  4. This government looting the people seem to be consistent in many nations. Hmmmm.
  5. Wrong optics. How dare you even put forth the notion I am ok with people being killed. Shameful. The protests are good because people are tired of getting screwed over year after year. When people from other nations are calling out the systemic racism (more accurately systemic classism) in the USA, you know there is a bigger problem.
  6. The protests have gone global. It's stunning to see and encouraging.
  7. Yes. They sign up to protect and serve. But maybe we should be asking who are they protecting and serving? It's not the public!
  8. Even if you don't resist and comply, you STILL will get the crap beat out of you. There is so much evidence to back that up.
  9. The global economy was melting down already, and then BAM, a pandemic. Three months of lock down and job losses, a spark ignites a movement, mostly peaceful, but there are some taking advantage of the crisis to riot. All while we became victims of the largest transfer of wealth we have ever seen. Now that people are in the streets..... we should be asking the following If the numbers of COVID-19 do not increase dramatically because of this and we don't have people dying en masse, then we can say we've been lied to. If that is the case..... Gonna add something else to consider ... It took our governments 2-3 months to react to the virus. A week in the USA to bring in the riot cops. Don't think that cannot happen in Canada if things get a little out of control. And if it does, watch out for those anomalies. Want to know where the money is spent? Very well equipped police in riot gear, and the abysmal broken cheap PPE goes to the doctors and nurses.
  10. What the hell ya gonna do! On all sides we view this as insane. I laugh and cry at the same time. I think I now understand.
  11. Doctor : I am sorry, your husband died of covid. Widow : But he got hit by a truck!? Doctor : Well , he had covid. *shrugs*.
  12. There has been a few memes about that. The Dems really must be in cahoots with the Reps. It is hard to believe the Dems are utterly THAT incompetent. I really liked the original Weekend at Bernie's movie.
  13. Other problems are social media platforms scrubbing a lot of stuff they determine to be problematic. So it's not just cable news. That's unfortunate.
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