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  1. How long does that take? And you can understand the confusion and frustration on our end when this happens without explanation. So obvious I needed to ask these questions. I don't fee comfortable posting anymore if my posts that are on topic get moved to another topic. I don't want to have that happen again. Thanks for your time.
  2. The question was WHY was I not notified when you moved it? Is that not your responsibility to let people know when and why?
  3. So why could you not let me know that you moved it?
  4. Why do you even post here then? Can someone explain this to me?
  5. I simply deleted the post from the other thread and will re-create it. No rules broken.
  6. What discussing Trump in a Trump thread is clutter? There was no cross posting And it also adheres to your second point about being on point and focused. Talking about Trump in the Trump thread is a violation of rules? This is really what you are trying to say.
  7. Why did you do that? What was your reasoning for it? And if you cannot clearly tell me, then I request to put it back, or I simply redo the post.
  8. Can someone explain why my post about Trump's speech in the Trump thread was removed? I have not received any warnings at all. I can see it in my history, but not in the thread anymore. Was sitting after Shady's Posted Friday at 01:46 PM and before DogonPorch. Posted Sunday at 12:39 PM What's the deal here? If I violated a rule or something that would be good to know so I won't repeat it. Any help here would be appreciated!
  9.  My Trump Speech break down is missing from the Trump thread.


  10. So how is your racist POTUS doing these days?
  11. Oh THAT Bolton. He lied about getting the USA into a war in Iraq after 9/1, and war and conflict gets his jimmy stiff.
  12. Some of the protesters prevented some people from entering the arena for the rally.
  13. If more zones like CHAZ popup, you have a risk of a civil war happening. Areas run by criminal warlords handing out firearms to people who have no idea how to use them. Some real martial law might be around the corner.
  14. It is a better solution than defacing monuments. But if you have no affinity to any of the current statues and monuments, then maybe Mount Rushmore being defaced would be welcomed by these people.
  15. DELETED because the mod has no idea what he is doing.
  16. Since the CCP is following these people, we should too. Help and protection should be offered.
  17. We can completely ignore the plethora of allegations of sexual assaults by Orange Man.
  18. I am completely opposed to defacing and destroying any of these monuments. I feel that if they need to be removed, then sure, do it in a proper manner. A museum should be built and all of those monuments can then be placed in it. It's a scenario of, if history is not learned, then there is the risk of repeating it. These monuments, like it or not, are part of US history, right or wrong. The idiots tearing these down these things need to step back and really think about what the implications of those actions. The mob mentality kicked in and I understand a Ghandi statue was defaced. Really? A Ghandi statue? There is a reason for the holocaust museum. So no one forgets the horrors of the past. The same should be done here.
  19. Training seems to be key. Maybe a comparison with other nations to see how handle police training would be a good idea. I'd also compare that with other essential services and see how much training they get.
  20. Classism sold as racism.

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    2. Shady


      It’s force fed to them by the mainstream media.

    3. OftenWrong


      The rich are pouring in donations to BLM. That way the classism can stay safe.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Lots of money for neo-marxists organizations until the commies take over.

      Then what there is for capital just goes to the one.

  21. Seems like you agree with me in the end. But as we have seen with the police, the good apples protect the bad ones. That's the thin blue line right there for you.
  22. The UN is proving to be irrelevant. Meaning we tear this all down and try again. It's been done before. However there is a huge price to pay.
  23. But still lost. Either you get there or not. The amount of votes they each got means nothing.
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