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  1. Painting all liberals with the same broad brush is exactly the same as calling all cops racist. You're doing the smug, self-righteous liberals--not all liberals, just those ones--proud. Welcome to identity politics.
  2. I LOLLED at that. I hope grief counsellors were dispatched to the hive.
  3. Voters are individuals who are expected to have personal responsibility for their actions, like all of us. Blaming only politicians for the infestation of identity politics is letting its individual adherents off the hook for not taking personal responsibility for it themselves. Hate the game and the players who willingly go along with it.
  4. Well, you told me, didn't you. I'll go cower in the corner.
  5. I've been looking at something for too long, that's for sure, so I'll take my leave to prepare for the coming End Times. Thanks for the warning.
  6. It makes me wonder how the poster in question feels about his current Commander-in-Chief.
  7. You know, I don't care what your politics are, and I don't care if you all knock Trudeau. I can think of a few times he has deserved it, okay? Are we straight on that? What he doesn't deserve is the level of offensive drivel that's dumped on him as if he's Stalin or Hitler, and as if you're all still in kindergarten. Last I checked, the PM was generally doing his best to manage the country--just like Harper before him, okay?--and hadn't killed millions of people. If that makes him useless scum and worthless and a pathetic excuse and a coward and blah blah blah, you're going to get called out o
  8. I have also heard that many cancer patients who receive treatment still die from the disease. Therefore, cancer is a hoax. Covid-19 has been around for only a year but cancer has been with us since forever. That's the fight you should be fighting, brave warrior.
  9. I voted for one of several democratic, non-communist/fascist political parties. And what do you know, it worked! I could tilt at windmills on the internet but that would make me look silly, so I'll stick with voting.
  10. If you'll point out where I made it out to be miraculous, I'll retract it immediately with an apology. Deal? It would also be literally impossible for him to be PM for five years and accomplish only one thing, too, don't you think? Can you think of one more accomplishment of the PM's? Just one more? I won't heap abuse on you if you do, but I can't speak for everyone here.
  11. Thank you for proving my point. And my condolences on the loss of your puppy.
  12. I voted for Trudeau once in two elections. I'm not a card-carrying Liberal nor Conservative nor NDP nor Communist nor Fascist. Now tell me whose mind is already made up and then accuses me of it.
  13. This is exactly the sort of bitter, overzealous, knee-jerk attitude that made me start this thread. Did Trudeau run over your puppy or something? The Trudeau government built up the economy and kept unemployment low largely, I presume, through international trade deals. He spent the first year in office promoting and signing them as if that was a high priority for him. Can't you admit that to yourself?
  14. 1. No argument from me there. Trudeau inherited a stable economy and he had the utter gall to build on it, the snivelling little puke.;) 2. Is there enough Raid in the world?
  15. Doing his job responsibly, like signing this trade deal, is good for Trudeau politically as far as I'm concerned, even if it wasn't politically motivated. When I'm weighing the pros and cons of the government at the next election, this will be solidly on the pro side. The wild-eyed ravings against the PM culled from the internet and vomited forth on this forum certainly serve only to hurt him politically. I invite any rabid anti-intellectual conspiracy theorist here to explain why Trudeau should not get credit for this deal, presumably because he's simultaneously a commie and a fascist.
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