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  1. Not opposed to what you say up there taxme, except possibly one thing... Where did you get the idea Soros and Gates were Zionists. Soros has Jewish ancestry so any criticism of him becomes anti-semitism in his eyes and he likes to tell you he's not a fan of the anti-semitism but at the same time he's doing stuff like this: I'm not aware of Gates as a Zionist talk. Enlighten me. As to being globalists, it is easy to imagine them grinning like super villains and rubbing their hands together thinking on how the scamdemic can help them with the "global reset" so I'm on board with you there.
  2. Then there's this: CDC Declares PCR Tests Must Go Immediately After George Soros, Bill Gates Buy COVID-19 Test Manufacturer " It appears clinics will have a new choice for COVID-19 tests by time the PCR tests are phased out: Mologic, a company in the United Kingdom that manufactures COVID-19 tests and is expected to be purchased by a new initiative run by George Soros and Bill Gates, Global Access Health. Forbes explains that Global Access Health (GAH) is a joint initiative between “The Soros Economic Development Fund and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” and explains that Mologic Ltd is “best known today for the deep-nostril technology used to deliver rapid COVID-19 tests.” The partnership between Gates and Soros to buy this company was announced on Monday, July 19, and the CDC’s decision to phase out PCR tests was announced Saturday, July 24. The soon-to-be Soros and Gates funded tests apparently “offer an early-warning screening for Covid-19 and have been used around the world as an aid to help reopen shops, bars, sporting events and workplaces” and specialize in “giving an early warning result for people who may have no symptoms” but who scientists believe can still spread the virus. Bill Gates, the globalist titan who is currently in the process of divorcing his longtime wife Melinda Gates, drew international ire during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when he seemed to celebrate the spread of the virus, and smiled into the camera alongside his wife during an interview where he declared that “this won’t be the last pandemic we face.” https://nationalfile.com/cdc-declares-pcr-tests-must-go-immediately-after-george-soros-bill-gates-buy-covid-19-test-manufacturer/
  3. Biden Administration Spending $3 Million a Day to Suspend Border Wall Construction: Senate Report
  4. " Joe Biden experienced another apparent cognitive meltdown Sunday as he waddled toward reporters outside the White House. Biden belligerently screamed a series of words that sounded to many people like he said “My butt’s been wiped.” Enough people heard this that #MyButtsBeenWiped became a Trending Topic on Twitter. If that is indeed what he said, then Biden’s use of the passive voice would suggest that someone else is wiping him, which would suggest that the task falls to a White House staffer. This is just the latest in a series of recent Biden meltdowns." https://nationalfile.com/mybuttsbeenwiped-trends-after-latest-bizarre-sleepy-joe-meltdown/
  5. Speaking of Joe Biden and children under 12, has anybody heard about this one that we're told is going viral on right wing Twitter: Steve Daines’ Niece Confirms Joe Biden Pinched Her Nipple, According To Report Anybody got any kind of debunk or even what they call over on the left a "fact check" for that? Because if that has any truth to it OMG!
  6. CBC is the worst, for pushing Chicken Little climate hysteria...with Global not far behind.
  7. Biden can't keep up with vaccination targets, you say? Why not? What's wrong with him. He was gifted a vaccine when he took office. Is that what you mean by "cheering?" You occupants of the corporate media's pocket and your redefinitions of words...Man...we need weekly dictionary updates to keep up.
  8. Speaking of unintended consequences, this one's more just a fun thing to think about but did you ever hear the one about how we're overdue for a glacial ice age? So even if you buy into the idea that you can save the world from a warming catastrophe by not using gasoline in your car what if our gas guzzlers are actually what's saving us from freezing to death on a glacier?
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