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  1. For any who missed it, the Democrats had what they called a "Hearing" yesterday where they called Attorney General Barr to talk on among other things the plague of violence and destruction being unleashed on America - or what those above are being instructed to think of as "protests" or "demonstrations" by the far left supporting mainstream media. They called it a "Hearing," but they didn't hear much - cutting the attorney general off any time he attempted a response, choosing instead to filibuster and demagogue. In fact when the Republicans tried to introduce a video illustrating the violence on the streets and the media's desperate attempts to cover it up, the Democrats cut the video. If anybody would like to dare to see the violence the regressive left won't let you see though, here it is below. See it quick before the Social Media left bans it.
  2. Look, your desperate need to distract from the point of the thread with an irrelevant claim that the far left, instigators, fomenters, inciters (however you want to put it) aren't antifa isn't working. That must be frustrating. I get it. But you can't win with that strategy. Can't you see that? I can always draw the thread back on point because these raging far left, neo marxist, anarcho terrorist insurrectionists or whatever you'd prefer to call them (protestors? demonstrators?) are doing some crazy every night. And I can show people something fresh that they didn't see on the leftist mainstream news. For example: Violence and Anarchy Reign in Portland
  3. There is such a thing as Antifa. They look like this: https://conservativemedia.com/news/people-upset-berkeley-police-posted-mugshots-arrested-antifa-members/ They were looking to incite insurrection by what they call "any means necessary" long before George Floyd. They have used the protests since then as cover for what they hope will be a revolution. They or those like them are responsible as inciters for all the assaults, murders or civic destruction coming out of that unrest since that time. They don't want to take responsibility for it under the name Antifa and the leftist media won't give it to them. So be it. "Diden du nuffin" though? Not likely.
  4. Andy NGO - the guy who was assaulted on camera by a mob of something-or-others in Portland - believes there is such a thing as Antifa. He's collected video of their activities and has pictures of what he claims are its members on his Twitter page: https://twitter.com/hashtag/antifa?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1285830145622765568|twgr^&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fclarionproject.org%2Fwhat-does-antifa-want-in-portland%2F&src=hashtag_click
  5. OK, so you do at least agree that antifa exists. Good for you. Is your point then that because Antifa is not the only far left, neo or anarcho Marxist group organizing to foment these riots that we should ignore them, or something? Or do you seriously believe the tiny boogaloo movement is behind this nationally, in fact, internationally? Or do you believe it's all happening spontaneously. Something like this:
  6. Ah...I see. 3 nutcases from the far right boogaloo movement were stirring things up at a North Carolina protest movement back in early June and that means what? That there's no such thing as antifa? Like that? So basically you're in the camp with tubby little stomach stapled Jerome Nadler, I think. "Antifa is a myth," right? I'm more on board with the big fat realist interviewing him - Fleccas.
  7. Not sure what you're talking about, when it's supposed to have happened or how any of it contradicts the fact that the terrorizing mass of violence, intimidation and destruction we've been seeing from the far left isn't happening. You appear to be saying that because you heard something somewhere at sometime about violence from somebody else we shouldn't believe our lying eyes concerning the blatantly larger and major problem. Isn't there a word for that? Oh yeah...that's right - distraction.
  8. And when you look at things like customized nail-ridden fireworks, blinding lasers and other improvised weaponry how is this not terrorism?" So wouldn't these Media guys you do support who appear to be supporting the riots be supporting terrorism? Why should we listen to them then?
  9. I'll give you a bit of the interview with the DHS agent from my post above to give you a clip of what law enforcement is dealing with: So if not's Antifa coordinating and fomenting such things across America, who is it? Who's telling them where to be, when, and what to bring. Or are you saying it's not happening? Speaking of those high powered lasers used to blind law enforcement those aren't child's toys either. I just watched an interview with the White House press secretary. She was saying the 3 officers blinded by lasers in Portland may not recover their eyesight. Here's an example of a laser insurgent harassing a helicopter:
  10. This one is just so obvious, so well put and so timely, so relevant I just had to relay it. Brittany Sellner compares what's happening these days to the children's tale of The Emperor's New Clothes. She's dead-on. Another thing I don't get why most people don't seem to get is the historical progression of political thugs on the street. It's how all totalitarian governments begin. No wonder they want to destroy our understanding of history. It's like they don't want you to know what's coming for you.
  11. Not just an inference. WCM asked a clear question suggesting you inferred Trump wanted 3 states to separate from America. He asked where you heard that. You then posted a graphic which when you understand the context Trump was saying no such thing. You then said you heard what WCM suggested you were inferring from Trump. At that point you weren't inferring. You were stating. You were either lying or you don't understand context. How many times do we have to say the same thing? In your defence, I actually think you simply didn't understand the context of Trump's quote. You obviously have trouble understanding simple things. It's explained about as clearly as I can offer now. You made a mistake. Live with it.
  12. No problem. If it works for Shady I'll give it a go. The clueless remarks you made that I can't make heads or tails of as far as they appear to referring to something you seem to think I said but don't remember ever even thinking is pretty much everything you said or at least tried to say in the second half of your post.
  13. Here's another good one like that, only it's in text and there's more editorializing from the DHS agent. DHS agent in Portland: Protesters seek to embarrass, defeat Trump, ‘Catatonic with hate’ I'll give you a taste:
  14. Yeah, because fireworks...what harm could they cause? Right? EXCLUSIVE: Atlanta ‘Protesters’ Embedded Nails into Fireworks, Leaked FBI Document States https://www.breitbart.com/border/2020/07/27/exclusive-atlanta-protesters-embedded-nails-into-fireworks-fbi-document-states/
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