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  1. And the story continues... Tucker explained last night how the political will that is evident from Waters to Biden creates and will continue to create more violence, chaos and separation. There's a great stat from the leftist site Vox at the end. Somebody did a study on the stats of cities that were affected by BLM riots 2014 to 2019. They found there were roughly 300 fewer police homicides. BUT... there were also somewhere between 1,000 and 6,000 more murders. Just plain murders.
  2. Ben Shapiro watched the whole trial carefully. He has a different take than the public celebrators of the verdict like Joe, Nancy, Maxine and the trained protesters on the streets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTgge2bCDbk More detail here: If there's any justice left in America Chauvin will get an appeal. Candace Owens agrees: https://twitter.com/i/status/1384675238450024450 Tucker objects to the politization of the whole circus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DTfE7EtSIo
  3. Here's the full show of Tucker destroying Maxine Waters with the truth. Don't know how long YouTube will allow it to stay up though:
  4. So now that we know all the facts it's doubtful we'll be hearing much more about this supposed "Insurrection." The only unnatural death was the woman who was shot by an unnamed, plain clothes agent who was hiding behind a door and ran after he shot her.
  5. It appears the question in the title has finally been answered: The Washington Times @WashTimes · 37m JUST IN: Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died of natura
  6. Apparently TSN makes most of it's money from TV packages made compulsory by Television providers. They don't appear to care about viewership numbers.
  7. True...but I want to take to the opportunity to get Ashli's name out there. It's a story that needs to be told and retold. The state and corportate media won't tell us so I'll take advantage of a few trolls to get it out there. Not just who killed Ashli Babbitt but "Who was Ashli Babbitt?" There's one that's worth knowing. Ashli was worth knowing about.
  8. I would expect a guy who pretends to care about or even know the proper way to use words to know the difference between "leading" and "with the group at the lead." She was with a group trying to enter a hallway. She stood there with another group of Capitol security officers. The plain clothes agent who shot her without warning stood hidden off to the side of the of the other side of the door as she tried to climb through the window without resistance from the officers standing next to her as she did so. Here's one with more facts but you won't read because you have no interest in
  9. It is true Patsy has been able to market her BLM notoriety for herself personally rather than the organization however... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14623557/patrisse-cullors-net-worth-who-property-blm/
  10. Even if that were all there was to it would that excuse a self-proclaimed "Trained Marxist's" hypocritical extravagance? You seem anxious to believe anything though so I'll help you out. Here's Patsy herself reaching deep for a way to fast talk her way out of it: Made me laugh, myself, but I thought you might like it. She's just helping out her black family, you see, cause "Black."
  11. Vernon Jones is running against Kemp in Georgia.


    I like that. I used to hear him talk at Trump rallies.

    I think he's got the best chance of beating Stacey Abrams if he can somehow get a fair vote count in Georgia. He might because Abrams RINO stooge Ratburger will have to concentrate on his own problems in the midterms and his lieutenant governor stooge knows better than to even run for anything this year. 

  12. I didn't know the vaccine could cause blood clots at any ratio. Interesting, when you consider they keep suggesting Capitol Hill, officer Brian Sicknick's death by stroke may have been complicated by a blood clot. Not suggesting he took the vaccine. It's just interesting that factors other than blunt force trauma can cause blood clots.
  13. Except that isn't what happened. I know that's the narrative Nancy and the Joe-Ho regime wants to push to their corporate left media shills but... "The press release did not include information about the officer’s behavior following the shooting. A reporter who was on the scene claimed in an interview that he saw the officer run away after he shot Babbitt." https://amgreatness.com/2021/04/14/u-s-capitol-police-officer-who-fatally-shot-ashli-babbitt-will-not-face-charges/ So if this single brave agent hiding in the shadows off from the door was boldly protecting politicians (who
  14. There's an interesting article on how the corporate and socialist left likes to redefine words: https://uncanceled.news/the-lefts-ongoing-absurd-redefinition-of-words/ I can think of a couple more examples: "mostly peaceful" and "insurrection."
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