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  1. He could possibly even win with Tulsi Gabbard but for some reason the DNC does not approve of her.
  2. I've only seen video of where he was being frog marched across the street to the other squad car and the two cops call for backup because apparently something happened in a bit that was cut from the video, then the two are struggling to get him in the car and the video cuts out again. You say you've seen video of them actually getting him into the back of the squad car? I'd like to see that. Do you have a link? I've been thinking they couldn't get him into the squad car so they wrestled him to the ground, pinned him and waited for the wagon.
  3. Nestride Yumga is my new hero. Bitchute has her argument with far left, race agitators without background commentary: https://www.bitchute.com/video/kyKVjVzNG4f0/ Gee, I hope the cancel culture creeps don't get her. When she mentioned where she worked I got scared for her.
  4. I wasn't going to post this one because it 's from an opinionator who does shamelessly manipulate emotion to push his argument. But it highlights a black girl arguing with a leftist agitator and deals with what she considers her personal truth. She doesn't believe she is a victim. So here ya go then Mike you wanted to know how an emotional argument could counter the "blacks are a special sort of victim" emotion based argument. Here ya go.
  5. i could go through that lie by lie but there's one so egregious i want pull it out of the pack: The fact there was slavery briefly in America (it's been around in history ever since there's been history) proves nothing. It supports nothing. It has nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd and is only used to hyper-emotionalize an issue to get around the facts. Racial History is just that - history. There have been problems in all societies. Advanced societies evolve. America is not where it was in the 60s. Not twentieth century 60s or nineteenth. Historical bitches prove nothing about what's happening current day. But if they did you could blame Democrats over the white race in general. I'm not sure Democrats have evolved since they ran the southern slave states, created the KKK, wrote Jim Crow laws, or even when LBJ adopted the Republican push for civil rights while boasting "We'll have these N****ers voting Democrat for a hundred years."
  6. I'm getting the feeling that you agree with me that prioritizing feels over facts isn't a good policy then. I never said only Democrats are ever victims of the stupidity that can arise from ignoring the facts. I would say your particulate examples are a false equivalency. Nobody burned their shops and other infrastructure down in the peaceful protest against Michigan governor, Gretchen Half-Whitmers excessive and inequitable Covid lockdown controls. The 2nd amendment debate is one a reasoned and well supported argument is possible for as opposed to the complete lack of evidence you or yours have been able to offer up so far suggesting blacks in America are currently a special sort of victim race justifying what we saw in inner cities last week.
  7. And your picture of a black man being victimized by excessive force in an arrest (when this sort of thing can happen to any race, including whites) does not show systematic racism or necessarily suggest any racism at all as you suggest it does. Statistical facts show blacks are not persecuted by police or anybody else worse than other races. I'm willing to listen if you have any facts supporting the idea blacks are currently victims of a special broad sort of persecution by whites or any other race. Your picture wasn't doing it. That was my point.
  8. Who said they did? So is that what you're asking for then? Something comparable to the Democrats, Progressive agenda - only from Republicans - where identity groups are manipulated by feels over facts into believing they have a special sort of victim status? I can't think of one. Nothing like what happened last week where black feelings of entitlement to victimhood convinced them it would be a good idea to tear down the shops and infrastructures of their cities. Why? Can you?
  9. Actually what I'm saying is "facts don't care about your feelings." As to - and I quote - the "Republican base violating the principles you're invoking towards BLM". Huh? What on earth are you talking about?
  10. I have to post this one from Tucker Carlson because it has lots of good footage but also a line that's a classic. "Some Democrats have openly embraced what's happening...really they don't have much of a choice. These are their voters cleaning out the rolex store. These riots effectively are the largest Joe Biden for President rally on record."
  11. I'm getting the idea from the Floyd and Timba cases that when dealing with a large person who's resisting arrest what you do is pin him to the ground and wait for the wagon. What would be a better policy, I wonder. Not kneel on the guy's neck, of course, but would that be enough?
  12. And here's one from another previous post on this thread you missed. Tony Timba was a white guy who suffered the same fate as Floyd. So unless your point is police in general and with all races - no single race more than another - need to handle these kinds of cases differently I'd like to know what your point is.
  13. You're wrong. I posted 2 lengthy posts of statistics. If you missed them it's because you weren't paying attention not because they weren't there.
  14. I'd be happy to if you could explain to me why you think Blue Matters is relevant to something. In fact...relevant to what exactly? It's dificult to offer a reaction to your opinion when I'm not sure what it is. What exactly are you talking about?
  15. Well Michael Brown had the Ferguson riots and Freddie Gray had the Baltimore riots, but if your point is the race riot response has been growing, I agree. The growth of antifa and other far left riot instigators might be a factor. There's also the increasing and now almost fanatical need of the media to hype any identity politics problem in hopes of using it to get Trump.
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