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  1. After it percolates in an infected mind for a while it comes out Looking something like this:
  2. My point is simply that there are many reasons and situations where a cultural or religious practice from one region might be disallowed in another that would have nothing to do with human rights. I'm not sure why I have to keep explaining this. It's pretty basic.
  3. In France, the hijab in some instances was only banned from schools and this was on the grounds it could cause conflicts. If you prefer you can use the comparable of banning kids from wearing clothes that mark them as a particular gang. My point is a head covering isn't a human right. Not even if the rule calling for it is based in religion. In Quebec Canada, there's this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quebec_ban_on_religious_symbols If Muslims don't like the West's ideas on separating state from religion they don't have to live there.
  4. You mean like wearing a balaclava ski mash into a bank? That's a basic human right is it? Grab a clue man.
  5. Yeah, Marocc do that. I have some quotes from the Qu'ran on attacking the Jews I'd like to show you.
  6. You won't give me a reference so I have to go on what I think I've heard. Weren't those rules requiring no head scarfs on school property more regional within districts of France and more directed towards dress codes designed to avoid conflicts like how some American schools ban gang gear? I'm not seeing a flagrant removal of basic human rights.
  7. And Jews and Christians were there before Mohammed was born. What's your point.
  8. You'll have to show me specifically what you're talking about. I'm aware of some sort of ban against full facial coverings for all religions in public but I don't know of this French federal ban on the head scarf. Show me. Perhaps you're talking about school dress codes or something like that.
  9. Like I said I don't want to get accused of "derailing the thread" by educating you about history but if I did I'd question the dispute over that sliver of land the Muslims invaded first against the Islamic conquest of much of the known world.
  10. I'd ask you to compare the records of Jesus Christ to Mohammed on "eliminating the competition" but apparently that might "derail the thread," so very well let's keep it current then. Show me Christians eliminating the competition in the name of Christ to the level Muslims are eliminating the competition in the name of Mohammed.
  11. Like what? Their right to behead people?
  12. But to be honest, sure. There is a certain amount of "wishful thinking" with that one. The district is historically Blue. On the other hand though, AOC isn't just nuts. She's also stupid. Even in a Blue district these can be points in our favor.
  13. The bartender vs. the school teacher. Should be interesting. https://www.cbsnews.com/video/john-cummings-running-for-new-yorks-14th-congressional-district-against-aoc/
  14. Thanks. Not sure they need it though: https://nypost.com/2020/07/08/gop-candidate-claims-he-can-topple-aoc-in-general-election/
  15. Could help Republicans regain the House though. The one I'd like to win is the 14th district. That's AOC's.
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