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  1. Oh wait...we have a new winner: Although for just a plain powerful ad this next one's pretty good. The Trump campaign dares to show you what the mainstream media won't. The actual size of a Trump rally:
  2. Every time somebody comes out with Campaign ad, meme video I like, like that one, somebody else comes along with one I like even better. This one below is my favorite so far. It's so Clever.
  3. Which? You mean like these ones? https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/protesters-in-portland-topple-statues-of-abraham-lincoln-theodore-roosevelt/ar-BB19WiN1
  4. The below is just a Freudian slip but as they go this one tops the charts.

    I mean, Joe..."C'mon Man."



  5. Perhaps but if there are accusations of westerners lacking what they call "common decency" for critiquing the aggressive stance of Islam for say offering a illustration of Mohammed there's a historical and ideological context that suggests they look in the mirror.
  6. More importantly though you somehow forgot the two separate cases of Mo's censorship by death of two different poets as reported by Sahih Bukhari: https://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-4/Book-52/Hadith-264/ https://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-5/Book-59/Hadith-369/ As I understand it Bukhari's hadiths are undisputed. Put all these together and it becomes a pretty solid case. Mo and his followers have been killing critics for centuries. But if I understand your original claim correctly that's OK because if you criticize or present Mohammed in a wa
  7. Now in the second example there's a story from one of Mohammed's biographers. The Encyclopedia Brittanica says this about that: However, possibly more friendly to your argument they also say this:
  8. Well you've jumbled up the two quotes from 2 different sources and tried to make people think they're the same thing. The first is from Bukhari. I doubt even that guy critiquing the second sample on his site that looks like a teenage girl's MySpace is going to call out Bukhari. And I don't think you are (at least I hope not). I think you're saying Bukhari is not saying anything that could be critiqued and I don't understand what he is saying. OK, here's what I think he's saying. I think he's talking about when Mohammed took over Mecca and he was marching through mecca.
  9. You couldn't just say "Oops, I was wrong. I made another mistake, sorry about that," could you Beave?
  10. See here's another problem for the Biden campaign. As is a well-known fact, the left can't meme.

    The other side can though and they're gonna crack you up.:


  11. Will you accept Reuters as a source. If not just ask. There are many more. https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-byrd-eulogy-biden-kkk-grand-idUSKBN26S2EE
  12. How could they tell from behind the flames leaping up from their own pants.
  13. Oh, and I almost forgot about Ka'b ibn al-Ashraf. He was another poet who said things in his verses Mo didn't like. Mohammed asked for an assassin to go kill Ka'b and somebody stepped forward saying he'd do it but he'd have to lie. Mo said 'go ahead and lie then." No less than Sahih Bukhari tells how the assassination was carried out. https://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-5/Book-59/Hadith-369/ Bukhari also told of Abu Rafi, another Poet of the day who had dared to mock Mohammed and Mo had murdered: https://quranx.com/Hadith/Bukhari/USC-MSA/Volume-4/Book-52/H
  14. But you forgot to give us your Islamic definition of what you call "common decency" that would include events like the ones above.
  15. It is a disputed Hadith but does it matter when there are so many similar or worse stories in the six major hadith collections and other undisputed collections? Even Bukhari tells of an old man put to death for rejecting the Qu'ran in Mohammed's presence. Ibn Isḥāq who wrote the biography that the Encyclopedia Britannica calls "one of the most important sources on the Prophet’s life" tells the tale of Umm Qirfa an old lady of a tribe that rejected Islam.. Mohammed had sent his adopted son on the raid and received no rebuke from his adopted dad for pulling the old lady a
  16. Well you sure told us then. Apparently 90 years ago Trump's Dad was at a memorial day rally where a bunch of KKK guys were causing trouble and he got nabbed in a group bust with 6 of them. He might even have been one of them. Owned. Is that what you're thinking?
  17. That doesn't exactly tell the story. More completely it was like this: This only insinuates that maybe Fred was one of the guys in Robes in a ballpark description by a small time 1920s paperman. But again Fred was discharged. So it's more likely he wasn't. Six were charged. Even if the reporter somehow got it right when he pulled the number 7 out from somewhere (and we have no idea where) are you sure this matters? The other day we were told that Joe Biden's mentor, an Exalted Cyclops of the KKK and a Dixiecrat gets a wash because his KKK days were back in the 40s. You w
  18. Thanks, WCM. I was going to say that. I mean @Argus, "C'mon Man." If you're going to brag about your superior knowledge don't make it so easy to show it doesn't exist. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/06/18/fact-check-fred-trump-detained-kkk-rally-circumstances-unclear/3209853001/
  19. Thanks. Done. https://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums/topic/40976-political-history/
  20. I'm told to bring the Southern Strategy discussion here. Very well... Here's a description of what Progressives and those in their orbit claim the Southern Strategy was. (It's from Wikipedia) Most often it's attributed to the campaigns of Goldwater and Nixon in 1964 and 68. The problem there is neither of those two ever publicly called for such a racist strategy to be enacted. The black vote in the south had begun migrating to the Democrats during the gifts package days of the New Deal under FDR. Goldwater made a comment once suggesting it would be better to c
  21. No. Atwater just added some fuel to the fire by encouraging the idea that it had been possible to 'dog whistle' racist talking points without actually coming flat out and encouraging racists to vote for somebody because he was a fellow racist. The Southern Strategy idea is claimed to have begun either with Goldwater in 64 or Nixon in 68. However... https://redstate.com/dan_mclaughlin/2012/07/11/the-southern-strategy-myth-and-the-lost-majority-n43726
  22. Wow. Congratulations you two. I've seen some straw manning and pettifoggery in my day but you two have me so confused with those links diverting off in a hundred directions pretending extreme examples of something or other or unconnected trivia proved something. Supposedly you were going to show me why I should believe there was a Southern Strategy. So let's start by agreeing what that was supposed to be. Here, we'll use a source you guys on the left like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_strategy So what specifically do either of you think you've produced th
  23. Show me evidence anything in that video is false or stop embarrassing yourself by choosing to be ignorant of the facts.
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