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  1. Do you actually want me to tell you how we intend to enforce the rule of law or are you just joking? I can explain it if you want me to, but if you are just going to shut me down then I am not going to even bother.
  2. He is not using it to fix grammar and spelling errors, but to add and remove sentences in order to deliberately cover up what he previously said. If someone wants to correct their spelling mistakes I welcome it, but when their intention is to distort what they previously said I am going to point it out. Just look at what he actually said when I quoted him and compare it to what is there now.
  3. To Rue, you do realize that by going back and constantly editing your comments to favor your baseless opinions only shows your hypocrisy.
  4. To Iceni warrior, the inspiration for our motto actually comes from Ephesians 4:5, "one Lord, one faith, one baptism" but without any religious context.
  5. You are the one that brought up Star Trek--and for someone that does not watch the show even I know that Earth has a global government and that it is part of the "United Federation of Planets." You demand that we answer your questions, but when we do you get even more upset for no reason. The best part is that we are not even referencing the book, as you requested, when answering your questions. It is clear that you do not want to have a civil conversation and are only out to criticize things you have no understanding of.
  6. To Rue, you do realize that Star Trek has a global government? Anyway, I will clear up a few of your misconceptions, but be prepared for lengthy responses. First, there will be no political parties but instead politically independent individuals who have completed the four years' course of political education and therefore are qualified to be in office. Since there will be no political parties, there will be no seats divided among them. This new government will not be divided into corrupt parties all fighting with each other for a majority, but instead positions of office will be filled whenev
  7. To Infidel Dog, by skipping over half the book I am not surprised you are confused. Voting is an essential part of democracy and we defend the election process throughout the entire book. We are not saying that voting should be done away with, but that political candidates should meet certain qualifications before they can run for office. In fact, if you continued reading from where you pulled that quote the very next chapter (“Process of Election”) addresses the election process.
  8. To Rue, I am trying to answer your questions as best I can, but the truth is that they are very broad and difficult to answer. For example, your first question regarding the symbol is short and right to the point. And the answer I gave you would have been the same regardless of whether I quoted it from the book or not. But look at your second question. It is is very long and somewhat confusing, but I understand what you are asking. The problem is that the answer would be (once again) taken directly from the book because there is no other way to explain it. Not to mention it would be a very, ve
  9. To Argus, you are correct which is why borders will remain until undeveloped nations (provinces) reach a stage in which they can sustain themselves. For example, the border between Canada and the US should be dissolved because it is unnecessary and both of them would actually benefit more by sharing their resources with each other. Afterwards, this new State would assist any bordering provinces (in this case Mexico) with reaching their own stage of economic sustainability. This new State would start by sending basic resources (food, water, clothes, etc.) to meet the needs of the people be
  10. To Rue, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, but the real irony is that all of your questions are answered in the book. Anyway, ask and you shall receive. This quote was taken directly from the book, "We Sovereigntists regard our flag as being the symbol of human solidarity. The flag represents the Alpha and Omega, in other words, the beginning of Sovereigntism and the end of nationalism. The colors of the flag are also symbolic to us; in the red we see the will of the people, in the black the responsibility the State has to the people, and in the white the moral obligation we al
  11. To Infidel Dog, the creation of a single State with a global government rests exclusively in the hands of the people. Sovereignty just outlines the best path forward to making it a reality.
  12. To Rue, Sovereignty believes in the separation of church and state. It does not control people or demand anything of them--they are free to decide for themselves. No, we are not Freemasons because we absolutely oppose any kind of secrecy.
  13. To Zeitgeist, today's institutions are completely broken which is why most public officials are corrupt. And it has nothing to do with electing officials who will behave but making sure they must behave or else they will be removed from office. It is a fallacy to think that the electoral system secures leaders who will be accountable to the people because it does not and never will.
  14. To Infidel Dog, we are not trying to take over anything and absolutely reject all forms of violence. And if we could give you 10 steps on how to fix the government then we would not have had to write an entire book. And it is simply impossible to limit the answer you want to a single page because each chapter addresses a different issue and how to approach it.
  15. To Zeitgeist, the greatest opposition to global governance is and always has been national leaders. The reason why is because these so-called leaders know that a global government would put an end to their lies and nationalist propaganda. Also, I do agree with you that it would be a great thing if everyone adhered to a code of ethics, but the problem is that not everyone will and no government actually does. If a government can do something criminal and get away with it--they will. Just look at how many elected officials claimed to be working in the interests of the people only to be caug
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