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  1. Sexual abuse isn't about homosexuality. It's about sexual abuse. A federal offense our criminally negligent cops mischievously don't enforce. And our corrupt courts neglect to recognize in their Contempt. Trudeau is culpable of offenses that he should be in prison for for multiple life sentences. This isn't about homosexuality. It's about sexual abuse.
  2. a vaccine is the application of a living virus to infect the body and inoculate a different virus of concern. vaccines are not medicines, are not antiseptics, are not antibotics and are not inoculated viruses used to reinforce nor aid the immune system. the misconception is used by the private self regulated vastly wealthy corporations to evade legalities, both in production and distribution, as well as liabilities. this misconception that Vaccines are inoculated viruses used to give the body a boost, is perjury, mischief and corruption, and they are now trying to extort and exp
  3. It is a federal offense to fly the LGBT flag. A.) it is obscene material. on that note, it is illegal to sell porn in Canada. 163 criminal code. no license to sell porn exists. B.) it is sexual abuse: indirect counselling of children to engage in sexual conduct. and for children who identify by their sexuality, direct counselling. ~ furthermore, it is a federal offense to have access to porngraphy in a household with anyone under the age of 14. and it is illegal for AMAZON to ship any obscene material. or any other provider for that matter. +++
  4. i dont mean to hog the scene, but yes. politics literally just means social politics and economic politics. policy. we cant make headway if we dont have outreach and discussion. the point is though, that just because you see "religion", doesn't make it a theology debate. this is forum is about politics. like religious freedom. taxes. advocacy. religious freedoms boiling down to, hatespeech and stoning faggots. its of course relevant at this point to state that faggot doesnt infer homosexual, but connotates insolent swine, douchbags etc. its actually
  5. firstly, this isn't a place to question the religion's theology. does anyone care about the fact that Evolution is a pseudoscience that lacks any science. testosterone causes menopause. there is no scientific methods of dating geological formations. dating methods are psuedosciences. vaccines are the application of a living virus to inoculate another living virus, and are not anything else at all, but people have these strange and false impressions that vaccine infers other things as well, and this is allowing major private corporations to
  6. nurture. homosexuality is not to be aroused by the same sex. it's to orientate oneself to exploit or be exploited by the same sex sexually. its a conduct, not an attribute. children are impressionable. and it's a federal offense to indirectly counsel children to make sexual conduct by flying LGBT flags or demonstrating any support for them. it is also a federal offense to fly obscene material, and the LGBT material is certainly dominantly characteristic of sex.
  7. the question is a fallacy. I don't support Mammon Worship. but, sexual predators, rapists', misogynists', sexual abuse, psychopaths ~ facilitating the cultivation of these is worse than erroneous. its a federal offense; sexual abuse: indirect counselling of children to make sexual contact.
  8. we aren't systemically racist. but the populous is racist. however it is not racist to say that you are obliged to speak English and your language has no bearings in Canada. its also not racists to insult other people's culture. it's racist to discriminate against people based on their ethnicity, regarding privileges and opportunities ~ Not to deny immigration*.
  9. they don't want to pay aboriginal's living expenses, and then be insulted for not paying more when the typical aborigional squanders their time and money, while being the ones who abuse and disrespect aboriginals themselves. otherwise. Canada isn't congested, and we don't breed like swarms, but are financially reasonable. We unionize against employers. Instead of working for cheap for a wage, at the expense of everyone else who would only be able to get a job by competing at the same low salary. and we lead the world in regulating our industry. having wrot
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