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  1. The species will survive...it's the civilization that's in trouble!
  2. Basically what I'm saying is that Canadians are actually not that patriotic, but they slap maple leaves on almost everything without real context. McDonald's doesn't wrap itself in the US flag like Timmies or Home Hardware do the Canadian, and you don't see widespread use of national symbols for local minor league sports teams.
  3. People say Canadians are a lot less patriotic than Americans, but I see a lot of maple leaves slapped on businesses and sports team logos (even local ones), and a lot of generic nationalistic branding in Canada. You don't really see this in-your-face nationalist stuff in the US, despite their high degree of patriotism. You see lots of flags on porches, but little of the hollow gesture patriotism you see in Canada. That make Canadian patriotism seem like an inferiority complex to me. This guy agrees: https://news.sportslogos.net/2011/07/29/maple-leaf-logos-can-we-stop-this/
  4. I meant culture actually. I said racism because I'm using the left's definition of the term...
  5. New member here. I hate to say this, but a society actually needs some mild racism (and intolerance in general) to stay healthy. A strong society needs to be cohesive and have aloofness about other cultures and sexual orientation to avoid cultural displacement and moral deviancy. A civilization is at its ascendancy when it has this.
  6. I think you mean the Appalachian Mountains.
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