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  1. What do people think of this? At a time when the federal, provincial and civic narrative is "we're all in this together," "it's only for a short while," or you will help "stop the spread." The test presented in this film shows highly dangerous oxygen and carbon dioxide levels under the masks. These concentrations are in violation of OSHA & Health Canada health guidelines. I am familiar with these gas vapour analyzers and everything in the test is carried out just fine.
  2. Yes, I can assure I am very concerned. I did see your documentary and it certainly was an eye opener. The issue is that 5G equals more like 5,000,000 million G. It's not just 1 step up from 4G. That's just a name. 5G is a military grade weapon that is used for crowd scattering - it feels like your skin is burning. That makes sense since it is very high levels of radiation. They show that in the film below. It's a good one, also. Once it is rolled out, we won't be able to stop them. They are hiding & disguising all the antennas because they know that at some point the public is going
  3. As if things aren't strange enough and now this. Reported just yesterday on June 27, 2020, Joseph Gregory Hallett claims he is the hidden King (King John III) of England and has won his court case to take his rightful place on the throne - which he is about to do. The Queen is in hiding under the pretence of Coronovirus and appears to have abdicated her throne and Buckingham palace by removing her shield from the front gates. The other royals also seem to be suddenly absent. He claims that the timing of the Coronavirus is symbolic and in latin it means "Crown Him." But I look
  4. Trudy is doing what daddy Soros tells him to
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