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  1. I was originally born in Australia but lived in Asia for a long time. I'm back in Australia now. Lost the accent and the ability to speak and talk English. My mother you see was from Asia and my dad is from Australia.
  2. No no no! Europeans and Canadians online and even on live videos have made it clear that America is the worst country on Earth and Americans are the worst people on Earth! They are fat, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, condescending, murica numbah one, feeling superior, exceptionalism and blah blah blah. No. I just got tired of the constant anti-Americanism online. I have nothing against Americans, I don't even know a single one of them. And I don't care what their government does, I have more pressing matters to address at home. But I am so sick and tired anti-American commen
  3. And people of Europe didn't protest? Nah. To boring. I'm too obsessed with the question "If America is evil, why hasn't the world united and destroyed them?", and I know what you are going to say: "murica is already destroying themselves" and the answer is no. See, if they were destroying themselves, then their cities would be rubble by now and their would be millions of Americans dead left and right. Just like in Germany and Japan. This a question that Europeans and Canadians rarely ask maybe because they don't think of it this way or maybe because they are s
  4. Nope. Me asking this has nothing to do with Socialism, Capitalism, Communism, Democrat, Republican, Left, Right, Conservatism, Liberalism.... what else? I just want to make the world happy.
  5. So when are you going to turn the US into rubble? Or small nation states?
  6. I'm sure when the US is nothing more than rubble or small nation states they won't have to feel that way anymore.
  7. Yeah it is! NO MORE YANKEE IMPERIALISM. Nobody cares what they do. Let's focus on Canada and the rest of the world.
  8. Many Canadians and Europeans agree that America is going to collapse soon.
  9. Your fellow Europeans and Canadians actually want China to take over the US. Their reason is that at least China builds up nations, unlike the US.
  10. That could be anything. Please don't tell me your just like the rest of Canadians and Europeans? Big on words, low on action?
  11. European nations and Canada.... in fact the entire world. For what? Invasions, bombings, murdering millions of innocent people and imperialism?
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