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  1. Repentance in a Moral Society There is no god in modern society. There was a time when humans sought to ascend to that role through the sciences. Now even the most prominent figures of society resides within itself; society, the human sphere; an earthly one that we are born into and die in. Yet human abstraction is unchanged. Society itself is seen as a being with a character of its own; the collective presence that never physically exists is only made whole by the shared views of the many. It is incapable of acting by itself, yet it compels millions to action. This inanimate figment is
  2. The Limits of Hate and the Post-Modern Gamble For lack of a better introduction, I will start with a rather unrelated proposition that I will loosely connect via some transitioning to the subject of this writing. The US became a "nation" under FDR. Despite the inequalities of the era, it was the formalization of the notion that each citizen is a participant in a government that acts not solely for the facilitation of living, but for the advancements of collective national interests. Since then and continuing on to this day, the "public good" has been at the center of political discussion
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