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  1. The healthcare system is swamped because the lockdowns made long hospital waiting lists longer, worsened the opioid crisis, caused an increase in domestic abuse, and made the population more sedentary. It also caused a general deterioration of mental health, and peoples ability to cope.
  2. Our parents, and their parents through their hard work built, this nation, and left us a prosperous healthy Canada. We should do the same for our children, but lately we are not.
  3. The topic is damage to our health care system, you are the one who started wandering the globe. You can think that makes you the smart one if you want to.
  4. How about Antarctica no lockdowns, and no deaths for the whole continent.
  5. So you no longer believe it to be a pandemic?
  6. South Korea has population density of 527 people per square kilometer. It has had no lockdowns and has a per capita death rate that is one twelfth of Denmark's.
  7. Sweden has a population density of 25.4 people per square kilometer. https://www.google.com/search?q=population+density+sweden&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA911CA911&oq=population+density+sweden&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i20i263j0l2j0i395l4.12410j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Canada has a population density of 4 people per square kilometer. https://www.google.com/search?q=population+density+canada&rlz=1C1GGRV_enCA911CA911&oq=population+density+Canada&aqs=chrome.0.0i457j0l4j0i395l3.15666j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Of course Ontario
  8. If you don't know, you should not destroy. You should actually know, and have a reason before you sacrifice all that our parents have left for us. There should be some valid reason for impoverishing your children, and killing poor people all over the world.
  9. While there is no clear and obvious benefit to lock downs, the death and destruction they do is clear and obvious.
  10. Yes I do, It has the densest population of all the Nordic countries, and is the most industrialized . It has more outside contacts and outside workers. Twist it how you want, Europe is Europe, population density is population density, and choosing the comparables to paint your own picture is a sign of ignorance.
  11. Sweden is about the middle of the pack for deaths in Europe with fewer deaths per capita than Italy, Slovenia, Boznia and Herzegovina, Czechia, United Kingdom, North Macedonia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Spain, Croatia, France and Switzerland. It has more deaths than Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands , Slovakia, Germany, Serbia, Ireland, Greece, Latvia, Ukraine, Albania, Estonia and Norway. Generally the countries with greater population densities had more deaths. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1104709/coronavirus-deaths-worldwide-per-million-inhabitants/
  12. Yes there has been a lot of man made change in the last 80 years. Of course the man made solutions are more recent. Man is now working on building a pipeline across Africa (the Trans African Pipeline) to bring water to the Sahara desert, and make it green again, planting trees, and producing crops. This is an east west pipeline, but the same could be done with north south pipelines if TAP is a success. Work is being done on carbon capture with algae, producing biodegradable plastics and fuels, and of course taking carbon dioxide out of the air, and putting oxygen into it. Efforts are now bei
  13. I would not have locked down the country in the first place. Lock downs only slow the spread, and for any infections that are avoided there is a corresponding avoidance of immunity. In the long run there is no difference, and after 10 months we probably have more current infections than if we hadn't locked down at all. I would have tried to balance the budget, or run surpluses in the good years running up to this crisis so we would have a healthier economy, and could better fund our healthcare system. I would have provided funds where the deaths were occurring in the long term care homes, let
  14. If you wanted to cripple your healthcare system, you could build up a huge waiting list for life saving procedures, then close the hospitals. This would greatly increase the potential for more procedures being required. Of course you would loose a few, but those who survived would now be require more treatments, so it would be a net gain. You could also have your doctors widely prescribe opiods for pain relief, making people dependent on them. Since the drugs they are now dependent on come from outside the country, you could close the borders, forcing the users to rely on more toxic local drug
  15. This is so true. Government actions are killing so many, and doing no good at all. The elderly are dying from isolation, spouses are being abused and people are dying because of the earlier hospital closures. The lockdowns globally are causing a doubling of world poverty, and a doubling of world wide child malnutrition. Children in poor countries are starving to death because of international measures that our government is part of. The question is, is our government doing this knowingly which is criminal, or are they unaware of the damage which would make them incompetent?
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