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  1. The lack of hospital beds is a problem. The problem was made worse when at a time when there is a long waiting list for life saving procedures, the government shut down many of the available beds, and people were afraid to come to hospitals at all. People needing treatments for cancer and heart disease, the real killers couldn't get them. This certainly resulted in unnecessary deaths, and there will be more if they are shut down again.
  2. In response to the Trudeau governments irresponsible overspending, adding hundreds of billions to our national debt, its attack on our economy and violation our human rights there is a petition to remove him from office. This is the link. https://www.change.org/p/canadian-house-of-commons-at-least-1-million-signatures-to-remove-pm-justin-trudeau-and-his-liberal-government
  3. Our government in conjunction with our chief health officer told us that it was necessary to lock down our economy, and population in order to keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed by people infected by covid19. How close to being overwhelmed are our hospitals? Hospitals in B.C. 161 Hospitalizations B.C. 22 intensive care, 69 total. Sorry, but I was unable to find federal data, but would welcome anyone who could provide it. sources http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-conditions/covid-19/data https://www.statista.com/statistics/440923/total-number-
  4. The policy of locking down seems to be ineffective. When the virus first hit it was not the people with lots of contacts who were infected, but those who had few contacts. Kids in crowded schools, not many infections. restaurant servers and other service industry workers not many infections, people attending sporting events not many infections, transit users not many infections not many infections. The majority of infections and almost all the early deaths were in long term care facilities, where the patients were not going into public places and making new contacts. It seems that there is a s
  5. I am not saying that the covid fire in Sweden is burning out because it is running out of fuel, while in Canada we are still tearing our houses down to create a fire break, but that is possibly closer to the truth than what we are hearing from our elected officials.
  6. https://nationalpost.com/news/world/positive-covid-tests-in-no-lockdown-sweden-hit-lowest-rate-since-pandemic-began Sweden carried out a record number of new coronavirus tests last week with only 1.2% coming back positive, the health agency said on Tuesday, the lowest rate since the pandemic began at a time when countries across Europe are seeing surges in infections. Sweden avoided a lockdown and instead emphasized personal responsibility, social distancing and good hygiene in a bid to slow rather than eradicate a disease deemed here to stay.
  7. The government in response to a viral infection locked down the Canadian population. The idea was to lessen the amount of contact, thereby lessening the amount of infections. Most of the infections though were not happening in people with the most contacts, for example children in schools, transit users, or waitresses and others in the service industry. Most of the infections were happening in long term care facilities where the victims of the virus had limited contacts. I am not saying that the number of contacts one has is not a significant risk factor, but that is possible. The
  8. In the April 23-28 Reuters poll of 25 economists, Canada’s economy was predicted to have contracted at an annualized rate of 9.8 per cent last quarter and to shrink 37.5 per cent this quarter. In a January poll, they predicted 1.6-per-cent and 1.7-per-cent growth, respectively, showing just how abruptly the economy has turned. If the latest forecasts are realized, it would mark the deepest recession in at least six decades. “Canada is in the midst of an historic economic contraction. The economy has largely shut down, paralyzed by measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic, free-fa
  9. Number of hospitals in B.C. 206 number of covid hospitalizatioons 22. With proper management our hospitals should not be overwhelmed.
  10. There were no hospitals jammed up with so called Covid patients lying around in the hospitals out in the hallways. All just made up stories that people like you will eat up and believe when told to you by your lying politicians, the lying media, and those so called lying health experts. Why did our politicians or hospitals administrators not allow family or friends to go visit a member of a family supposedly in the hospital with Covid? Why? Because there were not all that many people in there with Covid. If visitors were able to go visit a family member or friend they would have proba
  11. I probably already had it, maybe so did you. I survived it no problem, as im a big healthy male specimen. I didn't have any symptoms, so I probably had it too.
  12. You would have to have 500 people in the room before there is a 50% chance that one of them has the virus.
  13. If we'd carried on as usual from March to June, those people's health could have been equally or more at risk because of Covid - hospitals full, people off work sick for weeks or sometimes months, many more deaths. People believe that there is a high risk of getting covid, but don't look at the numbers for themselves. Here they are. Covid cases 5,372, one tenth of one percent of B.C.'s population Deaths 204 one two hundred fiftyth of one percent Hospitalizations 22, one 4 thousand four hundredth of one percent. source http://www.bccdc.ca/health-info/diseases-condi
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