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  1. My Post was removed because Charles Anything claimed it was cross posting. But he haven't provided proof as to where the post was seen prior. This is discrimination and a plot to just take down my powerful post. There is no freedom of speech on this website because certain posts are censored. Even my brother who is a police officer stated that this is discrimination. Certain information they don't want people to know about. So much for this Facebook controlled website.
  2. Yeah. I am familiar with that one. I have relatives who are tied in with Washington and within the legal system. I am told that a mass killing will soon take place. I am also told that this will be the year for the great freeze. If people don't have enough food or a generator then they'll perish before winter of 30w1 ends. This comes right out of top FBI quarters.
  3. There is a person known as Montu who stays in Cleveland. He has put out some of the most powerful information I have ever heard. I don't know how many words this website would allow one to post but if possible I will post some of Montu's information. People are being killed for what he knows. If people on this forum is open to thought provoking info then I will post some threads a little later. But keep in mind that Montu is under attack and it isn't long before they take him out.
  4. Most people who cover this or protest what's going on their emails start to disappear, they get banned from social media, and technology so sophisticated is used to follow every form of activity their phones conduct. They peeps then duplicate the individual and start sending negative comments to people. Thousands of accounts from social media to dating sites have been eliminated because of this. Someeone don't want the real truth getting out and .they seem to have DARPA type technology to push this. I was told something very huge is about to hit the fan before election day. Its gonna be one fo
  5. There is a powerful evil known as syndicates which existed since the gangs of new York first started. Believe it or not there are syndicates controlling everything. Multimillion of dollars are being pushed into the protests and the looting in hopes of destabilizing America. Some of the most powerful of these syndicates reside in cleveland ohio. The chaos will only worsen
  6. This is a very interesting forum. Most forums are banning members from holding powerful comments like these. Keep up the good work
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