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  1. Judging by the U. S. Govt and the way it uses it's military, I assumed that prostitution is already legal. Oh, are you meaning the actual oldest profession angle? Same answer.
  2. Lobbies in America represent groups, whether they be special interest groups, or corporations. These lobbies get to meet with our Representatives, in offices that the citizens these Representatives are supposed to be working for, have paid for. Isn't the term representative form of government self explanatory? The instant that our elected representatives meet with anyone other than one who is represented by them... A conflict of interest exists. Their presumed intent at that moment is not to represent the people, is it? There need to be strict rules, with the force of law, regarding who i
  3. Hi, this is my first post. Let me know if there is anything I could do to improve my communication skills. This debate, if you can actually call it a debate, left much to be desired, in my opinion. The moderator acted as more of a debate member of Biden's than a moderator. The two debating should have been allowed to debate with no obvious bias displayed by the moderator. He seemed intent upon inflaming the subject matter he introduced. He then argued with Trump and demanded answers. No moderator in history has been so obviously in favor of one candidate over the other. Pol
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