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  1. You sir are an honourable man! Well done! It was fun an thank you for being a man of your word!
  2. Ok @sharkmantime for you to become $100 poorer as you promised You can make the donation here under the name Sharkman-MLW or something like that https://ca.gofundme.com/f/9v4q2-justice-for-breonna-taylor?qid=d58b11b52f5c1b61f4a9c545a680fcee Once you’re done please let me know so I can check it out!
  3. Using his phoney fraud claims to hound his supporters for donations “to stop the steal” and in the fine print it says the money raised isn’t going toward his failed lawsuits instead is going to his PAC slush fund. Trump Reaps $207.5 Million After Loss as Donors Answer His Fury READ MORE: Trump Hits Up Donors for Court-Fight Funds He Can Use Elsewhere The fine print in those solicitations says that 75% of money given to TMAGA will go to Save America, a political action committee Trump set up that allows him to spend the money on political activity, including holding
  4. They’re literally not smart enough to understand that. In their simple minds you are either one or the other. They get nosebleeds trying to imagine anything different. I’ve long noted that Black-and-White thinking and difficulty with nuances or gradients is a hallmark of many the far Right On the other hand, a few righties are smart enough to understand these things but it’s unhelpful to them so they just lie and falsely accuse because oversimplification and dishonesty and “ends justify means” logic is another of their hallmarks
  5. LMAO I’m lying by providing a direct quote from Crowdstrike? Once again you’re too simple to understand what’s being said. An accused killer’s DNA evidence left at the crime scene isn’t “concrete” proof that they actually killed the victim, its only proof that they’re were at the scene By your logic there’s no such thing as concrete evidence of anything unless it’s recorded in real time...at least when Republicans or Russians are concerned To summarize: 1) Its an accepted fact that Russia hacked the DNC. Literally every agency and authority qualified to hold an opinion has
  6. Wanna bet? You looking to end up $200 in the hole? 😀
  7. Don’t Impeach Trump: Treat Him Like a Civil War Traitor Cristian [email protected] 12, 2021 ...The unlikely wild card of forcing Vice-President Mike Pence to trigger the 25th Amendment, which might neutralize a president “unable” to discharge his duties, seems all but destined to fail. But there’s another constitutional option, sitting right at the heart of the Reconstruction amendments, that offers Congress a potent, and less fraught, political weapon to punish the president for unleashing the violent mob that disrupted a solemn step in the peaceful transfer of
  8. Once again you’re speculating and stating as fact. Do you jave proof any Russians were paid? I note the Steele dossier only mentions “senior western hotel staff”. But once again YOU know there were Russians and they were paid money that came from Hillary. Hillarious! Ooh a hearsay case. I'm sure that the FISA court is all over those. Just kidding. That was sarcasm because I didn't want to just point out the blatant stupidity of your comment too harshly. Bragging about crimes your group is involved with isn’t hearsay. P told the Australian about the ha
  9. You said HE killed someone. That’s not “credible info”. You seem to have this problem where you can’t separate your unsupported speculations with actual facts. That’s an old debunked right wing language policing “gotcha” ploy. She clearly said the protests should continue. She did not say violent protests or riots should continue She’s condemned the violence on numerous occasions, like when she said : “We must always defend peaceful protest and peaceful protesters. We should not confuse them with those looting and committing acts of violence, including the shooter, who
  10. Excuse me, but when the Dems organize a march of Mueller probe supporters where they worked the crown into such a frenzy that it launched a deadly attack on the capital?
  11. Not like the Trump kids and Kushner eh? I’m sure they got those white house jobs on their own merit 😂😂
  12. Got a link for that? You’re mixing up facts and timing. The Burisma investigation was already inactive when Hunter Biden joined Burisma and he wasn’t with Burisma when the alleged corruption occurred. Also the pro-Russian prosecutor was not removed for investigating Burisma, USA and the European Union had long lobbied to be removed from office due to his pro-Russia ties and his personal corruption. If you haven’t noticed the West and Russia have been fighting for influence over Ukraine for over 20 years now with each side ousting the regime supported by the other and instal
  13. ...But despite no evidence and no charges YOU somehow know the real truth😂😂😂 Oh and you lie when say the Dems supported violence and riots which is lie. For someone who claims so often to have never lied on here you sure do lie a lot
  14. Meanwhile back in reality U.S. sanctions Ukrainians involved in Russia-linked campaign promoted by Giuliani to smear Biden David L. Stern Jan. 11, 2021 at 6:44 p.m. EST The U.S. Treasury Department on Monday sanctioned a group of Russia-linked Ukrainians for trying to influence the 2020 election by attempting to smear President Trump’s Democratic rival, Joe Biden. Several of the people were involved with a campaign by Trump’s personal attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani to damage Biden, U.S. officials have said, by peddling unfounded
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