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  1. What a selfish piece of garbage 50 Cent is. Of course he is against the tax. It only increases taxes on the wealthiest 1% of the population who make $400,000 a year. That would include 50 Cent, who makes millions. The working class and middle class will get tax breaks, but why should a drug addicted rapper making millions care about his fellow Black people?
  2. Nope. Not even remotely close. Biden is up HUGE in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. For comparisons sakes, with 2 weeks to go Hillary had a 5 point lead. Biden has a 10 point lead. Not only that, Trump had the momentum after the final debate, and finished 3.6 points behind Hillary on election date. The polls really were not off that much. Hillary Clinton ended up winning the popular vote by 2.1%, which was 1.5 points less than the polls suggested. Biden has all the momentum, and Trump is completely deranged this time around. The FBI has discredited all the Russian propaganda this time around, something they were unprepared for in 2016. Trump is actually spending most of the time going after Dr.Fauci the leading virologist in the United States, who is very respected Worldwide. Trump si going to blow it, and it's going to be a Republican bloodbath.
  3. Biden by 10.7 National President_ general election Polls _ FiveThirtyEight.mhtml
  4. What are you going on about? Have you been hitting the bottle again?
  5. I'm not going to waste my time. I can tell the majority of posters here are on the extreme right Trump supporters. I can't be bothered.
  6. I actually read that Immigration Watch Canada site. Nothing but xenophobia and bullshit. Never let the facts get in the way of a good narrative, for scared old White men.
  7. I hope COVID 19 does not affect the Jets long term viability.
  8. First off, that is a man. I checked some background information on him, and he seems like a nut. Crowd-surfing without a mask, during a pandemic indoors. Yup, this guy seems stable.
  9. Incorrect. Canada has never gone in alone, or conducted military intervention in order to prop up a dictatorship in the Americas. In fact, after WW2, the conflicts Canada became involved in, only Operation Stands out as a mistake. We refused to get involved in Vietnam thankfully, and also Iraq in 2003, as the United States failed to convince the UN the country had weapons of mass destruction. Afghanistan was a just war, as America was attacked, and the Taliban were allowing Al Qaeda to take refuge in the country. We also have been peacekeepers in numerous conflicts around the World. We are highly respected Worldwide.
  10. America is in danger of becoming a banana republic under trump. You should take some history or political science courses, to find out the meaning of a banana republic. Most are found in South America and Africa, where the standard of living is poor. Last time I checked, Canada had the highest quality of life in the World. If Canada truly was a "banana" republic, the CBC would be the ONLY network allowed.
  11. The American empire is similar to many empires before it. With the exception of Cuba, any country in their sphere of influence, that tried to install a socialist Government quickly found itself at odds with the United States. The US has invaded many countries in the fight against Communism, and terror. They have also propped up many totalitarian dictatorships in South and Central America.
  12. Why are you comparing CBC to FOX? They are from two different countries. Besides, CBC is far superior to FOX, and one of the most respected news sources Worldwide. In comparison, FOX is fake news.
  13. I assume you are joking. America is the World's superpower, and unofficially have always been an empire.
  14. No offense, but Stolen valor is frowned upon in North America. I would really like to believe you, but I can't.
  15. You have to read Mary Trump's book, which came out in July. I was not surprised by it, but it certainly connects the dots as to why Trump is the way he is.
  16. Gore would have won the election, if they made voting easier for Blacks and other disadvantaged people. In fact, I can honestly say the Republicans would have lost every election since 1988, if voting was as efficient as it is in Canada. Voter suppression has always been a problem in America. In Canada, I have never waited over 10 minutes to vote, regardless of location.
  17. I did not even bother to read that "word salad." You need to get out more. PS...what division of the Armed Forces did you serve in, what missions did you partake in?
  18. You should probably get outside more, if you really believe that rubbish.
  19. You have misunderstood the message I am trying to get across. I'm not talking about Presidents/challengers who are Republican, that have served in the armed forces. I am referring to the actual present day army.
  20. You may have missed the part where I stated that the US military traditionally backs Republicans, so if he is trailing Biden even in the Armed Forces, it says quite a bit about Trump.
  21. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/pentagon-congress/2020/08/31/as-trumps-popularity-slips-in-latest-military-times-poll-more-troops-say-theyll-vote-for-biden/ Google Trump support in the US military. He clearly isn't very popular. WRDYQUQ5SNCNHIHT7HBKY7ZJW4.webp
  22. I never said American soldiers were bad. However, you bring up a good point. No one is more pissed off than the military at Trump's insistence on alienating traditional American allies, while cozying up to dictators. The US Military hates Trump, and this stands out, considering that traditionally, most soldiers favor the Republican party. If you truly are a former member of the Canadian military, and you happen to support a man like Trump, you have shamed your country.
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