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  1. CTV is the #1 network in Canada. FOX gets very poor ratings here.
  2. Canadians are better soldiers than the Americans. There is a reason American tourists sew Canadian flags on their backpacks when travelling to countries outside North America. Canadians also have the good sense to de-escalate situations. Americans have never been very proficient at this. America definitely needed Canada in Afghanistan. We were the only ones the local population trusted enough, to convince them to allow American operations for their own benefit. I'm not surprised Trump acts the way he does to NATO countries. He was never a soldier, and his family are not only conmen, b
  3. Depends what type of programming. FOX news has never done well in Canada.
  4. Canadians are more grounded, and usually do not fall for ridiculous slanted news like FOX, Breitbart, OANN, etc. The Sun News Network was our version of FOX, and it barely registered on the Neilson ratings scale, and quickly went under. CBC may be slightly left of centre, but what is the problem with CTV? I will be glad to discuss the SNC Lavalin affair in the appropriate category.
  5. That's a very dangerous attitude to have. America's enemies no longer fear them, and America's traditional friends not do not trust them. With Trump inept at dealing with foreign affairs, China just waltzed in to Hong Kong, and pretty much took it over, and that is not saying anything about the concentration camps China is constructing for hundreds of thousands of Uyghurs in. A weak America will mean chaos, and instability throughout many parts of the World. The Kurds fought hard with the Americans to capture ISIS soldiers, only to be abandoned by Trump. Now they are at the mercy of t
  6. Trump has a 86% disapproval rating in Canada. Why is it that of the 86%, only a fraction post on political forums, while a significant percentage of the 14% that have a favorable opinion of Trump are so vocal about their love for the man?
  7. Sorry Michael, I cannot locate the article with the 85% figure. The following article will have to do: Gender-nonconforming and transgender students are four times more likely to report mental health issues compared to the rest of their peers, according to a new study that is the largest so far to focus on this population of college students. Researchers relied on data from the Healthy Minds Study, an annual online report on student mental health from college campuses across the country. The new study examined responses of more than 65,200 students from 71 American institutions who w
  8. The damage that Trump has done, will hopefully be corrected in time. He was, by far, the worst leader in American history. Considering that George W Bush was President for two terms, that is pretty dubious honor.
  9. I am aware of that. The World will feel great relief at a Trump loss. TBH, I can see Trump use a scorched Earth policy, and try and sabotage things for Biden, but I have faith that the GOP will break ranks with the President, and block him from carrying out anything unscrupulous.
  10. For nearly destroying the American Empire, Trump and his cohorts should pay the ultimate price: their lives. This is no joke. It's time the GOP does what is best for America, and puts partisan politics aside. Once Trump is defeated, and unceremoniously booted from office, America should invoke Article III, Section 3 of the United States Constitution. Donald Trump and other should face the ultimate punishment for their acts of treason: Death. Off the top of my head, I think there is enough evidence to indict: Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani Steve Bannon Donald Trump Jr
  11. The issue with COVID (at least in terms of quality of life) is not "how many people are going to die," but rather how many people are going to have long-term health conditions that will prevent many from returning to the workplace?
  12. What is long Covid? There is no medical definition or list of symptoms shared by all patients - two people with long Covid can have very different experiences. However, the most common feature is crippling fatigue. Others symptoms include: breathlessness, a cough that won't go away, joint pain, muscle aches, hearing and eyesight problems, headaches, loss of smell and taste as well as damage to the heart, lungs, kidneys and gut. Mental health problems have been reported including depression, anxiety and struggling to think clearly.
  13. I have read studies that 85% of Transgenders are mentally ill.
  14. Trump has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. He projects his failings on to others, and tries to gaslight America. He appeals to the lowest common denominator, and he is too impulsive and unstable to be manager of a 7-11, let alone a powerful country. Trump is a typical bully, who attract like-minded people. Stand up to him, and like all bullies, he folds like a deck of cards.
  15. He's not a fascist or dictator. It's a shame the uneducated come on this forum, and recite Russian misinformation.
  16. Nothing is more saddening than watching the lineups in predominantly working class and non-White areas, with people waiting in line for up to 12 hours to vote. This was a direct result of ridiculous laws the GOP implemented to discourage Blacks and others from voting. The Republicans tried everything to rig this election, including compromising the post office, and attempting to pass even more laws that would resulte in voter suppression. Trump knows that in any fair election, he would lose by at least 13-15 points. So he projects "Voter fraud" even though he can barely point out
  17. You must be from a 3rd World country then. Nearly everyone in Canada, Europe, and other Democratic nations can see that Trump is nothing but a bully and liar. He is typical of a South American dictator, but the only problem is that he is now the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth. If Trump and the GOP win big on November 3, the USA is headed for total fascism. Canada will feel like Austria in 1938.
  18. Prostitution should definitely be legal, as long as it is confined to private dwellings, designated businesses, or a red light district. Can't have street prostitution in residential neighborhoods near children.
  19. CNN for all it's faults, is 110x better than FOX or any of the Misinformation sites like Breitbart and OANN.
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