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  1. I don't understand. You always are ranting about CNN being fake news, but you use a CNN story to substantiate your claim. What gives?
  2. Infidel Dog, I feel sorry for you. Pride is one of the reasons people refuse to leave cults, in spite of overwhelming evidence that what the cult believes is inaccurate. I just wanted to extend the olive branch, and say there is no shame in admitting you were wrong about Trump, the GOP, and MAGA. I am willing to help you get over this huge blow to your ego. I will respect you more, if you will just admit you were wrong, and sucked into an extremists cult. This is not without historical precedent. over 60 million Germans were brainwashed during the Third Reich. Today, Germany is one of th
  3. You are so out of touch with what the average Canadian thinks, it is sad. Unfortunately, political forums always ahve been known to attract extremists. Post what you think on a sports forum, or any other non-political site, and be prepared to be dismissed at a kook. For example, here is a Calgary Flames forum. The Flames are apolitical, so this gives you an idea of what normal Canadians think about your claims: https://forum.calgarypuck.com/showthread.php?t=181913
  4. Every single court that Giuliani and others brought forth election fraud claims, ruled that there was no conclusive proof of voter fraud, and promptly dismissed the claims. . They were full of hot air. That is the difference between you and I. You believe in some obscure right wing news site. I believe in the American judicial system. BTW, Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmaitc are currently in court suing Guiliani, Trump, Fox News, and three others for slander/libel. Even the right wing sites like Fox News and others will not speak of these companies, and offered retractions
  5. Every single court in the US has ruled there is absolutely no evidence of voter fraud. Give it up. Trump went on and on about election fraud months before the election. It's like what the Nazis did in the Reichstag fire. Project any type of voter fraud/manipulation on your enemies, when the GOP is responsible for it by Gerrymandering, and trying to screw up to USPS.
  6. 1. I am a moderate, not a leftist. However, by your definition, anyone who does not believe in far right propaganda is a "leftist" including 90%+ of the Canadian population. 2. I take the time, and research a news source. Snopes and Media Bias are outstanding resources for this, but the extreme right always tries to discredit them, just as they did to all MSM for the past 5 years. One day I hope you can provide a legitimate news source to back up your claims, Infidel Dog. I really do.
  7. Your definition of "lefties" is people who do not agree with your extreme right narrative. Most of your sources are not credible. Newsmax, for example: When it comes to science, Newsmax does not always align with the consensus of experts in the given field. For example, they often promote that there is “no global warming“, which is simply untrue. Further, they have promoted misinformation regarding the safety of vaccines, chemtrails, CoronaVirus conspiracies, and unproven 2020 election fraud disinformation. Failed Fact Checks Does President Barack Obama support taxing motorists
  8. You still believe in the Trump "election fraud" garbage?
  9. I can't wait until the 2022 mid term elections. The GOP is going to take a bloodbath, similar to what happened after Nixon was forced to step down in 1974.
  10. Editorially, Bizpac Review almost always favors the right. They also republish content from the factually Mixed Daily Caller. Failed Fact Checks Says Sen. John McCain was “caught making highly illegal phone call to foreign country.” – FALSE “Breaking: Shep Smith to be canned because he can’t control his hate for Donald Trump.” – PANTS ON FIRE President Barack Obama “ordered our military to enlist illegal aliens.” – MOSTLY FALSE “Washington DC’s mayor is exempting members of Congress who attended John Lewis’ funeral in Georgia from her mandatory 14-day quarantine. L
  11. Actually, I would be more concerned about the 43 Republicans who voted against impeachment. Their vote not to impeach Trump will come back to haunt them, especially when even a FOX News poll indicates 58% of Americans thought Trump should ahve been convicted: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-impeachment-poll-majority-conviction
  12. Most Americans don't like Steve Bannon because he is a crook, who has been embezzled for money laundering and wire fraud. There is no way the GOP lets Trump run on their ticket for 2022, unless they want to get routed in the mid terms. He is free to run as a independent (which will probably never happen). The GOP would never allow Trump to be senate leader from the GOP, as Trump nearly destroyed the party from 2016-20. Lara Trump or any other Trump, has literally zero chance of winning a senate seat. The Trump name is synonymous with treason for the majority of the American popu
  13. You made the claim. He asked you to provide a reference. The onus is on you to substantiate your claim. We will be patiently waiting on you.
  14. In other words, you cannot provide a reference.
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