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  1. Smallpox was a virus, not a bacteria. Polio is a virus. There are several viral diseases controlled by vaccines that do not require repeat vaccination.
  2. That’s possible, particularly if large parts of the population remain unvaccinated allowing the virus to constantly mutate.
  3. You are afraid of vaccines that have been shown to be very safe and you call others chicken. Too funny. Herd immunity without vaccines has never worked. All the diseases we now control with vaccines were around for millennia until we had those vaccines.
  4. If you are taking an international flight, they want to see your passport when you check in. If you don't have a valid passport, you don't get on. Countries hold the airlines responsible when their passengers don't turn up with the right documents.
  5. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/? What personal proof do you have of the stuff you spout?
  6. No one is forcing you to take anything but understand that you will need proof of vaccination to do some things. That will just be a reality. Airlines will not let you on an international flight if they know a country is just going to put you on the first flight back at their expense.
  7. Gradually and wisely, LOL. They are still forecasting a 31 billion deficit five years from now. This government will never live within its means.
  8. Anti vaxxers want to turn the clock back to when just about anything could kill you. The pathetic part is most of them were spared all the childhood diseases and never had to worry about things like smallpox and polio because their parents were smart enough to have them vaccinated. Protection they are quite willing to deny their own children.
  9. The US, Britain and others were lining up contracts in March, there were lots ahead of us.
  10. Like no one else was lining up for this vaccine and we could dictate our own terms. Doubtful
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