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  1. The Canadian Coast Guard is Dept. of Fisheries. Not military at all. Not even police.
  2. The only thing taxed higher than gasoline in the GVRD is booze. That probably goes for most of Canada.
  3. Taxes, nothing to do with the metric system. Gas taxes in the GVRD are about 70 cents a litre. Also, there is only one large refinery left in BC. BC refines less than 50% of what it uses the rest comes from Alberta and the US.
  4. Canucks is a misnomer, there are hardly any Canadians on the team. They just traded for an American and a Swede, then drafted a Belarusian, a Finn and two Swedes.
  5. I agree, they are woefully underarmed, not warships at all.
  6. Can it do 45 knots in ice? It's and apples and oranges comparison but I agree who builds it is more important than what they are building and how much it costs to our governments.
  7. It's a coastal patrol corvette, the Type 26 frigate displaces 15 times as much.
  8. To encourage them to get vaccinated and make it easy for them to do so. He never said anything about forcing anyone to do anything. He also didn't say anything about sending "federal officers" to do it.
  9. Bullshit. He never said anything about forcing people to be vaccinated.
  10. The same people who laud Trump for Warp Speed cheer when Biden doesn't meet vaccination targets. Jackasses all, sucking up the Trump Kool Aid like there is no tomorrow.
  11. Now frantically trying to dig their way out of a hole they dug by themselves. Can't kill off the base. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/republicans-vaccination-message-1.6114162
  12. People who aren't double vaxed are being required to provde a negative test for many things. So yes they do. So provide proof of vaccination or proof you don't have it with a negative test. Your choice.
  13. Proof of vaccination has nothing to do with your health status, it doesn’t say anything about your state of health. It is a crime for someone who is HIV positive to not inform someone of their status before having sexual relations.
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