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  1. So if the virus kills them it's not our fault but if heart disease kills them it is our fault?
  2. The EU is an attempt to make European countries so interdependent that they won’t make war again. The Trumps and Putin’s of the world are intent on destroying it.
  3. Lots of prime real estate in the Antarctic.
  4. Now you are getting really stupid, Auckland is 50% larger than Stockholm.
  5. Well let's compare Sweden with New Zealand then.
  6. Lockdown is a pretty broad term. South Korea certainly has restrictions. But maybe we should compare likes with likes. I'm comparing. Scandinavian countries with Scandinavian countries, not ones on the other side of the world.
  7. Denmark has a population density of 135 people per sq km. Sweden's death rate is over 3 times Denmark's.
  8. I read it. https://www.politico.eu/article/discontent-rises-in-sweden-as-coronavirus-cases-spike/
  9. It amazes me that some people think we are in control. The virus is in control until we have widespread immunization. You can open everything up but all you will end up with is a swamped health care system. It won't make people go out if they think they will get sick. Los Angeles County is telling EMT's to conserve oxygen because it is in short supply. They are telling them not to transport patients they don't think will survive because their ICU beds are full, so if someone close to you has a heart attack or serious accident, they might not even get to a hospital because EMT's are doing triag
  10. Sweden had 34 deaths yesterday, their per capita death rate is more than double Canada. Elderly are expendable, we get it.
  11. Na. Sweden population density 24.3 per sq km. Denmark 135.6 per sq km.
  12. Rudi can testify future Trump lawyers should know they will be working pro bono.
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